Creative Thinking for Selecting your Cannabis Seeds

Creative Thinking for Selecting your Cannabis Seeds | Discount Cannabis Seeds


Wondering how to select a cannabis seeds when there are 1,000's to choose from?

Discount Cannabis Seeds have compiled the 6 Step Creative Thinking Process to help you.

Take your time and follow the 6 steps to buy the right cannabis seed.

1  What is the Issue?

 There are 1,000's of Cannabis Seeds

  • Which do I choose?
2  Preparation

 Gathering information and data:

  • Do I want Regular, Feminised or Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?
  • ​Where can I get details of cannabis seeds?
  • How much do I want to pay?
  • Where can I bet the best price?
  • ​Where can I get cannabis seed reviews?



 Review the relevant information

  • Generate Options and Ideas


 Time to Ponder

  • Subconscious Thinking
  • "Sleep on it"
5  The Decision

 The "Eureka" Moment

  • Choose your cannabis seed
6 The Purchase

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Need more help? Check out our Cannabis Seed collectors video 

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