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Cannabis growing takes time and preparation for growing outdoors or indoors. In this blog I am going to give you some helpful tips for growing cannabis this halloween and how to turn your garden into a cannabis sanctuary.

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The cannabis seeds in this blog will be perfect for you to grow this Halloween and enjoy your garden in a whole new cannabis world.

Here are some tips to get your weed garden ready.

Strains Matter

Selecting the strain of marijuana that will be grown can be complicated, as there are hundreds of different strains, each with their own pros and cons. The key is to select a Cannabis Seeds that is appealing according to length of time to maturity, potency and ease of growth. Some Cannabis Seeds are finicky, so they should not be used as a first crop.

Proper Grow Areas are Vital

Selecting a growing area can be tough to do but the first step is to choose a clean area to start a crop. Find a spot with low amounts of dust, as the particles carry pests. For indoor growing, both the plant and the lamp used for lighting will require vertical space, so there will need to be about 6 feet of clearance. The lamp must be kept a certain distance from the top of the plant to prevent the lamp from burning the tips of the plants.

Plants Need Space

Marijuana requires a large footprint to grow in. Each plant requires 4 square feet (2 feet x 2 feet) of growing space. If the plants are placed closer than this, the limbs of each plant will block the light of the other plants, leading to an unhealthy crop.

There Are Different Ways to Grow

There are many different techniques to grow marijuana hydroponically. However, there is much to consider before choosing one and many growers may do best to experiment to see which of the following works best with their skillset. Below are a few examples of cultivating options.

Ebb and Flood – This method consists of taking a plastic container and filling it with pea gravel. Next, flood the pea gravel with nutrient solution until the reservoir is full. Drain the nutrient solution out of the reservoir. The nutrient solution left over between the pea gravel will nourish the roots. Do this several times a day.

Nutrient Solution Makes a Difference

Finding one nutrient solution that covers all of the plants’ nutritional needs is a tall task. The norm is to find a nutrient solution that covers as many of the essential chemicals required by the plant and adding a secondary nutrient source tailored to the three basic growth cycles marijuana grows through to become a mature plant.

Understanding pH & PPM is Important

The pH of the nutrient solution refers to how acidic or how alkaline the nutrient solution is. Knowing how to understand and measure pH is an important skill that will improve the health of a crop? Marijuana likes a pH of about 5.5, which is slightly acidic. PPM (Parts Per Million) refers to the potency of the nutrient solution. The required PPM of the nutrient solution depends on the nutrient type that will be used. Find the recommended PPM for fast growing leafy plants on the container the raw nutrient comes in.

It Takes Lots of Power

The few power outlets found around the house are not going to cut it, as a 1000-watt lamp is the standard for a grow operation. Most residential circuits will blow the power breaker if you plug in two 1000-watt lamps into the same outlet, as the limit for most residential power outlets is 1500 watts. Trying to pull 2000 watts out of this circuit just will not work. Even if only one 1000-watt lamp is being used, the other electronics you will need for the grow ops such as fans and pumps will still overwhelm one circuit.

Weed Smells

Marijuana has an extraordinarily strong odour to it, especially in the budding stage. This odour can fill whatever building it is being grown in. Combat this with a hepa filter on a fan vented to the out of doors drawn directly from the growing area.

With all these tips for growing now you are ready to start your own cannabis garden.

Here at Discount Cannabis Seeds, we have some incredible weed seeds available to buy today.

Wedding Cake Auto Feminised cannabis seeds by Original Sensible Seeds.

Wedding Cake  Cannabis Seeds is another West Coast strain from California that has its parentage in Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie and is sometimes referred to as Birthday Cake or Pink Panties.

Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds gives growers the opportunity to experience these American strains without the need for special lighting and the ability to achieve 2 or more harvests a year as Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds will be ready to harvest in around 70 days from seed with a yield of 150g per plant when grown outdoors and 600g/m2 when grown indoors.

The effect from Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds is potent and relaxing as you would expect from heavy Indica seeds but well balanced between physical and cerebral.

The flavour is sweet, woody, vanilla, pineapple and hints of lemon.

Reviews of Wedding Cake Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

She is immensely powerful, hits you mentally and physically, you laugh and feel euphoric but still very chill and in a good mood to rest a little. For me, this wedding cake nuggets invite me to chill down after a crazy day in this world, just sit down with wife or your girlfriend and sit down watch a good movie, have fun and relax those muscles at the same time. Particularly excellent quality strain, I can only recommend her repeatedly.

