6 new seeds By Heavyweight Seeds Review

6 new seeds By Heavyweight Seeds Review

Heavyweight Seeds Diesel Drift Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Heavyweight Seeds Diesel Drift Feminised Cannabis Seeds is high quality cannabis seeds with rapid growth delivering multitude of huge buds, which are coated in a phenomenal amount of resin.  Diesel Drift Feminised Cannabis Seeds fragrance is mainly citrus with hints of fuel. The flavour of  Diesel Drift Feminised Cannabis Seeds is initially fresh and fruity, but with the same underlying Diesel resonance. When growing this weed plant adequate ventilation is required if growing indoors, as Diesel Drift  Feminised Cannabis Seeds can easily fill the room with its unmistakable funk!  

This first class sativa offers physical yet cerebral, forceful yet thoughtful effect! Heavyweight Seeds Diesel Drift Feminised Cannabis Seeds is perfect for socialising or for moments of creativity and inspiration. Heavyweight Seeds Diesel Drift Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a fast finishing strain with solid yields and soaring high. Here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell the best cannabis seeds and you can buy Heavyweight Seeds Diesel Drift Feminised Cannabis Seeds from us directly!

A new strain by Heavyweight Seeds must certainly be tried by cannabis lovers what more could you wish for, if you get my drift.

Heavyweight Seeds Extreme Impact Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Live life to the extreme and brace yourself for impact, Heavyweight Seeds Extreme Impact Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a heavy hitter that delivers a knockout punch!

 Extreme Impact Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds works well in all mediums and is really simple to grow; yields are consistently large, producing a wealth of fat sticky buds with ease for even the novice gardener.  Extreme Impact Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds performs brilliantly outdoors or in a greenhouse and it’s very resistant to mould and pests. A deep hash taste gives way to notes of lemon / lime and the aroma is pungent and intense.  Be warned, Heavyweight Seeds Extreme Impact Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds effect is extremely powerful;  cerebrally captivating and physically long lasting. Treat with caution if partaking in the day, as you might awake from a deeply stoned slumber many hours later!

Heavyweight Seeds Extreme Impact Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a must buy! Buy yours here directly with us at www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk

Heavyweight Seeds Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Heavyweight seeds has been busy creating the next generation of auto-flowering masterpieces and they’ve done it again by reinvigorating a classic skunk and crossing it with the ever popular Wipeout Express. The results are simply spellbinding and Heavyweight Seeds welcome Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds into their increasing collection of automatic excellence.

Sure to achieve legendary status, Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is as reliable as the turning tides in delivering high quality yields and mind blowing highs; no stress, no worries, no problems! Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds produces an abundance of crystal coated buds and a strong set of scissors is required for manicuring, as this girl gets super sticky! Though strong, the Sativa element ensures a happy and creative high which isn’t completely debilitating; Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is just perfect for parties and socialising.

Heavyweight Seeds Fully Loaded Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a must buy! Buy yours here directly with us at www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk

Heavyweight Seeds Monster Profit Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The Heavyweight team looked at one another in awe, the smiles said it all Monster Profit Feminised Cannabis Seeds was created. Not only had the scales tipped just over 800gms, Monster Profit Feminised Cannabis Seeds taste was so smooth, so sweet and exotic; nobody was moving. They said it couldn’t be done, but in just over 9 weeks of flowering there it was Monster Profit Feminised Cannabis Seeds! A massive central cola surrounded by branches barely able to hold their bountiful buds off the ground, glistening with crystals like a fresh dusting of snow.

Following exhaustive quality tests, Heavyweight are proud to launch the aptly named Monster Profit Feminised Cannabis Seeds onto the market. Performing with great distinction under lights or outdoors, this beast cannot be tamed! Simply outstanding results makes Monster Profit Feminised Cannabis Seeds the ideal plant for beginners, although commercial growers will undoubtedly want to take advantage of the supreme quality and unrivalled yield this alpha female provides.

Heavyweight Seeds Monster Profit Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a must buy! Buy yours here directly with us at www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk

Total Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Heavyweight Seeds

Total Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a gorgeous and big yielding plant causing a heavy and long lasting high; your entire body will be on lock-down whilst your mind is taken on a wild ride to euphoric oblivion and spiritual bliss!

Expect rapid growth and plenty of devilishly strong nugs with Total Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds. The fragrance and flavour of Total Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a combination of berries and spices with an earthy aftertaste. This is an easy to grow strain producing an abundant crop. Oozing with rich oils, Total Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a great choice for anyone interested in producing dabs/wax/shatter. Total Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds medical benefits include severe or chronic pain. 

Total Paralysis Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Heavyweight Seeds is a must buy! Buy yours here directly with us at www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk


Waist Deep Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Heavyweight Seeds

A perfectly balanced hybrid, Waist Deep Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds produces consistently big yields without any loss of quality. One mighty central cola is the pride and joy of this powerful plant and side branches quickly develop clusters of smaller but no less potent buds. As with all Heavyweight autos, they’ve strived to produce a plant that’s perfect for both the amateur gardener and the more experienced cultivator. Waist Deep Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds does just that!

No fussing with changes to light cycles or complex nutrient requirements, simply transfer the seedlings into your chosen medium and you can practically watch them grow before your very eyes! The aroma of Waist Deep Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is akin to subtle spices; it won’t overwhelm the grow area and is therefore  Waist Deep Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is the best choice for gardeners who require discretion and don’t want to alert the neighbourhood to their horticultural pursuits. Before you know it, you’ll be Waist Deep in top quality buds which will render you deeply wasted!

  Waist Deep Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a must buy! Buy yours here directly with us at www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk