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The Discount Cannabis Seeds guide to Growing Cannabis.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a guide only for persons who can legally grow cannabis. In the UK it is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds without a licence from the Home Office. For persons outside the UK, please check your countries laws regarding the growing of cannabis.


1. Why You Should Try Growing Your Own Cannabis

2. Most Popular Cannabis Strains

3. The Legality of Buying and Selling Cannabis Seeds in the UK

4. Tips on How to Make your Own Cannabis Seeds

5. Tips for Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

6. How to Choose the Right Cannabis Seeds

7. How to Tell if Cannabis Seeds are Good or Bad

8. Tips to Help You Grow Old Cannabis Seeds

9. Common Beginner Mistakes when Growing Cannabis

10. Top Tips for Growing Cannabis Indoors

11. How to Plant Weed Seeds Correctly for Fast Growth

12. What is Organic Cannabis – and why should you Grow it?

Appendix 1 - The Best Cannabis Accessories


1. Why You Should Try Growing Your Own Cannabis

Cannabis has been proven time and time again to have healthy benefits. It is a lifestyle choice that can relieve stress, pain, and can create a general sense of calm and a state of relaxing. There are many benefits to having a supply of cannabis but even more positive benefits to growing your own.  

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should try growing your own cannabis.

It will save you money

If you happen to live in an area of the world where cannabis is legal, you will quickly find out that it is quite expensive. Prices for just a single gram of cannabis can exceed £20. Having a supply of several cannabis plants can really help to mitigate costs. Plus, if you have several plants at your disposal, producing a large amount of cannabis buds, you may be able to play around with different delivery methods that consume a large amount of cannabis.

Cannabis can be used for more than just smoking

Having an ongoing supply of cannabis means that you will be able to experiment more with the plant. Cannabis can be used for so much more than simply smoking. Through various refinement techniques, people are very successful at being able to use the plant for oils, juicing, or cooking.

Being able to cook with cannabis requires a large amount of the plant but opens the world up to creating different edibles. Plus, juicing cannabis has been found to have some amazing health effects. But, in order to obtain cannabis juice, you will need to have raw cannabis leaves, and a great deal of them.

You will be able to have exactly what you want

Growing your own cannabis from seed means that you will always have the exact strain of cannabis that you want. If there is a particular type of cannabis strain that you like, you can be sure to only grow that type of plant. If you are looking for weed seeds, UK has some of the best available with the widest variety (and some of the best prices).  

You will know exactly where your cannabis came from

Being able to grow your own cannabis means that you know exactly where your cannabis came from and what it went through. Not only does this mean that you will be able to pick the exact strain of cannabis seed that you like, but you will be able to control every aspect of the growth process. This means that you know what soil was used, the conditions that were used to raise the plant, and the way in which the plant was handled.  

Cannabis is not new but being able to legally distribute and purchase the plant is. This means that there are not a ton of quality assurance methods in place and sometimes manufacturers can take short cuts to simply produce a product. These short cuts can take the form of dangerous bacteria or pesticides that may have been used on the plant. By growing your own cannabis, you will know exactly what has been used to grow the plant and you will know that it is safe.

Growing your own cannabis means that you will have plenty to share

Having your own cannabis plants means that you will have a big supply of cannabis to be able to share with friends and family. Not only will having enough cannabis to share with friends and family be good for the above listed health benefits, but it can help to end the stigma surrounding cannabis. Having the plant in public to show to friends and family can help others see the beauty in the plant and can help educate.  

Being able to grow cannabis is rewarding

Beyond the end product made from growing cannabis, being able to produce a healthy cannabis plant from seed is rewarding. There is a reason why house plants are so popular! It can be exciting to germinate, grow, and harvest a healthy plant from seed. Not to mention the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment once the seed and plant has finally taken shape.  

It is a great hobby with plenty of benefits to your health and way of life.


2. Most Popular Cannabis Strains

There are so many strains of marijuana out there, that it can sometimes be hard to narrow down your options and choose which one is best for you. Over the years, there have been a few strains that have become extremely popular in the European and United States markets. This is normally a good Indication of which seeds you should be buying! For more information on the most popular cannabis strains in Europe and the United States, be sure to carry on reading.

White Widow

The White Widow is one of the most popular strains of cannabis that you will find in Europe and in the USA this is the sixth most popular. This should be a consideration for you if you are thinking of growing your own cannabis seeds as growers love this strain for the high yields that it produces. It also has a fantastic potency. This is one of the most economical choices for growers and with 60% Sativa, this sweet and crisp strain will relax the user. Sites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds allows you to buy cannabis seeds in the UK for the chance to experience this popular strain for yourself and it is definitely one of Europe’s most popular strains for good reason!

