From 2017 To 2018 - Evolving Trends For Cannabis

From 2017 To 2018 - Evolving Trends For Cannabis | Lily Blackhall | Discount Cannabis Seeds


Today's BLOG is by our guest Blogger Lily Blackhall who works with websites in the Cannabis industry


2017 was a landmark year for cannabis when United States which legalized it in 28 states. The past year saw cannabis as a strong competitor in the medical field. The cannabis industry is now an all- round industry which attracts numerous investors and businesses.

1. Delivery Services

Marijuana delivery services have also been in a lot of news just like various food services which make food delivery process easy and convenient. A cannabis delivery startup Eaze in California has received more than 25 million dollars in various rounds of financing and became the largest provider of on-demand cannabis.

Numerous other delivery services are also coming up to adopt the business model of Eaze which will be the largest recreational cannabis economy of the world. In the UK, where the only the sale of cannabis seeds is legal, DCS has become one of the top web based companies selling over 2,800 cannabis seed strains.

2. Convenient/ Safer Consumption Methods

The method of consumption of marijuana is one of the biggest controversies today. As smoking is been seen as a harmful practice, increasing number of companies are trying to come up with methods for medicinal relief and recreational purposes. Vaporizers like Puffco and PAX 3 are portable and allow consumers to smoke marijuana on the go. Various other companies are also offering packages and edibles for mass- consumption.

3. Home Grow Solutions

With the acceptance of marijuana, people have started growing their own marijuana in homes. This development has opened a new possibility for companies to come up with home growing solutions.

States like Maine are becoming increasingly lenient as to the number of plants you can grow in a house. Living in Maine, you can keep up to 12 plants in your house and Alaska permits double of that.

Companies are trying to create various methods to grow marijuana without getting a heavy electricity bill since harvesting it indoors can be expensive in terms of utility.

4. Micro Dosing

A great way to benefit from medicinal marijuana benefits is micro dosing. What makes it great is that you get the benefits without the high which is associated with THC. Micro- dose friendly products are being created by companies like Kiva Confections. Micro dosing is proven to have more positive effects than macro dosing. The market is further expected to grow in 2018.

5. Media Popularity

At present, marijuana has the most famous television cameos. There is a lot of scope for marijuana based shows as well. There is a wide customer base for the cannabis industry today and there will only be a rise in the broadcast of cannabis based TV shows. In the UK, ITV recently broadcast a 3 part documentary "Gone to Pot", featuring five UK celebrities visiting California.

6. Craft Cannabis

Because of different sources, marijuana can also differ and people have started observing such differences. This has broadened the scope for artisanal medical marijuana where people are smoking packaged medicinal strains and products. Défoncé chocolates is a company which makes luxury chocolate bars which are infused with high quality cannabis. With time, more cannabis companies are adopting the farm-to-table method for cannabis which will eventually open a way for craft- weed.

7. Synthetic CBD Products

The harvesting of synthetic CBD is a vastly upcoming market. Even though it does not have marijuana in it, it still is a product of controversy against CBD products. There has been no day when companies like Corpus pharma have not struggled with the FDA to permit synthetic based CBD medicines. Resunab is their drug which is currently in the third phase of testing is expected to be one of the best CBD alternative medicines and is to release in 2019.

8. Product Design

Most products in the cannabis industry were being made based on utility. As time has change, the criteria of the products has become more about style. Marijuana is becoming trendier as visionaries like marijuana activist Jane West has raised a million dollars in capital recently for a new glassware collection. We hope to see stylish choices for marijuana soon.

9. Sports

Multiple professional athletes have turned to medicinal marijuana for treating head injuries and for pain. Athletes like Ricky Williams and Ronda Rousey stand for stopping the testing of marijuana testing in sports leagues and permit athletes to use marijuana as medication.

10. Los Angeles Is The New Marijuana Capital

According to Medmen Capital CEO Adam Biermen, Los Angeles has taken over Denver in terms of being a roughly 1 billion dollars worth of marijuana market. It is expected that the city will pass a law which will clear the way for a proper marijuana program and further open up the flow into the recreational sector.

These trends are a proof about the health benefits of cannabis and its gradual global acceptance.