Cannabis Seeds The Fast Auto Flowering Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Fast Auto Flowering Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Fast Auto Flowering Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Are you wondering what are the fastest auto flowering cannabis seeds and where to get them? If yes, you are in the right place, because at Discount Cannabis Seeds have covered everything you need to know from the reasons why these strains are so quick. Ready to find the fastest auto flower seed to harvest? Let’s go!


Auto Flowering cannabis seeds produce plants that automatically switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage, based on their age, unlike photoperiod plants whose flowering stage is triggered by the light/darkness ratio. This type of cannabis seed is made by crossbreeding Indica or Sativa plant with Ruderalis, a subspecies of cannabis found in regions that feature short summers but have many hours of daylight.

This subtype of cannabis has evolved to flower quickly and adapted to flourish in very harsh conditions. Therefore, crossbreeding cannabis plants with Ruderallis genetics results in cannabis seeds that will produce high-quality flowers and great yields in a very short period of time.

Normally, after you plant an auto flower cannabis seeds, you’ll see the harvest in just about two months! However, after seeing our list of the fastest auto flower cannabis seeds you’ll realize that sometimes all you need is as little as 42 days!

Big Bang Automatic Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds.

Big Bang Auto cannabis seeds  is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain and is a product of combining Skunk, Northern Lights, El Nino, and Ruderallis genetics.

Big Bang Auto can have anywhere between 15 - 20% THC content and delivers true relaxing Indica effects. It’s also often used to treat medical conditions, such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and appetite loss. Big Bang Auto  Buds are infused with a sweet and fruity aroma and taste with the floral undertones.

Big Bang Auto has a flowering period of just 42 days, which makes it probably the fastest auto flower in 2022! After this short flowering period growers can expect an average yield of 900 g/m2 (2.9 oz/ft2) if grown indoors, and around 50 g (1.7 oz) per plant in outdoor conditions.

The flavor is intense, with pleasant sweet hues of berries, fruits and flowers. The aroma resembles candy sweetness, it is a mix of strawberries, apples, roses and violets. The effect is characterized as typical Indica hit, relaxing and soothing.

Big Bang Auto cannabis seeds is also used for medical purposes to treat chronic pain, relieve stress and anxiety, improve appetite.

Head Stash Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Big Head Seeds.

Head Stash Auto cannabis seeds is a balanced hybrid and has a unique genetic profile that combines Jack Herer, Critical+ Auto, and Big Head #1 genetics.

Head Stash Auto cannabis seeds comes with 15% THC content and offers balanced uplifting effects and a relaxing body high. Head Stash Auto has an amazing mixture of earthy and piney aromas alongside with citrusy taste.

This strain reaches full maturity after just 7 weeks of flowering. If grown indoors, yield can reach up to 450 g/m2 (1.4 oz/ft2), while in an outdoor environment, a plant can yield up to 60 g (2.1 oz).

Head Stash Auto cannabis seeds has a unique genetic profile that combines three different strains: Jack Herer, Critical+ Auto and BigHead #1. These strains were carefully selected for their high yields, characteristic huge central kola, quality of buds and delightful combination of flavors. 

Due to the unique combination of different genetics that helped to create this cannabis seeds strain, the effects are a fantastic combination of an uplifting and euphoric head high together with a relaxing, almost meditative body high.

+ Speed Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sweet Seeds.

+Speed Auto cannabis seeds  is a perfectly balanced hybrid that has been developed by crossing Speed Devil #2 Auto and Critical Mass genetics. +Speed Auto cannabis seeds can contain up to 20% THC and offers a pleasant and uplifting Sativa-like high that will boost your creative side.

Flowers of +Speed Auto cannabis seeds are infused with sweet and fruity taste and aroma with a slight touch of cheese.

+Speed Auto cannabis seeds is among the fastest autoflower strains with a flowering period of just 49 days. Indoor harvest can range anywhere between 350 - 500 g/m2 (1.1 - 1.6 oz/ft2), while outdoors, growers can expect up to 150 g (5.2 oz) per plant.

If you want heavy yields of dense, resinous, slightly Sativa-leaning cannabis in lightning fast times, you will be more than satisfied with Speed Auto. In addition to a THC content of up to 20%, she contains an average 0.7% CBD.

This versatile cannabis seeds strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation with indoor yields between 350-500g/m2 and outdoor yields of 30-150g/plant in a total grow time of 7 weeks from germination.

Those who are familiar with Critical Mass will appreciate the complexity of the smell and taste of Speed Auto cannabis seeds her tightly formed pale green buds have a high calyx-to-leaf ratio which makes trimming a breeze! Her great visual appeal comes alongside a pleasant, uplifting high which boosts creativity!

Purple Punch Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Purple Punch Auto cannabis seeds is an auto flowering 80% Indica, 20% Sativa cannabis strain developed by breeder Barney’s Farm as an auto flowering variant of one of the newest additions to the Barney’s Farm Family: Purple Punch cannabis seeds.