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Northern Lights

This is another very popular strain amongst Europeans, however, you will not find this strain much in the United States. This is a little ironic as this cannabis was developed in California! The Netherlands then imported it and from there it has enjoyed a lot of success throughout the continent. This strain also has fantastic yields and potency to make it extremely affordable and it is 80% Indica. It provides a sweet and spicy flavour, but also has a relaxing effect.

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the most popular cannabis strain in the United States, but it has not yet found as much popularity in Europe. This strain is a blend of both Sativa and Indica, but it is mainly the former with 80%. With this strain, you can enjoy deep relaxation but with a clear focus and many people love it for its fruity taste. When smoked in the traditional way, it can be a little harsh, but you can always use a vaporizer instead.

DCS Recommendation > Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream

Sour Diesel

In the United States, Sour Diesel is one of the most popular strains of marijuana and you will not find it much in Europe. This strain is very relaxing as it is pure Sativa and when you come out of your deep relaxation, you should feel that your head is clearer and that you are more refreshed! It should basically feel as though you have had a terrific night’s sleep. While it is less sweet than other strains, it is not sour like its name suggest. The diesel part of its name is, however, quite accurate and it does have quite a potent smell that turns off many. It really all comes down to personal preference!

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3. The Legality of Buying and Selling Cannabis Seeds in the UK

In the cold light of day, the legal status of selling and purchasing cannabis seeds in the UK is simple in theory – however as with anything that relates to cannabis, it’s a little bit more ambiguous when it comes to the actual practice.  It can be a controversial subject in general in respect to its legality and how people use it, so it’s incredibly important for people who buy or sell cannabis to be familiar with the UK laws.  This is essential with the seeds in particular to avoid any prosecution or interference from law enforcement.

Current UK Law on UK Cannabis Seeds

To a lot of people’s surprise – cannabis seeds are legal to have, buy, sell and trade in the UK.  It is even legal to purchase seeds over the counter in some leading UK shops – and you can post to and from to a UK address if you like.  There is a very big but, however which can sometimes where the grey area lies in peoples head. It is not legal to germinate seeds, or to grow marijuana or else to use cannabis.  If it is proven that cannabis seeds have been used with the intent to sell marijuana – heavy penalties could be incurred.  In practice, it doesn’t always work out like that.  Although there are marijuana seeds for sale in leading shops such as Discount Cannabis Seeds in the UK , and there are instances where people aren’t using them as they should be.  This could be in part due to the lack of concern about this particular law (which doesn’t make it any less enforceable).

Precautions you should take if Purchasing and Possessing Cannabis Seeds

As mentioned, using, possessing, growing and selling marijuana is illegal in the UK – however people could still purchase cannabis seeds for legitimate reasons. Some people choose to do this as interesting collectors’ items, bird food, fish bait and for other general interest purposes.  Does this then make it difficult for law enforcement to know whether or not you are planning to use the seeds to grow marijuana – or if you are using them for a perfectly acceptable reason such as fishing?  In short, yes.  As with everything, there is an element of subjectivity that can come with the law enforcement of possession of cannabis seeds.

If you do happen to get caught with cannabis seeds as well as marijuana plants or marijuana itself – it could definitely be viewed with suspicion that you could have them with the intent of cultivating them to sell on.  Any penalties for this would be far worse and it would of course depend on the individual circumstances. 

Precautions you should take if you are Selling Cannabis Seeds

If you do plan on selling cannabis seeds, it’s really important that you emphasize to any prospective customers that the germination of the seed or the growing of marijuana is not legal in the UK to make sure you are covered.  You should also make it clear that the seeds are only meant to be used for purposes that do not relate to the growth of marijuana in any way.  You could even make sure that there is a disclaimer visible stating that they are not approved by the government for consumption.  In order to make it super clear, you may even want to let customers know that if they have any queries relating to the germination or cultivation of cannabis seeds – then they won’t be sold to them.  If someone did approach with a query like that, it would be fairly obvious what their intent would be, so it’s always better to be on the safe side. 

Your Main Takeaway

Although the law may seem a little murky and confusing when it comes to the purchasing and sale of cannabis seeds – it is quite clear cut in most respects.  The liability of purchasing or selling cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom depends on what the intent is whether you are the seller or the purchaser.  If it is made obvious that the purchase of these seeds is to grow marijuana – you should then be prepared for law enforcement to target you.  However, if it is clear that you are actually just purchasing them for a legitimate reason, then the likelihood of you being prosecuted is much less.  When selling cannabis seeds, as long as you are sending the message that these are intended to be purchased by consumers for purely legal and legitimate reasons, then you shouldn’t find yourself with any issues. 

Hopefully this guide has given you a little bit of insight regarding the overall UK law.


