Female Seeds | Strain Collection Catalogue

Female Seeds | Strain Collection Catalogue

The new Female Seeds Cannabis Strain Collection Catalogue is available from Discount Cannabis Seeds.

The catalogue contains information on all Female Seeds cannabis strains and index's them by Indoor, Outdoor and Auto Flowering.

Indoor Collection

These cannabis seed varieties are not only tasty but also a pleasure for your mind.

Most of them are very high and energetic so you will not only get wonderful and great ideas, but also enough energy to do something and make full use of your creativity.

Outdoor Collection

Female Seeds has been renowned for its outdoor cannabis strains since the 1990's.

These varieties have been developed for the temperate/mountain climate with early flowering capabilities, a high mould resistance, are semi-automatic and have a high flower to leaf ratio (not to leafy).

The best sowing time is April to Mid May.

Auto Flowering Strains

Timing Indoors: For the quickest result, Female Seeds recommend to use a 12/12 schedule from the beginning. 6/18 will produce a biggest harvest but will take longer.

Timing Outdoors: May take longer due to various factors:

  • The day length
  • The strength of the sun vs shades
  • Increase of day length up to June = more leaves, Decrease of day length after June = more bud production
  • In the city/country/mountain - The different sunlight times, shades, quality of water

For a copy of the Female Seeds Cannabis Seeds Strain Catalogue, please email us at johnny@discountcannabisseeds.co.uk to request your copy.