Cannabis Memes

Cannabis Memes - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Being in the Cannabis Industry is a funny old game. As the industry matures and grows, things get a little bit more serious and business-like, but we all have to remember to have some fun now and again - and the Cannabis Community sure know how to have fun.

In this post, we look at ten brilliant Cannabis related memes. Feel free to drop us your favourite meme’s on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and we might add them to a future post.

1. This doggy was interested in fetching the ball, but he’s quite relaxed about it now amongst the Cannabis Plants! Source:

Cannabis Dog - Discount Cannabis Seeds

2. Our next meme sees the worlds coolest man provide some laughs about the munchies! Source: My420Tours

Cannabis Munchies - Discount Cannabis Seeds

3. Confused ;-) Source:

Confused Marijuana - Discount Cannabis Seeds

4. He is pastry Chef. Source: CannabisKid​

Cannabis Kid - Discount Cannabis Seeds

5. A meme speaks a thousand words! Source: My420Tours.Com

Cannabis Face - Discount Cannabis Seeds

6. Nothing to add to this list. Source: YourTango

Cannabis Smoking - Discount Cannabis Seeds

7. You can always rely on Snoop Dogg when it comes to marijuana-related laughs. Source. Random

Snoop Dogg - Discount Cannabis Seeds

8. The legend that is Willie Nelson, making a point in this meme. Source:

Willie Nelson - Discount Cannabis Seeds

9. Obviously, we sell seeds as souvenirs but for any people out there who do get high somehow, this could be a good get-out for you. Source: High Thoughts

Cannabis high - Discount Cannabis Seeds

10. We like this one as it features seeds and we love all things seeds here! Source.

Cannabis Family - Discount Cannabis Seeds

So there you have it. Ten awesome memes relating to Cannabis. Feel free to send us your favourite on Social Media.

This post was put together by meme fan Gary Eff, for Discount Cannabis Seeds. DCS stock over 3,000 seeds at amazing prices and send to most major countries around the world.