4. Tips on How to Make your Own Cannabis Seeds

Are you growing your own cannabis? If you are – then you will know there is nothing more rewarding than growing your own seeds too.  We’ve put together some handy tips as to how you can make seeds on isolated branches without risking pollinating your entire crop.  There are some methods that have been tried and tested that we can share with you below so you can become your very own cannabis breeder if you want to.

Controlled Cannabis Pollination

When growing your own cannabis seeds, it’s always best to use fresh pollen if this is possible.  When you are collecting and storing pollen – it does work, but it is more complicated to deal with, so more issues can arise.  If you can pull fresh pollen from male flowers of a cannabis plant that is healthy and live – that will give you the best results when growing cannabis seeds.

Your male plants can be kept in the woods a fair distance away from where your garden is, so you don’t have to worry about pollinating your crop.  There is also the option to build a hoop house, so your males are controlled once they start to release pollen if you are still concerned about this happening.  You will however have to remember that it would need to be an area that is mostly shaded.  If the area of your hoop house has too much sun when it’s closed – the environment will be too hot for your males to stay healthy.

Stalling the Release of Pollen

When the males start to bloom you can keep cutting back their flowers during the season until you are ready to collect the pollen for use on your females.  As your male is root-bound in a pot it won’t be long before it starts to flower.  They will need extra space in order to do this and be placed in a pot (around 7-12 gallon pots) to stop them from flowering too early.  Cut them back as and when this is needed.

Due to the fact that they will flower early, you will get to have a proper look at the branch structure, their flower, smells and how they are producing pollen before your females are even ready for pollen.  A few of the males can be kept on one strain, which you can learn from before you choose which ones to keep for making seeds. 

If the males can’t be kept in the woods – they could also be kept indoors to grow.  Make sure that they are kept away from a cupboard, corner of your bathroom, or anything similar.  Some house plants could even be made for them.  If possible, a window view would be good to give them sufficient light – but if that’s not possible even if there is a light left on in the bathroom – they will still be kept alive if there are no other options available.

How the Female Plant Can be Pollinated

As soon as the stretch of early flowering is complete i.e. once they have pistols in large clusters and buds that are of a fair size, females are all set to be pollinated.  At this point – you can cut a 4-6-inch piece off your male flower into a paper brown bag or something similar.  Make sure you check that the wind is low in your garden before you decide to pollinate. Otherwise you could run the risk of pollen been blown off into another plant and creating other seeds that aren’t wanted causing additional complications.

Take off all the fan leaves from a lower branch on the female you will be pollinating so that it’s mostly flowers that are exposed. By doing this you are less likely to waste pollen by not having it on your buds but your leaves instead.  Put the paper bag you previously prepared with the pollen over the branch.  Then you can close the bag over the stem, make sure you have hold it tight and shake.  Then you can take away the bag straight away but leaving it for a few hours some more shakes may leave you with better results if you can.

Neutralise Stray Pollen

If you are concerned that you have extra pollen lying around – then make sure that the branches around it are sprayed with water to neutralise any that may be floating about.  Spray them again 2 days later if it’s still a growing concern for you.  At that point the pollen will have a seed embryo that is fertilised, and the seed creation will be underway.  You are nearly there.

Be Careful of Harvest Time

Your branch should be labelled very clearly so that you can tell the difference from that and the rest of your crop.  Even use a different colour of tape around it to distinguish it if that makes life easier.  You can also add other details on the tape such as the male that was used and when for further clarification.  Make sure there is a note telling everyone to not cut the branches during harvest.  Undoubtedly if it’s a group project this will happen at some point, but this is a good preventative measure.

Ripening the Cannabis Seeds

It usually takes around 4-6 weeks for the seeds to ripen after they have been pollinated, so make sure you keep checking on them at this point.  You can complete simple tests such as taking one of them off and pinching it to see if they will break.  If it doesn’t break – and has darkened, then the likelihood is that it is done.  If you see seeds with stripes that’s usually a pretty good sign that they are ripe – however not every strain will have stripes so be aware of this when checking them.

You also need to be careful to remember that seeds can come in all different shapes and sizes (there is no one size fits all).  Be careful not to think that because the strains are small that they are unripe.  You can do seed planting in the summer purely for breeding and open pollinate in closed off areas. 

Become your Own Cannabis Breeder

Of course there are some discount cannabis seeds that you can purchase thanks to websites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds, but in the meantime – it’s always good to test out doing this on your own.  It’s lots of fun and if you can observe the goings on well enough and know a little bit about genetics – there should be no reason why you can’t be your very own cannabis breeder if you want to.  You can always just do it for fun and try out some genetics.  Hopefully with the tips and advice we have given you, you will be able to grow your own cannabis seeds in no time.


