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At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell some of the top seed banks and one of our best-selling seed banks is Fast Buds. Their cannabis seeds are award winning and have competed in many cannabis cups, Fast Buds has won awards for the best Auto flowering genetics.

We can see why! Our customer reviews for Fast Buds at Discount Cannabis Seeds have been outstanding and here are a few for you to see.

Fast Buds Blue Dream’Matic: This strain is very nice although it’s my first grow, so I don't have any other grows to compare it to. It has a very big harvest for 10 weeks total. It doesn’t have an overpowering "weed" smell it has a light fruity spearmint smell.

Fast Buds Gelato Auto: Insane terpes and a huge bounty of trichomes awaits you if you grow this variety. It's an easy going not very needy variety. That will produce beautiful resinous flowers with little effort and pampering. It has a medium thirst level! So expect to water it a bit more than some other varieties.

My normal feeding regime was perfect for her because she doesn’t have any excess hunger for anything or have an intolerance either. Low maintenance all the way to the finish!

High quality flowers and extreme potency makes this one of the best Autoflowers I've grown to date and I already have a new pack on the way. This strain gets my highest recommendation and it's a must try!

Fast Buds Stardawg: Excellent bud. Just good solid pot heavily on the sativa side but enough Indica qualities to really help pain. Topically it’s a killer for inflammation does a great job on arthritis.

With some amazing reviews from customers you can see why Discount Cannabis Seeds sell hundreds of Fast Buds Genetics worldwide. With 28 cannabis seed strains to choose from on our website each individual strain will fit your needs!

Here we have some photos of Smoothie Auto By Fast Buds from Seed to week 7.

Let’s take a look shall we…..

Smoothie Auto - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Smoothie Auto - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Smoothie Auto - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Smoothie Auto - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

This is only from week 7, with another 5/6 weeks left Smoothie Auto has a lot more to offer and we hope this can tempt you into buying this amazing strain from our website Discount Cannabis Seeds.

A little tip for anyone growing Smoothie Auto, the cannabis grower has advised this cannabis seed is grown with 55 watts LED Lighting, Biobizz nutrients and mammoth microbes.

The soil used was medium and the LST was 4,5,6 weeks which is low stress training (LST (Low Stress Training) is a technique to gently bend young plant branches and tie them down as they grow outwards and then upwards.

This naturally creates multiple bud sites and allows far bigger marijuana yields indoors) and Defoliation stages was week 6 & 7 (Defoliation (aka "lollipopping") is removing fan leaves from the bottom of a cannabis plant at the early flowering stage, in order to prevent a plant from expending its energy on growing leaves, and instead redirect it to bud formation and growth)


Gorilla Glue Auto is another top favourite cannabis strain from Fast Buds. I have some growing reviews photos and tips with this incredible cannabis seed which you will be just dying to put this in your basket after seeing!

The grower used 300watts LED lighting and 600 watts HID lighting, they also used BioBuzz nutrients and grew this cannabis seed indoors. They used the lollipopping technique and the soil was medium.

They harvested Gorilla Glue at 11 weeks and had 3.5oz on the scales in bud. The grow room size was 3.28 feet so let’s see how this cannabis strain has turned out.

Here is the review of Gorilla Glue

She turned out pretty frosty but didn't produce a great deal of trim so I am saving what I have till I finish my next run and then will wash all the different trims together for bubble hash! The resin production from this plant was crazy, like I know GG is meant to be a sticky strain. But oh my god it's called gorilla glue for a reason. even now that it's dry, she is still so sticky!

I currently have her in the jar but when I make a joint as it's burning, the heat from the cherry produces oil on my doob, and I have added a few pictures of this.

For an Auto she is definitely impressive, I didn't expect her to be as strong as she is, I can't accurately describe the smell right now because my senses are f**ked at the moment but the aroma I do get from her is of a really potent skunk, kind of like a cheese in the sense that the smell is quite heavy just with a different aroma if that makes sense!

I can update this soon though also have given a few samples to friends for feedback on it so will see what they think of the smell when they let me know how it's helped any of their health issues!

Gorilla Glue - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Glue - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Finally, the number one best-selling Fast Buds cannabis seed at Discount Cannabis Seeds - Stardawg. I have some fantastic photos, review and growing tips for Stardawg so let’s get going.

This grower used HID 400 watts lighting and LED 600 Watts lighting. Biobuzz was used for the nutrients and the soil was medium. They used the LST technique for growing this cannabis seed. Week 11 was vegetation and grew to 23.62 inches in height. They used 24-hour cycle for the light schedule. The temperature was 77 Fahrenheit and 35% air humidity.

Review of Stardawg:

Stardawg was my first pack of Fast Buds seeds and won’t be my last. The chemmy, diesel, funk she brings is just awesome, and she always packs on the trichomes, glittering like stars.

First it hits you in the head with a nice cerebral rush that comes on fast, and evolves into a chill, relaxed, high.

Here are some incredible photos of Stardawg ready for you.

Stardawg - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Stardawg - Fast Buds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Now you can see why at Discount Cannabis Seeds our customers cannot get enough of Fast Buds, so why not head over to our cannabis seeds store and get yours today!

Thank you for reading.



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