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I welcome you to this blog with the up and coming cannabis seeds for 2020, whether you’re a THC lover or CBD fanatic I am going to tell you about our best sellers that I predict this year to be hot in the world of weed seeds. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds have over 3,000 cannabis strains with auto flowering, feminised and regular weed seeds available to customers to buy straight away! 

If you are up for a new cannabis seed challenge with XXL yields or huge flavours we have what you need so after reading this blog head over to our store and purchase your cheap weed seeds from us.

I have some fantastic reviews on strains, growing tips, techniques and images to show you of the seeds fully harvested so let’s get started.

The first weed seed company I am going to talk to you about is Anesia Seeds. Anesia is famous for creating the highest THC-strains and varieties with great cannabinoid profiles. They have a huge range of cannabis seeds with THC levels ranging from 20% all the way up to 37% so if you’re looking for some insane THC levels then look no further as I have the perfect one for you!

Future #1 feminised cannabis seed by Anesia Seeds

Future #1 Feminised was created from a cross between our most potent and famous Gorilla Glue # 4 with an outstanding and lengthy selected Starfighter F2.

So far, the common belief is that the absolute physical limit of THC content is 35%. Future #1 Feminised has repeatedly proven that +35% can be achieved.

Future #1 Feminised THC content is just one side of an outstanding high. Also decisive is the terpene profile and the content of other cannabinoids in one variety.

Besides the strength, Anesia Seeds breeding work also targeted the aroma. In addition to an intense pineapple aroma, Future #1 Feminised is accompanied by a strong note of mango. The proportion of myrcene, nerolidol and limonene is particularly high and perfects the effect by additionally strengthening it. The taste is a true sweet fruity experience that makes you want more.

Future #1 Feminised is a highly potent hybrid whose effects start quickly and with great energy. It provides a stimulating, strongly euphoric high that also has psychedelic elements and expands the senses. At the same time, the effects are extremely physically relaxing and create a floating feeling of lightness and positive mood.

Future #1 Feminised is suitable for sensual experiences and to get involved in a deep high. It is suitable for creative work, evening relaxation and leisure. Beginners will often find Future #1 Feminised too strong and should be cautious.

The flowers reach an amazing size and density, throughout the flowering period, they pile up a thick glittering layer of resins on their surface what is a result of the enormous resin production.

So let’s take a look at review from a cannabis grower on this weed seed. 

This cannabis grower used LED lighting 400 watts with Plagron nutrients for the feeding of the weed seed and the soil used was medium. The growing techniques used were LST which is LST (Low Stress Training) is a technique to gently bend young plant branches and tie them down as they grow outwards and then upwards. This naturally creates multiple bud sites and allows far bigger marijuana yields indoors and the topping technique. 

Future #1 is a very promising strain, with THC levels measured far above 30. I can’t wait to get smoking this strain as I'm prepared to get my mind blown. 

I have some photos of Future #1 from seed to harvest which will tempt you to buy this cannabis strain even more than the amazing THC levels of 37% so don’t forget to visit and visit our cannabis seed store for the cheapest weed seeds. 

Future #1 - Anesia Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Future #1 - Anesia Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Future #1 - Anesia Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Future #1 - Anesia Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Banana Sherbet by Grower’s Choice Seeds

Grower’s choice are a new seed bank that we started stocking in 2019 on our website 

Their product quality is top-notch and most customers report high germination rates, as well as impressive yields. This is to be expected, as Growers Choice clearly prides themselves in having some of the best cannabis genetics in the industry.

Growers Choice offers customers a variety of seeds, including Auto Flowering varieties, Feminised seeds and high CBD medical grade cannabis seeds.

Whether you’ve been growing for years or are new to the game, Growers Choice has your back so let’s take a look at Banana Sherbet. 

Banana Sherbet is the result of the pollination from a banana with the sunset sherbet. You can expect sweet and fruity flavours combined with a heavy couchlock. The weed gives you a heavy body stoned feeling but a clear mind. The pheno that was selected is a short/medium tall bushy plant.

Here I have a review from the cannabis grower. This strain is awesome it smells exactly like fresh bananas. The buds are very frosty and are rock hard, dense and very heavy exactly as described. she grows short, bushy and compact but a very good yield. I will be growing this strain again for sure!

When growing Banana Sherbet the cannabis grower used medium soil, an indoor grow and Scrog, topping and technique for growing the weed seed.

Let’s take a look at Banana Sherbet fully grown so you know what to expect if you would like to try Grower’s Choice Seeds which you can buy directly from us at Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Banana Sherbet - Growers Choice - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Banana Sherbet - Growers Choice - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Banana Sherbet - Growers Choice - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Now I have another new fantastic seed bank which has taken the cannabis world by storm! Seed Stockers are a new up and coming seed bank which we sell at Discount Cannabis Seeds daily as it’s so popular with our customers and I want to show why. 

BCN Critical XXL Auto from Seeds Stockers

BCN Critcal XXL Auto is another multi award winning Seed Stockers cannabis classic, most famous for the extremely strong high which has satisfied countless growers. The buds often have a citrus aroma and lemon taste, harvest quantities are impressive and well above average. This variety is an established and consistent prize winner, she blooms quickly and always produces great quality harvests. For many growers it’s the only variety they need. Critical is a remarkably strong smoke (23%+ THC) and so pleasing to grow that you will look forward to growing her again and again.

