Cannabis Seeds For Christmas By Barney's Farm - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds For Christmas By Barney's Farm - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds For Christmas By Barney's Farm - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Barney’s Farm has won many international awards for the flawless quality and stability of its products and is a recognised world leader in the production of top-quality cannabis seeds.

Barney’s Farm was founded since the early 1980’s after Derry settled in the Himalayas where he honed his knowledge by selectively breeding various strains, choosing phenotypes for their taste, aroma and THC levels.

Derry collected a variety of land-race cannabis seeds from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China. After hand picking the most promising seeds, they were then backcrossed to stabilise them.

Today Barney’s Farm is the team of experienced breeders, who collected landrace genetics from around the world. This enables Barney’s Farm Research Lab to create the best and rarest cannabis strains and makes Barney’s Farm the leader in the production of top-quality female cannabis seeds.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell a huge range of Barney’s Farm cannabis seeds at the cheapest prices online!

In this blog I am going to talk to you about the reviews of Barney’s Farm seed bank, reviews of various cannabis strains, growing reports and pictures of Barney’s Farm weed plants when harvested.

Reviews of Barney’s Farm seed bank.

It is the best seed bank around!! I have found seeds there that I could not find anywhere else.

Very good strains, have no problems with germination straight from soil.

Many years ago, I began growing Cannabis seriously! My go to shop was and still is Barneys Farm. They have numerous years' experience breeding! Have had great results, with minimal hassles! Some people blame the breeder, for their own mistakes. Barneys Farm did not win so many cannabis cups awards, for nothing.

Barney's farm is just the best seed bank.

100% germinate seed and super quality research for the newest strain that they put in commerce.

Love Barney’s Farm! I’ve legit had 100% success rate start to finish on every seed I have ever popped. Never had a male to date and that says a lot! Customer for life, always support quality products and this in one of them!

100% germination. 100% nice Grow. 100% good experience!

Barney's is great and I have had nothing but success germinating and achieving huge yields with their seeds.

Awesome breeders who have been at it since day one. Some awesome strains that never fail to impress and always end up a happy guy after my 3/4 months.

Reviews of Barney’s Farm cannabis strains.

Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Blue Cheese, also called Blueberry Cheese, is an indica-dominant cross between Original Cheese and Blueberry. One of the best varieties in the market. The THC level is 20%. The plant reaches 90 cm in height in a short period of about 52-57 days.

This is a stocky plant with a stable structure, a large Cola and strong side branches. The yield reaches up to 650 g / m2. The variety is easy to grow, so it is suitable for growers of all levels.

Thanks to its parents, Blue Cheese has an intense cheese flavour with a sweet blueberry aftertaste. Smoke brings a powerful relaxing effect.

All 3 phenotypes go in the indica direction. After a very short time, a strong, oppressive high occurs It is perfect for going to sleep in the evening.

The taste of the 1 phenotype is built like I smoked it for the first time 12 years ago at Barney's Farm. I can recommend the strain to everyone

Cut branches, wet trimmed, and dried 6 days in tent on hangers. Buds cut off branches and put in turkey bag with humidity range of 60-65% and burped thrice daily.

Jarred with 62% boveda in quart masons after two weeks in the turkey bag. Popcorn buds were 46 g of the 155 total. All the popcorns decarbed on a cookie sheet enclosed in a turkey bag (really cut down on smell) 45 min at 240 degrees.

Crushed up buds and immersed into a quart of mct oil in a mason jar in a crock pot filled with water at low setting overnight. Strained into a fresh mason jar and got about 25 liquid ounces which should be about 20-30 mg per teaspoon for a total of 150 1tsp “doses”.

Smoke is super smooth after curing with that berry and cheesy flavour. Great mellow body high that you feel in your stomach and chest.

Extremely easy plant to grow, dense nugs, I recommend a scrog or trellis to maximize your potential, Soil or Coco...She's also very easy to clone.

I am not going to lie; this has by far been one of my favourite experiences I have had. This strain was great! Easy to train, forgiving when nutrients are involved, and I genuinely enjoyed spending time with this strain! If you are a new grower, like me, this would be a great strain to start with!

