Cannabis Party Games

Cannabis Party Games - Bear Hugging

Need a new Party Game – Try Bear Hugging!

Bear Hugging is a popular party game with young males and is a variation of inhaling cannabis smoke.

There are two methods to try:

  1. The smoker is grabbed from behind by another party goer who Bear Hugs them very tightly to expel as much air out of the smoker’s lungs as possible. Before the smoker inhales, a joint is placed in their mouth so that once a breath is taken, only cannabis smoke will enter the respiratory system.

Users of this method say they felt stoned almost immediately; this is partly due to the cannabis and also the momentary lack of oxygen to the brain.

BEWARE – This method is dangerous as concentrates smoke is taken deep into the lungs


  1. Before trying method 2, note it’s even more dangerous than method 1.

It’s best to be really stoned before you start. 

The smoker puts their head between their legs and takes a really hard toke, bending back upwards as they toke and breathing in as much as the lungs will hold.

As the smoker sits up, they are grabbed from behind and given a robust Bear Hug. At the same time the smoker holds their nose and closes their mouth so they are air tight and then coughs.

The feeling should induce a mild black out and really intense dreams for about 30 seconds.

Alternative and much less dangerous games include the Smokin Dice Game