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A Selection of The Best Cannabis Seed Resources on The Internet

As a seller of Cannabis Seeds for souvenir purposes, we don’t or can’t get into conversations about growing or passing out advice, because alas, your seeds are souvenirs.

If you have seeds and the laws in your country permit it, then you might be looking for advice and help as to how to achieve the results you are looking for.

We can’t give you that help and advice, but we can guide you towards other 3rd party sites on the Internet that do.

Just remember to come back to Discount Cannabis Seeds, if you want to buy those souvenirs.



Forums and very popular places to get this information. These are bustling communities of like-minded people and you will get all your questions answered. They all have their little differences so it’s up to you to choose the most suitable. In no particular order have a look at some of these sites.

Grasscity -

420 Magazine -

Roll it Up -

Overgrow -


UK 420 -



Groups can be found across all different areas of the internet and social media platforms. Even the professional business network, LinkedIn has some Cannabis-related groups. Here’s a snippet of some go-to places for online groups.

LinkedIn - Cannabis Medical and Recreational Insider

LinkedIn - CBD and Cannabis Professional Business Network

Facebook - You have to work a little harder to find Facebook groups as they have disabled the search feature for ‘Cannabis’. Here are a couple to get you started!

Facebook - Advanced Cannabis Growers Club -

Facebook - Grow with the Flow -


You Tubers

YouTube is a great place to watch and learn plus you can get involved in commenting and finding out more. Here are a couple of good YT channels that you could check out.

We also have some videos on our own channel that you can check out too:

You Tube - Mr Grow It -

You Tube - Seed to Stoned -


Cannabis Mags

There’s a wealth of information to be had from these three dedicated Cannabis sites! Check them out:

Leafly -

Hightimes Magazine -

Dope Magazine -


So, we have just scratched the surface with the links above, however, these Cannabis groups, forums and resources will help you along your way when it comes to educating yourself in the legal Cannabis Seed market.

This article was compiled by Gary Eff who works with Discount Cannabis Seeds.

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