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Cannabis News on YouTube | Discount Cannabis Seeds


YouTube has taken the lead when it comes to allowing Cannabis related content, you can find a great selection of videos on all aspects relating to Cannabis.

American Patrick Bennett, who spends his time writing, photographing and creating content for the Cannabis community has compiled his top three YouTube Cannabis streams for you to checkout:

1. Hash Church by Bubbleman

Hash Church is the one-stop shop for hash hangouts on the internet. This weekly live stream hosted by Bubbleman on his Bubbleman’s World YouTube channel has appearances from esteemed industry panelists, special guests, and Cannabis educators.

For those looking for an unprecedented wealth of knowledge from Cannabis industry insiders, you’d better arm yourself with a pen and notebook before diving in to one of these episodes.


2. The Weed Nerd Live Show

Created in 2007, Subcool420 of TGA Genetics channel has been going strong with consistent Cannabis-related video content. Along with a plethora of practically daily information, Subcool’s weekly live stream “The Weed Nerd Live Show” (WNLS) airs every Saturday, featuring a panel of knockout regulars all armed to the teeth with Cannabis knowledge.

Subcool’s channel is a haven for daily Cannabis hangouts, so be sure to tune in on Saturdays to watch these legends show us all how it’s done.



3. Grow Tube Roundtable

Crazy Dago has created a forum catering exclusively to the Cannabis growers community, airing every Friday this live show features a panel of seasoned Cannabis growers (both home and commercial) hanging out and discussing a range of topics related to Cannabis cultivation and breeding.

What makes the Grow Tube Roundtable stand out from every other Cannabis-related live stream is its incredible production value, the Roundtable discussions are pre-planned with conversation topics and panel guests every week so viewers know exactly what to expect before each live stream.


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