This cannabis grower has shared with us their growing techniques, photos of the strain and a review of growing Seed Stockers BCN Critcal XXL Auto. 

They used HID lighting 400 watts and 250 watts with medium soil. The nutrients used with BCN Critcal XXL Auto were Canna and Plant Magic with the growing technique of Defoliation in a grow room of 9.84ft2. Mineral Nutrients were Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra: 1 ml/L, Power House Part A: 1 ml/L and Calcium Plus Part B: 1 ml/L.

The cannabis grower left a great review on this weed seed, Very impressed with this strain from seed stockers! I can’t believe how frosty she is and super sticky!! Strong citrus smell with lemon hints she is going to be lovely when dried.

Definitely got a fruity aftertaste in the smoke but I wouldn't say citrus, more berryish but it's a deep and thick flavour. You can definitely taste the Afghan heritage, it feels skunky and heavy. I must say I like it. Absolutely fantastic evening smoke, it compliments the Orange Diesel heavy sativa I smoke during the day.

So let’s take a look at BCN Critcal XXL Auto fully grown and here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we stock all of Seed Stockers weed seeds at amazing prices that you won’t find cheaper online than us so shop now with the cheapest cannabis seed store online. 

BCN Critcal XXL Auto - Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

BCN Critcal XXL Auto - Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

BCN Critcal XXL Auto - Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

BCN Critcal XXL Auto - Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Next up we have another new seed bank which we welcomed lasted year to our cannabis seeds store which has much loved cannabis strains and is now a huge seller.

Monster Genetics

Monster Genetics have had access to unique specimens of cannabis seed varieties known for their power and performance and have created a very special range for all growers.

With the Monster Genetics range you will experience the intensity of flavours and aromas from their quality genetics. Monster Genetics Cannabis Seeds are from high quality stable genetics that have been subjected to a reversion process and crossed with themselves.

So let’s take a look at a review from customers who love Monster Genetics and why will you love them too!

Monster Bruce Banner Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Monster Bruce Banner is a hugely sorted after weed seed which a lot of seed banks offer, Monster Genetics make no exception when creating this beauty. The cannabis grower used LED 1000 watts lighting, Blue Plant nutrients for the feeding of the strain and 3 growing techniques LST, Topping and defoliation. 

She is soft on the tongue but A little harder on the troth. She smells citrussy, minty and tropical mixed in to one. She packs a punch first she gives you A head high to get you in A full body relaxing mode in the couch she relaxes every muscle she gets a 9/10 for high. A 10/10 for growing and an 8/10 for blooming. She is a strain that I will definitely grow again.

With a review like that you will be mad not to try it and its available to buy from us Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Monster Bruce Banner Feminised effects are a super strong body stone which eventually gives way to a more mellow feeling. Monster Bruce Banner Feminised has a crazily high THC content of 25% and is not for the inexperienced so give it ago today. 

Here I have some photos of the strain from planted to fully harvested so let’s take a look.

Monster Bruce Banner - Monster Genetics - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Monster Bruce Banner - Monster Genetics - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Now for my last cannabis seed which I think will be huge for 2020 is also a new seed bank which Discount Cannabis Seeds has started stocking.

Super Sativa Seed Club

Super Sativa Seed Club is all about developing the best premium cannabis seeds with old school genetics. We want our growers to be proud of their cannabis plants. This doesn't mean that we don't appreciate elite new school genetics and Lava Freeze is a good example of this philosophy.

Lava Freeze Feminised Cannabis Seeds

This legendary strain has now been crossed by Karel. The reverted female he used for this cross came from an elite Lava Cake clone, premium cannabis seeds donated to Karel's son by one of his long-time buddies on the other side of the ocean. Lava Cake has gained increased popularity over the last few years, mostly because of its vigour and awesome terpene profile. Taste is on the gassy side of the spectrum and the effect is very powerful, not for your average beginner. The more experienced smokers among us will appreciate this heavy effect.

Lava Freeze is an F3 and we encountered 4 different phenotypes. Two with purple tones and two bright green ones. Look out for the purple pheno with strong gassy/fuel taste, as this is Karel's favourite. We are proud of adding this special strain to our list of premium cannabis seeds.

If you love a sativa smoke then Lava Freeze is perfect for you! At Discount Cannabis Seeds we stock all Super Sativa Seed Club weed seeds which you can buy today from the cheapest cannabis seed store. 

Let’s take a look at a cannabis growers growing tips, photos and review on Lava Freeze.

This cannabis grower used LED lighting 180 watts and 480 watts by Horticulture Lighting Group HLG550. The nutrients used were Canna, GHE, Botinacare and Green Buzz Liquids. The grower used Soilless growing basically means planting weed in any growing medium that is not soil. Here we call 'soilless' those mediums that partially resemble soil, for example coco-coir. The techniques used were LST on week 6 and defoliation on week 6 and 7. 

Lava Freeze was a different grow to the others I have grown before however the yields are insane XXL in my eyes! I harvested her on week 18 and my god she was huge and hard to tame but the smoke is incredible.

I would 100% grow this again and love the smoke as it blows your mind into another world with a massive headrush! So be warned with that. 

Let’s take a look at Lava Freeze fully harvested. 

Lava Freeze Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Lava Freeze Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


I have gone through my top selling seeds of 2020 from up and coming seed banks new to Discount Cannabis Seeds.

I hope you enjoyed the read and you can head over to to buy the cheapest weed seeds online from us!



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