Immensely powerful high. It makes you euphoric, but it is physically strong, particularly good to chill down after a gruelling day of work and watch a nice movie, it is a mixed effect.
Wedding Cake Auto is a very resistant strain with vigorous and rapid growth. the plants were harvested after 77 days. aroma and flavour of sweet cake. 308gr of wet buds after 12 days dried well and resulted in 87gr of dry buds. great strain. happy Growing.

Buds came out fluffy and a bit airy, sativa dominant in bud structure. The smoke was smooth, although sampled prior to cure. The high is gradual and then heavy when it hits you. It hits you like a freight train. Initially the trip is cerebral and sativa like, then ends with waves of relaxation. You will not want to get up after a couple hours after smoking this.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Future #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Anesia Seeds.

Future # 1 Cannabis Seeds achieved the highest THC content we have ever seen, even if this was not considered possible from a physical point of view for a long time. And that may mean a lot.

 Future # 1  Cannabis Seeds was created from a cross between our most potent and famous Gorilla Glue # 4 with an outstanding and lengthy selected Starfighter F2. So far, the common belief is that the absolute physical limit of THC content is 35%.

But Future # 1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds has repeatedly proven the opposite. Even if it were not possible to conclusively clarify how it could happen until now, it is assumed that its extreme resin production makes it possible.

The THC content is just one side of an outstanding high. Also decisive is the terpene profile and the content of other cannabinoids in one variety.

Besides the strength, Anesia’s breeding work also targeted the aroma. In addition to an intense pineapple aroma and versatile citrus aromas, our new variety is accompanied by a strong note of mango. The proportion of myrcene, enterodiol, and limonene is particularly high and perfects the effect by additionally strengthening it.

The taste is thereby a true sweet fruity experience that makes you want more.

Reviews of Future #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Overall, it was exactly what you would expect from a quality breeder. Plants outperformed my expectations given the size I put them to flower. Not overly smelly in full flower, but strong enough. Clone's root quick. heavy leafer in late veg, to mid flower, needing heavy deleafing. Overall, an excellent strain.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Blue Gelato 41 Feminised cannabis seeds by Barney’s Farm.

Blue Gelato 41 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a wonderful indica-dominant hybrid of Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The plant reaches a high size in 63-70 days and produces fat resin buds that are blue or purple in colour.

Producers of extracts will like it. The yield reaches up to 700 g / m2. Outdoors the plant can reach 2 meters in height. Blue Gelato 41 Cannabis Seeds is easy to grow and resistant to moisture and mould.

The Cannabis Seeds strain has a piquant earthy, citrus and sweet flavour. When Smoking, there is a feeling of euphoria and happiness. Brings a clear energetic effect.

Reviews of Blue Gelato 41 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The buds are colourful and Dense pungent aroma of fruit Fuel and cat pie lol and pine the high is strong good evening high the high comes on strong and levels out after a hr or so to a relaxing happiness with creative Impulses followed by subtle euphoria the plant grew much faster than expected the yield was much bigger then expected the buds are covered with sticky resin Blue Gelato 41 is great bud.

Amazing Colours! As you can see the colours on this plant at the end of its run are absolutely amazing. The buds did not out as dense as I had hoped but I think that is just this pheno and we are busy hunting a denser pheno atm. what a great strain to grow though. no problems during the cycle of the plant and the colours make it so rewarding to grow! I would recommend this strain to people who like fruity and colourful plants.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Zkittlez feminised cannabis seeds by Barney’s Farm.

Gorilla Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds is the powerful indica dominant cannabis strain that based on the crossing between Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds. The flowering period takes 8-9 weeks indoors and the harvest comes in early October outdoors.

Lots of sparkle trichomes cover the whole plant. The THC level of 24% provides extraordinarily strong stony effects and smoking brings a pleasant relaxation and fruity aromas.

Reviews of Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This stain is easy as chips to grow and genuinely nice high and the buds are purple and if left in the cold to make the purple really to come out.

What a wonderful plant this lady was, holy smokes, fat and big nuggets, super dense and covered in trichomes, I got 17 Grams of kief alone off this girl by just sifting her trim over a screen! Her smoke is terribly slow hitting you, creeps up on you, but man when it hits, you are up in space. Very heavy head high, extraordinarily strong and last long. These nuggets have only been curing for about 8 days now, so it will definitely get better these next few weeks as it cures longer in jars.

These buds are so sticky. They smell like sour Skittles and the aroma will not leave your fingers. An incredible taste that was highly praised by many seasoned smokers among my friends.
This pheno was more like Zkittlez smoke wise fruity and sweet with a small earthy hint buds turned out nice and dense with a great coat of trichs the effect starts off with a head high which soon turns into a relaxing body stone and made your mouth really dry after would recommend this strain to most people as there is nothing to not like about it.

taste 9/10.
high 9/10.
growth 9/10.
density 9/10.
yield 9/10.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds
Gorilla Bomb Feminised cannabis seeds by Bomb Seeds.

As a Sativa dominant hybrid, the immediate effect of smoking Gorilla Bomb Cannabis Seeds is uplifting and energetic. The powerful head rush will continue to roll over you in waves until you are firmly settled into a deep relaxing euphoria.

 But be warned, this is not classed as one of the strongest strains on the planet for fun! If you continue to hit on this, it will very quickly stick you to your couch like its famous namesake Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds.

The flavour is a superb blend of sweet and sour chocolate, followed by the distinct fuel after-tang thanks to its diesel heritage.

This taste is initially quite subtle but really builds in the mouth, so the exhale has a very potent flavour. When growing Glue Bomb Cannabis Seeds, you can really go to town with nutrients in the later stages of Vegetation and all throughout flowering, if you feed her well you will be rewarded with vey think dense buds that absolutely drip with resin. In fact, this is how the original Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds got her name, the resin production was so extensive it would “glue” trimming scissors together after just a matter of minutes.

We have spent years perfecting this cross to ensure that when you get stuck to your couch from the first hit of Gorilla Bomb, you will have nothing but smiles for hours and hours.

Reviews of Gorilla Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Exceptionally smooth smoke, after a couple pulls, it hits intensely in the head and leaves you plastered with a jaw numbing smile. I would definitely recommend this for an afternoon or evening smoke because while it makes you more energetic and sociable it also strips your ability to focus with the intense euphoria.

The genetics for veg. are unreal, fast growing and vigorous. This strain is extremely easy to clone and quickly gains height. In this case I was pressed with size and actually elected to place Gorilla Bomb into an exceptionally large container with another cannabis plant of a different strain/distributor. This did not seem to harm either plant, they both continued robust growth, produced bud, and the roots when cleaning up had filled the container and were healthy. Flowering seems to be a bit more sensitive.
The smells when growing flirted between sweet, cheesy/pungent, and just classic herb/plant smell. I noticed this strain particularly threw aromas depending on if it had been fed food or water, time of day, etc. Smell on the finished product is wonderful fruit and sweet smelling!
As stated, extraordinarily strong of fruit and sweetness. The taste comes through strongly in the vape and really colours every bowl. This is an elite mixer strain. I really do believe this has passed Strawberry Cough in taste ... which is a shocker. Effects are sativa, fairly good strength, probably not the highlight.

High Yielding.
Very sticky.
Strong smelling.
Nice bud formation.
Can take heavy nutrient feedings.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Ultra-Lemon Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Auto Seeds.

To create Ultra Lemon Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds crossed the Cannabis Cup winning Lemon Haze with a select Sour Diesel developed in northern California.

This was then crossed with our Auto #1 to produce a stable strain that is totally unique. These genetics and the resulting strain have created something incredibly special which has made it one of our favourites. The taste is of sharp citrus, lemons and pink grapefruit, whilst maintaining the fuel like undertones of the Sour Diesel.

The Super Lemon Haze was a multiple cup winner for good reason and these traits have carried through into Ultra Lemon Haze Cannabis Seeds. Sativa dominant, the buds are long and dense with typical sativa shape shade leaves. The smoke is spectacular and the stone distinctly psychedelic with an excellent balance between a physical body buzz and soaring cerebral high.

Reviews of Ultra Lemon Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Extremely easy to grow, did under 12-12 in flowering even though it is an auto as the breeder recommended, nice sized light buds not very dense, smelled very lemony and tasted as it smelled with a sour inhale, not too overpowering of a high definitely more of a head high long-lasting effect quite a relaxing one.