Blue cheese she took 80 days, she is tastes awesome sweet berry on the inhale then the cheese starts coming through on the exhale. Buzz is so relaxing but with a happy vibe. Brilliant for slowing the brain just before bed.

Love this strain and producer. Throughout he grows this was the strain I enjoyed the most. If you put into 3 gal smart pots it will produce a good amount of buds. I will be ordering more as I have 1 seed left. Not a heavy feeder and it will take an extra week or so to really bring out the colours.

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Barney’s Farm Glookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

If Marvel Studios created an Avengers cannabis strain this would be it! Glookies. Witness the power from this Indica dominant superhero of a strain, created by the careful fusion of two eclectic cannabis superstars. Gorilla Glue and The Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies need no introduction. Another incredible new addition to our Cali Collection arrives.

A super stony effect will be experienced along with motivational energies that will transform your day, filling it with drive.

Grew quite easily and produced nice dense buds. Smoke like Girl Scout cookies.

Very head stony, hits the face first. Like in a slight daze. A bit more conversation, no couchlock. Loss of sense of time, double vision when too far gone.
Ok been a while but I think I am good to add my review. I wish I could update my rating to a 9.5 if I could. This is a lovely hybrid that starts off with an energetic sativa high that allows you to get some shit done. The sativa lasts like 45-60min and then the sedative body high of the Indica kicks in. Nothing that will make you fall asleep, but it will put you in a nice relaxed and lazy mood.

The taste right away is that of mint with a woodsy/floral undertone. Yes, this will also bring on the munchies and I find myself craving salty and then a bit a sweetness, but mostly, it craves the saltiness.

Would easily recommend growing this strain to anyone. Cannot wait to see how she does outdoors in my current 2020 summer grow.

Very dense buds absolutely covered in trichs, above average yielder, Woody/sap taste and a damn good daytime smoke, not to heavy not to light. lol id feel high but still motivated to get things done.
Harvested at day 65 from 12/12 with 95% cloudy rest a mix of amber and clears I guess, could not really see anything but cloudy.

The effect is very strong, 50/50, gives a strong relaxation, but not as an indica, at the same time Glookies is very motivational, great for watching movies and meditation, this strain for me the top 3 of strongest. This year the first I will grow Glookies trees with a long vega, with Mars hydro TSW2000.

Very stony and heady. After the first hit I feel it in my eyes and forehead immediately. Glookies is a nicely balanced hybrid that is uplifting and motivating while simultaneously reducing my anxiety.

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Barney’s Farm Orange Sherbert Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Orange Sherbert Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a cross between Orange Cream, Cherry Pie and Purple Urkle. This indica-dominant American strain has orange and purple buds when flowering. The plant grows up to 130 cm and has bushy branches that need support in the last weeks of flowering. The variety is easy to grow indoors and outdoors, so it is suitable even for novice growers. After 60-70 days, the yield will be 650 gr/m2.

The effect gives physical relaxation and calms the mind. The smell and taste are reminiscent of candy and orange. This is a good choice for a chill-out after a hard day.

Not as pungent as other buds might have been due to the drying or may have even let them go an extra week.
Creamy orange smell once it is grinded, smooth smoke perfect for night-time chilling.

The dominant taste in the first pheno is a pungent citrus with almost a sweet cheese aftertaste. Its smell is like an orange peel with hints of ginger. The second pheno has more of an herb-is taste which is less citrusy, but it does also carry that backbone of a sweet cheese. Its smell is a lot cheesier too and does not smell too citrus or ginger like as the other pheno does.

Both have a fantastic calming effect with a great body relaxation that warms your chest. It is a little mind numbing when too much is consumed but works great for anxiety, body aches, hunger issues, and insomnia.

Orange Sherbet Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a very amazing plant, grew without any problems, suitable for beginners.
Orange Sherbet Feminised Cannabis Seeds have a cream smell, and very strong Citrus smell like an orange liquor, smells good.

The effect is strong,50/50 effect, acts more like sativa in the beginning, clean head, very energetic, everything you do, you get pleasure, takes effect over time, and long lasting, after an hour it’s very relaxing, it’s very nice to watch movies and eat delicious food, no have any side effects. I love this strain, still grow again.

