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Cannabis on Twitter - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Welcome to the 2nd in my series of posts around ‘Cannabiz’ on The Internet.

The internet is full of cool people and places to follow for your Cannabis news and media consumption. For the last two years, I’ve regularly been on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Quora, communicating with interesting people and accounts from the world of cannabis. Do a quick search under the hashtag #cannabis and you will find a total of up to 370 mentions per hour (that doesn’t count all the other correlations of the hashtag too).

Twitter Graph - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Twitter isn’t for everyone, but it has a flourish Cannabis Community that you can engage with and get all your stories, news, information and Cannabis fun from.

Here are 5 accounts I’ve noticed on my internet travels that I recommend you look at.

@norml -

NORML - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Norml has multiple accounts serving different countries around the World. They are there to provide a voice for responsible Cannabis Consumers and strive to help in the legalisation movement. A must-follow for any Cannabis aficionado.


@tommychong -

Tommy Chong - Discount Cannabis Seeds

If you don’t know who Tommy Chong is, then where have you been living. Ok, you might be too young, but he’s the other half of Cheech Marin, who made the classic stoner movies; Cheech and Chong. Those movies were pure comedy gold, but you can be assured the Tommy has gone on to be a lead voice in the world of Cannabis, again helping to break down any barriers and stigma that may still exist. Well worth a follow.


@ukcannabisociaslclubs -

UK Cannabis Clubs - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Another great account to follow is that of the Uk Cannabis Social Clubs. These clubs are extended across the UK and they do great work for the #cannabiscommunity.


@weedhumor -

Weed Humour - Discount Cannabis Seeds

As it says, it’s humour, and it’s weed-related. With a total of over 560,000 followers, why don’t you add yourself so you can get a little bit more fun into your day? Look out for their Cannabis-related page on Facebook too (in their bio link).


@seedsdiscount -

Seeds Discount - Discount Cannabis Seeds

For this first week looking at Twitter accounts, we will name drop ourselves of course. DCS are an online Cannabis Seed Store stocking all of the worlds top breeders (over 100), with 3,000 strains. There are always a ton of giveaways and promos so make sure you drop us a follow.


This post was put together by Gary Eff the Marketing guy for Discount Cannabis Seeds. You can follow Gary’s new account on Twitter here:


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