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Hands up. I need to make an admission. I’ve only been to one dedicated Cannabis event in my life and that was a 420 Hemp event in Glasgow, Scotland, 2018. It was great and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it so I thought I’d put this post together to educate myself on the global events and in turn make you aware of them too.

Events are a great way to learn about new products, meet new people, network with new businesses and potentially make some sales (if you’re in the business of Cannabis). For the consumer, it’s a way to meet your favourite brands, trial their latest product and score some very cool merch’ to take away.

These events are growing by the year and attendances are booming across the globe. If you’re in one of these areas make sure you get yourself along. You might bump into Discount Seeds sometime too.

1 - The Cannabis Fair - Germany - July time

2 - Spannabis - Barcelona Spain - March time

3 - Hemp and CBD Expo, Birmingham England - September time

4 - World Cannabis Expo - Las Vegas - October time

5 - Life & Co - Canada - June Time

6 - HHI Expo - Brisbane Australia - October


These are just 6 of multiple events that happen around the globe and these will just continue to grow as time goes on. Cannabis is a very exciting place to be right now. Things are changing rapidly and new products are hitting the market all the time.

For example, you might expect to see the latest CBD drinks that are now on the market, or the latest vapes, fancy bongs, grinders, rolling papers - the list goes on. It’s definitely a place for both consumers and ‘Cannabiz’ people alike to attend.

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Compiled by Gary Eff for Discount Cannabis Seeds.


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