A night-time smoke for the less tolerant among us! She tastes if a very tangy orange and leaves a slight tang on exhale. The citric overtones should lessen with a cure and leave the less acidic, orange flavour that is also clearly in there too. She had me contemplating quite a bit and even writing this with her merrily guiding my flow, has me stopping occasionally to think about stuff! Have deleted and started this a couple of times for waffling.

This was a fun strain to grow and yielded clearly most this round. And buds are frosty also, so no quality drop at cost of yield. Both yielded about 55g other was topped other not. Smoke is very relaxing both body and mind. You can smoke this at daytime if doses are not too high. You can still function. I like to smoke this late afternoon, but weekend wake and bake works also.

So since I started this strain I had really big hopes that it would be what is said on the tin and wow did it from start to the end this strain has performed just how it should with a generous yield of 545g from 4 plants, I'm really happy with this strain and would recommend this strain for first timers it's a really forgiving strain and loves training I did LST & Defoliation, I think from the pictures you can see that defoliation did work for this strain, for taste and aroma it smells really sweet and tastes like sweet shop candy once cured.

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Barney’s Farm Dos Si Dos 33 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Dos Si Dos 33 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is an incredible mix of several amazing genetics, such as OG Kush Breath, Face Off OG, Girl Scout Cookies pheno and others.

This indica-dominant strain, which also gives a satiate energetic effect and a powerful relaxation after then. Inexperienced smokers need to be careful.
The plant has a compact size of 90 cm, grows quickly and yields up to 700 g. It is also easily grown outdoors and Matures by mid-October.
The variety has a high 22-28% THC level. The smoke brings a happy, relaxed buzz that turns into a stone body effect. The aroma resembles the smell of cookies with mint, citrus notes.
Very pleased with this strain!
The yield wasn't massive, but this is quality over quantity, the plant was very resistant to disease and infestation despite its neighbouring plant being infested this one kept them at bay.
The smoke itself was actually very smooth with a creamy sweet taste. The high comes on pretty quick and before I knew it I was floating through the stars, I was very surprised by how smooth and gentle this plant was, it gradually launches you into a massive head high with a full body stone, it's like leaving your body behind as you take a tour of the universe!

This was great whilst laying down and listening to some 80s metal, a bit of Guns and Roses, Ratt and Judas Priest put me in the zone, and I had a great psychedelic experience listening to Baba O'Riley by The Who.

Will grow this strain again, but it is quite strong and not one for everyday use more for special occasions and when you want to trip out.

this weed was the most frost I never see almost the same as the real white widow great taste very nutty caramel and fruity like the blueberry with a nice Kush taste never taste something good like heavy bud also.

Extremely Gassy and Citrussy TERPS with an earthy background ...a very thick and oily smoke (you might cough your ass off if u can't handle a strong puff #pufftuff) ...u can literally feel and taste the humongous amount of resin.
You don't need much weed to end up on your couch with some snacks and Lord of the Rings 1,2 and 3 ...Amazing.

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Barney’s Farm Purple Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Barney’s Farm continues to bring you awe-inspiring genetics from around the globe with another USA west coast powerhouse of a strain Purple Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The delicate fusing of its Indica dominant parents Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple has provided a real tantalising gem. The exquisite smooth sensual tastes of Baked Apple Pie with cloves glazed with caramelised blueberry and cherries blend perfectly with the sedative calming effects that Purple Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds oozes.

Expect a short stocky cannabis plant with numerous astonishing trichome laden, high yielding branches just dripping with resin tested at 25% THC.

Super happy with the results. Buds smell and taste delicious Yield was not the most impressive but that is entirely my fault. Had a bit of run with her as it was my first one. With the amount of stress, having this quality of buds is impressive. Top from Barneys.

Amazing strain. Pulled out 320g of dry nugs and 30g of 150-micron dry ice has. Extremely aggressive grower and drinks a lot. Let these veg. for a while. My plant had a minor thrip infestation on last three weeks of bloom and did not care about them as you can all see. Definitely recommended. Thanks Barney's!!

Very earthy and sweet with a hint of berries.

The effect is a genuinely nice body numbing buzz with an equal amount of mind numbing cerebral. Works great for muscle aches and pains and insomnia at higher doses.