This is beautiful, a lovely smell, out of this world lemon, the smoke is very potent, it will make some paranoid, I say this to inexperienced Tokers, this is top shelf weed, I cannot fault it, but you need to know it is EXTRAORDINARILY strong. I really like it, at present there are three autos on the top of my list - BDM, CB, and ULH -This was everything I hoped it would be, and more.

Wow this is the lemoniest strain I ever grew! Despite being grown outside, and quite late in the game, she pulled out with a bit over one ounce which I consider solid for an untrained outdoor auto. Growing was a breeze, and the final smoke is absolutely tremendous (a family member who hates the smell of pot in general, was quite taken by the smell of ultra-lemon haze which speaks volumes. I am definitely going to grow more of this strain, and I recommend you try it as well.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Glueberry O.G. Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Glueberry O.G. Cannabis Seeds is a result of combining two outstanding strains OG Kush and Gorilla Glue and the classic Blueberry.

The result is an indica-sativa hybrid with good yields, flavours and effects.

The Cannabis Seeds plant develops an average sized structure and reaches to 1-2m tall. The harvest comes after only 8 weeks and produces excellent crops of tasty buds.

Reviews of Glueberry O.G. Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Easy to grow outdoors with great disease tolerance. Excellent yield and a great smoke. Feels indica dominant, but with a great sativa head high as well. Great combo! Thanks for creating this, Dutch Passion!

So, this one ended up like a sweet fuel flavour sweet at first with earthy fuel after taste, nice tasting in my opinion the high is strong and more for a night very relaxing and calming buds turned out well nice and dense covered in trichs really happy with the strain.
high 9/10.
smoke 9/10.
density 8/10.
yield 9/10.
growth 10/10.

This strain was easy to grow. This is my first photoperiod grow and first attempt at Mainlining. The plant grew strong and was really receptive to heavy training. She smokes really nice with a clean white ash. A great smoke!

The smoke is interesting, gives you a wave of comfort and a bit of euphoria, numbs the mind a bit, not an active high. Just as well, it contains the rare THC derivative THC-V which is known to suppress appetite instead of adding to it. This can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it, most people expect the *munchies* after smoking some high-grade herb, while this strain delivers the exact opposite, to where you do not feel like eating at all.
Just a beautiful plant to grow, truly massive buds, glistening with frostiness, berry flavour, sweet with pine undertones, Exceptional, I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this one. Huge yield, best quality.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney’s Farm.

G13 Haze Cannabis Seeds is the mix of the legendary G13 with Hawaiian Sativa.  The plant has an extreme density of flower and a high resin production.

This sativa dominant plant suits for SOG and ScrOG methods. It has medium tall, healthy crops and high level of THC, that provides the potent cerebral effect 

The scents are deep with hints of fruits and spices.

Reviews of G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds nice classic sativa strain, high yielding amazing citrus smell, and not have paranoia effect, I smoke this weed every day.
smoke 10/10.
high 10/10.
taste 10/10.
density 8/10.
growth 8/10.
yield 9/10.

Just a beautiful strain to grow but not for a beginner like me! And an awesome high come smoking time - almost too strong.

Very dominant and strong sativa with a very good lemony / sweet taste.
Uplifted effects but also at the same time parts of the heavy indica effects.
It makes you very relaxed and positive.
My first experience with real Sativa's, a completely different smell / taste to the strains I have grown so far.

While staying bonsai, she did produce some beautiful looking buds. Very compact and oily to touch, they crumble so nicely to a sticky, gritty feeling product to use. The smoke is smooth to inhale but has a very strong (not harsh) taste of old school skunk. slight citrus exhale is pleasant and I expect with a cure, will become sweeter. The high is not too much to cope with and you can focus and enjoy concentrated tasks. A nice stone follows.

The plant surprised me a lot because it grew so fast. I am satisfied with the yield I had planned so about 70 / 80g and it was at the end about 65/70 so my personal desire was reached.
At this plant the same I can grow only to every kind of cultivar it brings good yield and grows very big and has beautiful buds.

Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

With these cannabis strains available to buy from Discount Cannabis Seeds plus many more.

Visit www.dcs.co.uk for the cheapest online cannabis seeds! We will not be beaten on price.

Happy shopping and stay safe.

Thanks for reading.


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