Cannabis Seeds Strains Of The Week - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Strains Of The Week - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Strains of the week by Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Who doesn't love cannabis with chocolate or a hashy cannabis taste! 

Discount Cannabis Seeds top cannabis seeds of this week.

Discount Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds with a hint of chocolate what more could you ask for? 

In this blog you will find chocolate tasting cannabis seeds available to buy at DCS. 

Let me tell you about chocolate cannabis seeds that will leave your mouth watering.  

Auto Chocolate Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds by OO Seeds.  

OO Seeds have crossed our high-performance hybrid Chocolate Skunk with Rudelaris. Keeping the intense, sweet, and fruity flavour and big yields, bringing the harvest time down considerably up to 2 weeks. 

Reviews of Auto Chocolate Skunk cannabis seeds.  

Outcome of this was great, there was def two diff pheno types, the firat being sativa dominant Tall dense buds with potent smoke. A little larger spacing of nodes then I prefer but turned-out par, the first also had a purple hue when flushed.  

The second was shorter and denser buds with short and tight node spacing, yellow and orange hue when flushed, both ate everything you would put in their pot, both responded fast and well to Lst and Defoliation. Great potent smoke hits you very quick and intense high. 

The buds turned out surprisingly good, surprised that she was ready when she was. A daytime smoke for me. Would try to grow her again. 
My biggest auto flower, amazing cannabis! 5 stars from me. 

Chocolate Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.  

Chocolate Haze is extremely powerful and tasty sativa plant with strong harvest and quick blooming. OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze were crossed to create it.  

The strain contains only 5% indica genetics and extremely high THC-level of 20%. 

The flowering period takes 9-10 weeks, and the harvest comes in late October and brings 450 - 500 gr/plant of potent buds. The strain suits both for soil and hydroponic systems. But it requires enough space for good growth.  

So, it is recommended to grow outside due its big bushy structure. The average height reaches to 90-160cm indoors and to 150-200cm outdoors. The plant has a low resistance to mould, so it needs special humidity control.  

The smoke delivers clear cerebral, uplifting high with enjoyable feeling of euphoria that lasts 1-2 hours. The regular use helps to reduce arthritis, ADD/ADHD, joint pain, stress, and migraines. The effect is immensely powerful even for experienced smokers.  

The smoke brings a strong chocolate flavour with light fruity notes. 

Reviews of Chocolate Haze Cannabis Seeds.  

Exceptionally good strain, very resistant to pest but a little bit slow grow and flowering. Sweet and fruity flavours, energizing and smiling effects, with enough hunger enhancement. Highly recommended, especially to all beginners that want to try Sativa's. 

The buds were beautiful with deep orange pistils and covered in trichomes, very sticky stuff! The smell was embalming my whole house starting from week 6-7 and it kept getting stronger the closer I got to harvest. 

As for the smoke test from the scissor hash, it was mind blowing!! Living Organic grown terps are always on another level and this was clearly the case! The plant itself smells like Spicy Chocolate with hints of berries but when smoked it feels like you are smoking hash, but an extremely sweet hash, it goes INCREDIBLY well with a cup of coffee. 

Loved growing this girl was easy and a pleasure she's a very nice smoke definitely a head high tastes like creamy pungent and a bit like chocolate more like good hash with a nice Earthy tone a bit harsh would make any unseasoned smoker choke for sure high lasts not too long around an hour or so not very happy with the end result on my part as I lost over 3 oz of top bud as it always is to mould was my fault for not having enough air circulating while drying so would have been more but just didn't want count it as it was a loss but what was saved is some dynamite smoke for sure. 

Smoke 8/10 
Taste 9/10 
High 10/10 
Density 9/10 
Growing 10/10 
Burn 8/10 

Smells like lemon mixed sweets and chocolate genuinely nice strain and very frosty can see slight tints of purple in there has well will do a smoke report soon after a cure but up to now this a winner have had a spliff and what I can say up to now took my paranoia away strait away smooth on my throat did a nice 0.7 spliff. 

Chocolate Mint OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt seeds.  

Also, it has poor resistance to humidity and mould, which will require your attention. 
The variety shows purple colours 

 in the flowering phase. In just 55-65 days, it produces a high-quality crop, reaching 400-600 g / m2. Its large, strong buds have a strong aroma. 

Based on the name, the taste of the strain resembles mint chocolate with subtle notes of spices and pine and a slightly sour aftertaste. The effect is immensely powerful, physical, and cerebral.  

The strain is recommended for experienced smokers who can appreciate its high effectiveness. 

Reviews of Chocolate Mint OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

looks amazing, buds frosty and hard! if you want to grow a mint tasting special looking weed!  

Both buds were dense and full of trichomes. Love Humboldt seed organisation cannot go wrong with their seeds. Taste was great on however they were slightly different tastes. 

this is a nice strain for night, she grew nice and the colours I got from her were amazing, she is very sticky and oily towards the end of flower, I went a bit over 10 weeks and I am at 50% amber trichomes. really nice sleepy stuff, I will grow this again. 

Great Strain to grow, smell and look of this plant was amazing! Going to grow this one again! 
Fruity Gas smell is starting to ripen in the cure jars. Very "old school" style buds in the hands of a first timer, frosty with orange hairs and hints of purple. Nugs bust up into more than you would think with VERY STRONG high, nice relaxing and mellow with a slight euphoria to start that settles into a slow/sleepy indica with all-day use. Easy to fight through for daytime, easy to give into when choring is done. 
Tastes like a minty sweet gas, slight kushy bitterness with sweet candy finish. Can see where it is going to be in a few weeks. 
This bud is amazing!! Surely to my top 5. Nice old school stoner weed. Really relaxed, uplifted, and relaxed again high. Really euphoric and uplifted too. Smell is straight gas on pheno #2 #1 more colourful is more Choco minty like name stands. 