Purple Punch Purple Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds was great. By far the biggest yielded and most dense buds with lovely strong smell. I could have left this one a bit longer, but it done great cannot wait to cure properly and get this flavour to its best.

What a wonderful strain! Unfortunately, it never really gained bud size/width height to the buds which I have never seen a plant do. I believe my setup is very capable of growing plants properly so I believe this may be strain specific and I am incredibly excited to try to grow it again to see what results I gain! Now it may have yielded lighter but who cares!? This stuff is the real deal you guys!

This works incredibly well on extremely severe migraines, coming from a patient of mine that has bedridden, 0% percent light no movement type of headaches! I personal notice extreme sedation (the highest I have felt through cannabis) and a very euphoric high it brings me back to when I first started smoking on how high I get from it (daily smoker)!

I am not allowing any usage from patients if they plan to drive so this is seriously for those with some bad ailments or a night-time toke! Flavour is uniquely different than I have ever had and incredibly hard to put a touch on, from my best guess I would say grape with an herbal diesel after tone however no sweetness to the grape unique!

Grew nice and even with no issues throughout, short stocky plant with nice sized dense buds covered in resin as described by barneys cannot fault it dominant taste of the granddaddy purple in there.

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Barney’s Farm Pineapple Chunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Pineapple Chunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a feminised Indica-dominant blend of Skunk #1/Cheese and Pineapple. The THC content reaches 25%, and the level of CBD is small. This is a very stable, disease-and moisture-resistant strain that reaches 80 cm in height. This variety is well suited for novice growers.

The plant has many bushy branches with large fat buds. The yield will be 600 g / m2 in 8-9 weeks. It grows well both indoors and outdoors. The taste combines earthy, cheesy notes and smelly pineapple shades.

This is a memorable taste. The effect gives a powerful psychoactive high, physical relaxation. Suitable for evening Smoking with friends or alone.

The buds are nice and dense, smell very pungent but with nice after notes of sweetness and pineapple. It was fairly easy to grow her and she was constantly thirsty. Always wanted more nutes and constantly.

Early smoke tests suggest an absolute kick ass potency, taste and smell. It has got a peppery / tropical fruit taste yet smells faintly cheesy.

I really like this strain and picked up another pack to have it around. It is really nice and strong. The buzz is hard and stoney. it tastes great and is really sticky. the buds are rock hard, and it is great for concentrates. I made some rosin hash with some. thanks barneys farm for some great seeds. I will grow this again and again!

It is a very colourful/happy kind of high. It is also kind of psychedelic like a very mild mushroom trip. I would say it is a nice smoke to enjoy with a few friends as it can be inspiring. The cheese flavour is at first evident with fruity notes to follow.
Dry weight was taken when buds were close to dry at the touch.

Barneys nailed it again. The smell of this plant is delicious!! Very happy with the end results, could have been a bit denser but that is my mistake as I did run in to a few problems, I as a little lazy on this one tbh. But overall easy plant goes grow, yields well and produced lovely flowers. I was hoping for 2 ounces per plant but got a little more! I highly recommend.

Strong high that lasts long like whole day...very thankful and energetic. Buds turned out super resinous and sticky. Smells sweet and strong...that was my first of this strain and I already grow another cycle from clone with much more topping and LST under HID this time.

Pineapple Chunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a yielding machine. She has the fattest colas I have grown. She might take longer than the breeder says, but it is well worth the wait. She has a cheesy and tropical fruit aroma. She is super sticky, and I cannot wait to try it out. she has given 83g of bud and 47g of trim and popcorn bud. Her buds are dense and smell amazing.

Buy Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Barney’s Farm Liberty Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Liberty Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a favourite of many growers, a sativa-dominant cross between Chem Dawg 91 and G13. It has taken the best characteristics of both parents and has a fast flowering.

After 8-9 weeks, the plant reaches a height of about 110 cm. The yield indoors will be 600 g / m2. This feminized variety can also be grown outdoors, even in cool climates. The plant produces many red-purple buds. The THC level is 25%. The effect brings instant and lasting euphoria and invigorating high. The strain has a rich lime flavour with wood notes, and it smells the same.

Really nice dense really frosty, really nice fruity earthy aroma. Really nice high doesn't take long to take effect, really relaxing yet at same time not total couch lock, I feel I could smoke this at night and really chill and relax and I could smoke in day and still get all my things done, really happy with results.

