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If you are new to buying cannabis seeds or just curious on how much cannabis seeds are then this is what we are going to talk about in today’s blog. Everyone is looking for a bargain and cannabis seeds is no exception. There are many different cannabis seeds store on the web and finding the best price for you can be long and exhausting sitting through every website and comparing.

We can change all of this for you as Discount Cannabis Seeds are the cheapest cannabis store online which we have compared our prices from different seed banks and we always come out no.1!

Whether you are looking for Auto’s, Feminised or Regular cannabis seeds having an idea on what you want to grow and what suits you best is the best place to start. Cannabis seeds can be £1.85 all the way to £8 per cannabis seed. There are thousands of seed banks which offer the same strains but differ in price, the popularity of the seed company can obviously play a huge part in it.

Seed banks such as Barney’s Farm have a fantastic reputation and many of our customers choose them. The cost can vary for some many different reasons such as the production of the cannabis seeds as the highest potency are matured fully before they are harvested so this makes the production process much longer and more expensive for the person who grows cannabis.

The genetics of a cannabis seed can reflect on the price as normally the most expensive cannabis seeds are usually the best cannabis seeds. If you were to buy a car that was a luxury car with all the latest mod cons rather than a banger you have seen with no history of servicing or MOT’S you can guarantee which one would be the best for the customer, and that is the same with cannabis seeds the better quality in the development process the better the cannabis seeds. However this isn’t always the case some cannabis seeds may be in more demand than others and the higher the demand of the cannabis seed can determine the higher price and even great genetics can go wrong if they are not grown in the right environment or you’re just really unfortunate with a bad batch.

And that’s where we step in, Discount Cannabis Seeds wants to give the best price to every customer on any budget. We don’t sell our cannabis seeds at crazy high prices as not everyone can afford what other seed stores sell their cannabis seeds for. We compare with our competitors and look what deals we can do for our customers, so everyone gets a chance at some top cannabis.

We also offer some great deals on Bulk Cannabis Seeds which start from £100 for 100 cannabis seeds on some great strains such as white widow feminised however these do change monthly so our customers can get the best offer on different strains as you may be a lover of auto’s and we want to cater for everyone so we change our offers around for different customer needs.

Here is the latest comparison of one of our top selling cannabis seeds compared to other cannabis stores which was done on the 18th of August 2019.

Heavyweight 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised cannabis seeds by Heavyweight Seeds, here are the prices with us Discount Cannabis Seeds.

3 Seeds





5 Seeds





10 Seeds





15 Seeds






Let’s see how our competitors differ from Discount Cannabis Seeds prices.

  • Gorilla Seed Bank: 3 Seeds - £20.85, 5 Seeds - £30.84, 10 Seeds - £56.85
  • Attitude Seed Bank: 5 seed pack £29.99
  • Ice Head Shop: 10 seed back £60.00
  • Herbies Head Shop: 3 seeds £20.00, 5 seeds £30.00, 10 seeds £55.00.
  • Seedsman: 3 seeds £22.70, 5 seeds £34.05, 10 seeds £62.42

These are all great cannabis seeds store however the price doesn’t reflect the cannabis seed strain here as you can see with Discount Cannabis Seeds, we are the cheapest cannabis seeds store and we can beat any competitors price!

Shipping costs are also a huge factor in buying cannabis seeds, Discount Cannabis Seeds ship to the UK for £3.95 and Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for £9.95 which is a Royal Mail tracked and signed for service. This will obviously differ with every cannabis seeds store and what country you are in when buying cannabis seeds so it always best to check out the shipping options available to you.

The size in the pack you want will also differ in price as you can in our chart however sometimes you can see that buying more of the seed pack will work out cheaper than buying lots of different strains of the same pack size.

Whether you choose us to buy your cannabis seeds from or another cannabis seed store we always recommend you shop around and see what prices suit your budget. We are always happy to help at Discount Cannabis Seeds and I hope you have enjoyed reading our blog on the cost of cannabis seeds.


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