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Cannabis is Pinteresting - Discount Cannabis Seeds


On my daily travels around the internet for work and downtime, I visit various sites on the net. One site I visit daily is Pinterest. Now the first thing that might springs to mind when you think Pinterest if you think it at all when it comes to your Cannabis content. Well, maybe you should. There are some of the key players on there, mixed with some Cannabis fans and people sharing their own Canna content, alongside fun weed memes and so on. Here are 5 boards that are worth your time.

1 - Sensi Seeds

As a stockist of Sensi Seeds, it’s great to see them using Pinterest! Check out some of their boards with topics such as; Cannabis Culture & Amsterdam to name but a couple. Very interesting content and not just focussing on seeds too. Love it!


2 - John’s Cannabis Infographic Board -

John is just a regular Pinterest member but has a nice collection of over 140 Cannabis infographics. These infographics are ‘rolled full’ of good Cannabis content ranging from what terpenes are to the difference between THC and CBD. Explore at your leisure. 5-star content


3 - Cannabis Seeds by Cannabis Training University -

This board has over 6,000 pins on it on the subject of Cannabis Seeds. You can spend all day in here just looking at the great pics’ of beans. Before you put yourself into a chilled-out state of mind educate yourself further by following the board owners: ‘Cannabis Training University.’ Do so here:


4. - Cannabis Memes - by Allison

This memes board has been lovingly created by a personal user of Pinterest, who’s clearly a fan. There are over 1,000 memes on the board, ranging from the funny to the educational! Perfect!


5 - Cannabis Buds - by Canna School Canada

Let's finish on a bright note with some of these amazing nugs. This is a small and beautiful board with under 100 images of great Cannabis Nugs. Dazzling!


If you’re on Pinterest, drop your profile link below so we can connect and share.

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