Damn I love this strain!!! Dare I say it came out even better than last run?!?! The smell, the taste, the buzz, all TOP NOTCH. That nice sativa high that I can enjoy all day long. Nice sweet but dank smell. One of my favourites for sure.

What a wonderful strain! Growth and vigour were amazing, the colours in late flowering speak for themselves and the flowering time was pretty much exactly 65 days. Could have waited another 5 days but that's personal preference after all. Dried within 4-5 days which induced a light hay smell, but I am sure it will cure out. When trimming, there was full on lemon and haze and spicy / skunky undertones. Buds are extremely frosty and literally rock hard, very dense!!!

These buds were very crispy with dried THC and she covered her entire structure with buds.
Liberty Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds smokes very smoothly and has a fruity/citrus e hale but a fuelish inhale and general aroma. Reminds me of old school skunk and feels nice as it flows over you too. not too heavy if taken steady but could be a sleeper if you keep burning, I think. would say better for evening after work.

Liberty Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds is an all-around great smoke. easy to grow. very resistant to all the problems you can have growing this plant. loves the light and loved to eat, eat, eat.

Liberty Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a marvellous strain to grow. Beautiful colours will appear during flowering stage, going from all Rasta colours to dark purple leaves. 4 out of 4 seeds germinated within 4 days.
She does not need to many nutrients during growing as well in flowering stage. EC-levels never got higher than 1,5. I have used fertilized soil, so if you are a coco or soilless grower you might want to think twice before taking over these EC-levels.

There were no problems with mould or diseases. Just some leaf problems after repotting them, but that was my mistake. I re potted them a bit too soon and they suffered from root damage. But they recovered perfectly within a week.
They're also easy to SCRoG and do not stretch to much in the first weeks 2-3 weeks of flowering.

The dominant smell during harvest was fresh lime. The smoke is soft in the throat.
The taste is a bit sweet, lime/lemon with woody undertones & the effects are at first more high in the head and then fades into a relax state of body & mind that lasts long.

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Barney’s Farm Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a Sativa-dominant auto flowering strain based on the popular original Tangerine Dream. THC and CBD levels are slightly lower. Just like the original variety, Tangerine Dream Auto has a small growth and compact dimensions. It can reach only 70 cm in height.

This is easy-to-grow strain that yields approximately 500 g / m2. The flowering period is 70-75 days. This is a great choice for both beginners and experienced growers who want to get a consistently large crop without much effort.

The aroma and taste are sweet citrus with tropical berry notes. The effect gives a balanced brain buzz and physical relaxation.

Very nice tangerine smell on the first plant, the other one is still drying. Relaxing yet uplifting effect, really balanced. Really satisfying genetic in sense of both quality and quantity.

Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a fun girl to grow and to smoke. Allows you to play with LST and even topping. Even if she is Automatic, she will not fell it, maybe for a day. I topped one of them and she will harvest at least 10% more than her sister.

If to speak about the growing phase the plant was developing without any problem. To tell the truth, it's one of the easiest strains to cultivate I ever had, but one of the hardest, when it comes to its effects=))
At the pre-flowering stage a small catastrophe happened: I snapped the plant's top, but it somehow handled it. I am sure that it has influenced the final mass, but also because of this it took me only 52 days from the seed to harvest.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take photos of the tangerine's dream harvest, because it was smoked by my friends and me literally in 12 days. One of the most powerful auto flowers I ever smoked. One joint make stoned even those who are very experienced smokers. I could barely stand up from my bed until I became more tolerant to it and the stuff was about to end. In general, it is a super auto flower that is resistant to mould, defoliation, and even some injuries. I am satisfied with the result and can recommend it.

Growing these plants was mostly a pleasure. It seems they really like being topped, as the only one I did not top ended up smaller than the others!
I think they did well with 18 hours of light, the buds were great to look at and they all have a medium density except plant #6 whose buds are really denser and heavier than average.
Plants were pretty small however, and the total yield is underwhelming with about 120g of dried buds for 5 plants.

Buy Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

With Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds the reviews are great and are all ready to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds at the cheapest prices online!

Thank you for reading.


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