Can a person eat or smoke cannabis seeds?

Eat or Smoke Cannabis - Discount Cannabis Seeds


It has been known for some years for people to actually eat cannabis seeds which to me sounds very strange however there has been a talk that cannabis seeds can improve a person’s wellbeing.

Recent reports claim that cannabis seeds can aid in weight loss, reduce risk of heart disease and help with maintaining overall health. For the matter of smoking a cannabis seed this is not usually recommended without growing the seed into a cannabis plant first. There are many different ways which you can smoke cannabis if you are in the countries where growing and smoking cannabis is legalized which I am going to talk to you about below.

Smoking joints is by far the most common method of consuming cannabis. The art of rolling joint is something long time smokers like to think they have mastered. There are multiple ways to ‘skin up’ and the variations depends on regional style, the amount and type of papers used.

There are many brands but Rizla has 75% of the market overall. For a huge list of the more exotic papers for the connoisseur try our head shop at Discount Cannabis Seeds. We supply quality rolling papers and tips which are a must have for anyone who rolls their own smokes. Often called Skins & Filters, our range includes the top-quality brands Raw and Greengo.

Greengo paper is made from FSC certified wood pulp

Greengo Papers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

  • Greengo rolling papers have an ideal thickness of 14 g/m2.
  • Even the package of Greengo rolling papers consists entirely of 200 g/m2 recycled paper.
  • Greengo products are ecological, environmentally friendly products.
  • Greengo paper consists of 100% TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), real unbleached paper. Many other brands claim to use this, but Greengo sincerely does.
  • Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke!
  • Sold in Packs of 10 £7.95 Available at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Raw Connoisseur Slim Papers & Tips are completely unbleached and made from unrefined paper.

Raw Papers and Tips - Discount Cannabis Seeds

  • They have a natural light brown colour due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibres which results in a thin golden brown almost translucent smoking paper.
  • Creaseless papers allow you to create your own crease in the paper ideal if you enjoy smoking cone shape cigarettes.
  • Box of 6 packs at £7.35 all available at Discount Cannabis Seeds.


Pipes are similar to bongs except the water is not present

  • The smoke can be a little harsher but the effect very similar. They can be made from glass, stone, wood, bamboo and many other materials. At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have a really nice selection of carved chillums using different materials.

A bong is the name for a pipe used to smoke cannabis

Bongs - Discount Cannabis Seeds

  • A bong uses water to cool the smoke as it passes from the bowl through the pipe and into the user’s lungs. Bongs are considered an efficient method of smoking cannabis as most of the smoke is inhaled. Bongs are considered a more sociable way to smoke it too.
  • Bongs can be made from anything from glass to an old plastic bottle. The more ornate or stylish the bong, the more refined the experience can be – if you care about the social side of the hobby.
  • At our headshop we have bongs for sale available for you to buy today! Check out our selection of bongs available to order online from the DCS Headshop. Our range includes Metal, Acrylic and Glass Bongs. Please note all Bongs are strictly for smoking of legal substances.

Cannabis vaping

Vaping is seen as the healthy alternative to smoking cannabis but there is not enough evidence to prove that yet.

Cannabis vaporizers

There are hundreds of variations of cannabis vaporizers on the market. We’ve selected a couple of links that will help you choose but remember, trialling them for yourself is the only way to be sure. We have different types of vaporizers and cannabis vaping at Discount Cannabis Seeds Headshop why not take a look.

The Pulsar APX Mk II is sleek, lightweight and functional, the haptic temperature notification vibrates when your desired temperature has been reached.

Pulsar APX - Discount Cannabis Seeds

The sleek mouthpiece pulls in vapor from the ceramic chamber, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying hit of vapor.
The APX MKII features include:

  • 4" Dry Herb Vaporiser
  • 30-second heat time
  • Improved silicone cooling system
  • Available in Anodised Black
  • Haptic feedback when ready
  • Enhanced LED display
  • Improved mouthpiece
  • 10x16mm ceramic chamber
  • Finely tuned heat settings
  • Temperatures range from 356°F - 428°F

Pulsar APX Portable Vapouriser Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Pulsar APX Vapouriser
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x Replacement Mouthpiece

£69.95 and available for you to buy today


The new Spirit by STORM is suitable for use with herbs, concentrates and resins.

Spirit by Storm - Discount Cannabis Seeds

  • Spirit features a magnetic cap with ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and filter, so your hits are now smoother and fresher than ever before.
  • It has a clever ceramic zirconia filter and mouthpiece, which soaks up most of the heat from the vapour as it travels, making it cooler and fresher.
  • Spirit's high-quality swappable Samsung 18650 battery delivers up to an hour and a half of vaping time.
  • All this is packed into a small and discreet unit (11cm tall x 3.5cm wide x 2.2cm deep) making Spirit a real hidden gem.
  • With the included concentrate pads for essential oils and waxes, and the optional resin capsule for pressed resins, Spirit is an excellent all-round device that the user can carry anywhere without compromising on quality.

£99.95 and available for you to buy today at Discount Cannabis Seeds


The Volcano Classic has gained an amazing reputation with the experts as the most technically advanced, professional vapouriser available.

Volcano - Discount Cannabis Seeds

  • The VOLCANO Vapouriser is the ultimate system to release the flavour & aroma from herbs, spices, and essential oils.
  • Every VOLCANO is crafted in Germany with food safe, flavourless, and heat resistant materials.
  • Built to exceed the daily demands of professionals and connoisseurs, the precise VOLCANO heat controls gently heat and never burn.
  • The Storz & Bickel 3 Year Warranty is standard with every purchase.
  • The VOLCANO is the only vaporiser certified by ISO quality manufacturing standards and meets NRTL and UL requirements.

The Volcano Classic Vapouriser includes:

  • 1 x Volcano Classic Vapouriser – European Version 220-240 Volts
  • Filling chamber
  • Normal screen set
  • Air filter set
  • Liquid pad
  • Cleaning brush
  • Grinder
  • Operating manual
  • Easy Valve Set

£299.95 and available for you today from Discount Cannabis Seeds


I hope you have enjoyed reading on how to smoke cannabis correctly and that you visit our Headshop at Discount Cannabis Seeds to get the right smoking equipment for you!



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