Great old-school smoke! Very enjoyable laid-back social stuff, love it. Looking forward to taste it more throughout the stages of its curing cycle. 

Chocolate Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Anesia Seeds.  

chocolate Haze is a cross of a selected very tasty and potency Chocolate Thai and the best Haze Queen males from the gene pool of ANESIA Seeds.  

Chocolate Haze impresses with its stunning chocolate flavour that comes from the abundant terpenes. 

 Chocolate Haze has an extremely short flowering period for a Haze of only 9-10 weeks making it ideal for the indoor grow or cultivating in central Europe. 
The flowers are long, excessively big, and full of resin. The plants become many branches and a huge amount of highest quality buds. 
Chocolate Haze has an amazing chocolate flavour and offers an immediate rush of heady, uplifting, and motivating effects. It is a great mood enhancer when you feel depressed, and it will capture your senses. 

 The THC level has been measured at 25%. This strain is the right variety for activities, social life and to have fun. 

Reviews of Chocolate Haze Cannabis Seeds.  

Chocolate Haze is specially bred for indoor grow, but also provides outdoor superior results and is suitable because of its early cropping. In grow rooms it needs about 65 days of flowering time and extends twice. With the SCROG-method you can expect an income of 700g per square meter, hydroponically cultivated even more. You should initiate the flowering time soon, after 3 weeks of vegetative grow. 
Outdoors she is ready to harvest in mid-October and delivers crops of more than 900 grams per plant. 
Chocolate Haze is used for the treatment of depression, anorexia, ADHD, and multiple sclerosis. 

Chocolate Heaven Feminised Cannabis Seeds by G13 Labs.  

Chocolate Heaven Feminised cannabis seed is a Sativa and a combination of genes from the old school Afghan variety, and for the extremely well-known award winning Cannalope. 

Chocolate Heaven Feminised Cannabis Seeds strong aroma of sweet fruit, with a subtle hint of dark chocolate will carry you off to heaven 

This Chocolate Heaven Feminised Cannabis Seeds will not leave a mark on your figure, but it will affect your mood, brightening up your everyday business just like a real chocolate 

This Feminised plant produces a high yield, and is a high growing cannabis plant, easy to grow and produces dense, heavy flower heads in about 65 days. 

Reviews of Chocolate Heaven Cannabis Seeds.  

Just wafting with a strong fruity smell like a fruit salad filled with berries and cherries. The taste is like a bitter fruity coffee with an aftertaste of sweet cocoa but one pheno exhibits a nice hint of cheese.  

The effect hits hard with an intense body numbing and turns into a relaxing euphoria that does not leave you on the couch. Works great as a daytime strain for muscle aches and anxiety. 

Choco Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Zamnesia Seeds.  

This sativa dominant beauty is the full package. Choco Haze has it all – quick flowering times, high yields, easy growth, great taste, and an indomitable high. 

 Both novices and veterans will be pleased with its well-rounded features, and the versatility it has to offer to varying levels of grower skill.  

Novices will particularly appreciate the forgiving nature of this strain of cannabis seeds, whilst veterans will revel in Choco Haze’s ability to really be pushed to the limits in terms of growth and yields. 

 Choco Haze lays the foundation of its taste and aroma with the typical Haze citrusy sweet flavour.  

It then builds upon this foundation with complex undertones of chocolate, to really bring the strain to life. In terms of high, Choco Haze induces a potent and strong cerebral high that results in an exceptionally smooth and tranquil experience – bringing on feelings of relaxation and euphoria as you wonder through the haze of your mind.  

When it comes to medical use, Choco Haze is thought to help relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, migraines, and arthritis. 

Reviews of Choco Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

This Choco haze is some nice bud, give's a nice headrush, and a clear but heavy high. Has a nice and sharp taste that turns in to this chocolate taste in the exhale. 

I would never imagine getting such an indica dominant phenotype from a haze, but it is clearly not a problem here as that Choco haze did handle everything. 

Choco Candy Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Zambeza Seeds.  

Choco Candy is sativa-dominant and clearly shows this in its growing traits. Indoor growers can expect plants that are 100-150cm tall, yielding up to 400-450g/m². 

 Guerrilla- and outdoor growers will grow plants that are 120-200cm in height, and harvest around 400-500g per plant, depending on the climatic conditions.  

The flowering time was brought down to about 65 days, which is short for a Haze variety with this extreme potency. 

When it comes to flavour and high, things are really getting exciting. Advanced smokers will agree that there are not many Haze varieties on the market with such a delightful blend of aromas. The taste is fresh, extremely sweet, and most importantly, has noticeable chocolate aromas. 

 The effects after smoking Choco Candy are equally amazing. The high is very fast-hitting, euphoric, and uplifting. Positive feelings can be felt instantly, and result in a head-high that make every day the perfect day to discover something new. 

Choco Candy is a strain that is meant to be grown by someone who is interested in unique flavours and a strong, uplifting Sativa effect. 

Reviews of Choco Candy Cannabis Seeds.  

This girl is wicked genuinely nice strong smoke not a daytime smoke advised for night-time as it just straight wipes you out the feeling is immediate when smoking nice fresh hash taste with a nice citrus kick, she is absolutely covered in trichs and buds are like rocks she yielded a decent amount considering the long start and would have thrived more of a bigger pot overall a great strain Happy with the results 
Smoke 8/10 
Taste 8/10 
High 9/10 
Burn 9/10 
Density 8/10 Instead of easter eggs on your list this year why not try chocolate cannabis seeds! 
With chocolate and weed mixed together its everything you want mixed into one.  

Shop now at Discount Cannabis Seeds for your chocolate cannabis seeds today.  

Thank you for reading.  


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