The Cannabis Consumer

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What are cannabis customers are looking for?

We checked out several channels and referred to a number of sources to get a picture of who our customers are.

 What we are discovering is –

  • What keywords drive traffic in search and social?
  • How does that traffic behave (what is the intent)?
  • How do keyword variations affect behaviour across different channels (organic search vs social media)?
  • Their organic search habits

 We used the following keywords to discover search habits. 

  • Cannabis | Marijuana | Weed

The results from the keyword research revealed a wide range of cannabis related topics. 

 The important thing was to identify which of those topics matter to us, who is searching for them and their intent can be divided into three categories:

  • Research e.g. ‘How to grow cannabis’
  • Comparison e.g. ‘Best cannabis seeds’
  • Buying e.g. ‘Buy cannabis seeds online’

We then looked at the personas of customers who consumes this content and what are their interests which breakdown into four specific groups of enthusiasts.

1. Commercially driven types (‘Only 4 Money’ Lol)

The Cannabis Consumer - Discount Cannabis Seeds

These are people that do not smoke and are likely to be the smallest group, but potentially high profit based on the higher quantities of seeds they will buy. They will be interested in technical processes, output and the popularity of the final product.   

2. Smokers and commercially driven growing types (‘Cash 4 Hash’ Bill)

The Cannabis Consumer - Discount Cannabis Seeds

This group will have similar interests to the non-smokers but may be more interested in cultivating interesting strains to suit their own tastes. As potentially long-term smokers they will likely have the stereotypical characteristics of a weed head such as poor short-term memory and concentration and possibly some level of psychosis.

3. Smokers and personal grower types (‘Hobbyist’ Hannah)

The Cannabis Consumer - Discount Cannabis Seeds

This group are hobbyists that grow for personal pleasure and smoke their harvest. Their interests will be like those of the above two groups but with less emphasis on making money.

4. New on the scene (‘Stoner’ Sam)

The Cannabis Consumer - Discount Cannabis Seeds

These types have just got into weed and doing their research. They are prime for content about the effects of cannabis and maybe how to get started growing.

Which ever category you fall into, you can buy cannabis seeds online from Discount Cannabis Seeds.