This fruity concoction’s origin is a result of crossing Purple Punch cannabis seeds with BF Auto Critical to yield an incredibly powerful auto flower.

Purple Punch Auto cannabis seeds has a flowering time from seed to harvest of 50-60 days, which is definitely on the fast side – great news for growers who want a strain they can harvest quickly.

The effects of Purple Punch Auto cannabis seeds are remarkably chill. You’re going to feel very relaxed along with a sense of happiness and euphoria, making her a great choice for social gatherings or just hanging out by yourself after a stressful day.

Sweet Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sweet Seeds.

Sweet Skunk Auto cannabis seeds  is a balanced hybrid strain that has been made by crossbreeding Early Skunk with Critical Mass Auto genetics. With 20% THC-infused flowers, Sweet Skunk Auto cannabis seeds delivers a balanced cerebral and uplifting high together with Indica-dominant relaxing effects.

Sweet Skunk Auto has an intense Skunk aroma with undertones of citrus and a sweet and spicy flavor. Sweet Skunk Auto cannabis seeds finishes flowering within just 7 weeks of flowering and provides growers with up to 500 g/m2 (1.6 oz/ft2) if grown indoors, and up to 150 g (5.2 oz) per plant if grown outdoors.

As the name suggests, Sweet Skunk Auto cannabis seeds has a very intense Skunk aroma with hints of lemon and citrus fruit with a sweet taste which is best enjoyed using a dry herb vaporizer. Her effects are initially cerebral and uplifting but slowly fades into a relaxing body high perfect for night-time use.

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Heavyweight Seeds.

2 Fast & 2 Vast cannabis seeds is an Indica-dominant and is a cross between Fast & Vast Auto and Northern Lights Auto.

2 Fast & 2 Vast cannabis seeds can contain up to 20% THC levels and offers a strong and relaxing high that will leave you calm and more talkative, perfect for social events. Flowers come with an amazing fruity and sweet taste and aroma. 2 Fast & 2 Vast Auto is ready for harvest after only 56 of flowering and brings great results.

Indoor growers can expect anywhere between 600 - 800 g/m2 (1.9 - 2.6 oz/ft2), while outdoors, yield can reach up to 200 g (7 oz) per plant.

2 Fast & 2 Vast cannabis seeds has a very straightforward flavor profile, with almost all its notes being sweet and fruity. 2 Fast & 2 Vast Auto cannabis seeds is best experienced smoked, where its flavors and aromas can be experienced most clearly.

It is a very pure smoke and has delicious notes of fruit, making it a crowd-pleasing auto flowering feminized cannabis seeds strain.


Auto Forbidden Runtz Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

This brand-new variety of cannabis seed from FastBuds, Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds  is impossible to resist, so prepare yourself for the taste of the original sin. Just 9 weeks of growing will fill your jars with delightfully frosty buds that blend flavors of fruit straight from the garden of Eden with decadent earthy aromas.

This Runtz version is forbidden for a reason the 26% THC content hits hard so we dare you to toke and think of a more potent strain. It’s going to be a challenge!

The family tree of Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is based on Runtz genetics. You’ve probably heard about them, as after appearing on the market a couple of years ago, this Indica-leaning hybrid quickly became a number one strain in the top lists of all major cannabis media outlets.

Now Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds continues the legacy as an improved lineage with its own twist.

A true gem for impatient growers, the auto flowering Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is ready to harvest after just 9 weeks of growing

Forbidden Runtz Auto is 65% Indica, and it shows! The effects are extremely potent and start cerebrally, often causing uncontrollable laugh riots. However, as the session progresses, you’ll feel the corporal effects take over, covering your body with warm covers of relaxation  perfect for whenever you need to calm both your body and mind perfect for growing indoors all year round or outdoors in areas with short summers.

FastBuds keeps breaking records with the potency of their autoflowering weed, and Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is no exception. The THC content of 26% is more than enough to send you floating in the stratosphere, so newbie smokers should definitely start low and increase the dosage gradually.

The flavor profile of Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is quite mellow and delicate. The selling point is definitely those fruity terpenes that form the base of the smoke and linger on the palate for quite some time. A great addition to this is the note of damp, fresh soil that’s noticeable in both taste and aroma.

Auto flowering cannabis seeds are a great option for beginners, because of their high resistance to various environments and simple growing demands. Another great thing about auto flowers is their fast life cycle which usually lasts between 7 - 10 weeks. They grow at a compact size of between 60 - 100 cm which makes auto flower suitable for growing in small spaces.

If you are in search of the quickest auto flower cannabis seeds, check our Discount Cannabis Seeds. Visiting our shop you can find the fastest growing auto flower cannabis seeds strains with 100% guaranteed germination.