5. Tips for Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

Growing any plant can be rewarding but being able to grow a healthy marijuana plant can be even more so. Not only is it exciting to watch your plant age but enjoying the fruits of your labour after can make it all the more worthwhile. Part of growing a healthy, successful plant is knowing how to purchase the right cannabis seeds. Below, we have outlined 5 must follow tips when purchasing marijuana seeds.

Know your Conditions

Before purchasing your marijuana seeds, it is important to know the conditions in which you will be growing your plant. Cannabis has come a long way and there are several different strains and varieties that are better suited for different environments. If you are planning on growing cannabis outdoors, there are plenty of different cannabis seeds available for different environments, soil types, and temperatures. If you are planning on growing cannabis indoors, there are several varieties of plants for that also.  

Typically, the cannabis plants that are meant to be grown indoors are smaller and thicker in shape and size. It is best to first figure out where the plant will be growing before deciding on a type of cannabis strain to grow.

To Feminise or Not to Feminise

There are two types of seeds available for purchase. The first type of seed is a traditional cannabis seed that can be either male or female, producing either male or female flowers. The second type of seed available is a feminised seed.  

These seeds have been specially bred to only contain female chromosomes and no male chromosomes. Since only the female flowers produce the desirable cannabis buds, it would make sense to only want to use feminised seeds, and there are certainly some great benefits to them. For example, feminised seeds can produce a great harvest and are a perfect choice if you would like to continue growing from cloned plants.  

However, there are some downsides to feminised seeds. When using only feminised seeds, you lose some diversity that you get when using both male and female, and feminised seeds are more likely to produce hermaphrodite plants.

Look at the Appearance of the Seeds

Despite what you may have heard, you actually can judge a book by its cover. At least you can in plant world. Being able to take a look at the seed will tell you a great deal about how the plant will turn out. First, take a good look at the colour of the seed. You want tear-drop shaped seeds in dark browns and tans. The seed should have stripes of different tan, brown, or black coloration. You should avoid seeds that light coloured or green.  

The size of the seed will also be able to give some Indication of the type of plant you are purchasing. Larger seeds are typically used for indoor plants, while smaller seeds that are more uniform in colour are usually outdoor plants. Lastly, seeds should have a hard exterior to them. Avoid using any seeds that have a soft shell. 

Check out Online Seed Companies

There are still a lot of grey areas surrounding the legality and availability of cannabis. To complicate things, there is even more grey area surrounding the ability to have seeds or even small cannabis plants in your possession. One way that seems to tip toe the grey area is to order marijuana seeds from an online company where you can browse different collections. You can also read up on detailed information about owning cannabis seeds and see which ones may be most suitable for you.

Understand the Process

One of the best tips for purchasing marijuana seeds is to fully understand the process. Education is key and growing a healthy cannabis plant is no different. Understanding the various requirements and stages of growing cannabis will ultimately lead to success. Knowing what to expect and what to look for each step of the way will save some time and frustration and allow you to learn and grow over time also.  

There are several online tools to help educate yourself better with several forums for discussion. It is always best to start out with a boat load of knowledge and the right seeds to ensure unlimited success over time.


6. How to Choose the Right Cannabis Seeds

If you’ve made the choice to grow your own cannabis, there are a few things you’re going to need to consider when looking for seeds. Seeing as you’re going to be observing the plant from start to finish (and thus investing ample time and money into it), you need to ensure everything is done correctly.

This starts with choosing the right seeds. There are several types of seeds available, so how do you know where to begin?  

Below are just a few considerations to make to ensure you are purchasing the right cannabis seed.


It is important to remember that only the female flowers will produce the cannabis bud that is the ultimate end goal. So, it makes sense that you would only want female plants, and to do that, only purchase female seeds, right? Well, sort of.

There are certainly some advantages to purchasing feminised seeds, but ultimately it comes down to what you are looking to get out of your plants. Buying feminised seeds means that the seeds were produced with no male chromosomes. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a successful harvest or if you want to continue growing plants from clones.  

However, feminised seeds also can have their downsides. For one, feminised seeds have a tendency to produce hermaphrodite plants, which really have no beneficial use to anyone. Furthermore, if you plan to continue to grow cannabis plants and do not want to have cloned plants, traditional male and female seeds will add to your plant diversity, making for healthier and more diverse plants.

Feminised Conditions

To further point out the importance of choosing the right seed, selecting feminised seeds requires different care and maintenance than traditional seeds. Knowing which seed you purchased and understanding the process that the seed requires to produce a healthy plant is essential. Feminised seeds and traditional seeds will require different amounts of lighting times and transplanting conditions as well as different cues for flowering and harvesting. Neither feminised or traditional is right or wrong, but it is important to understand the requirements before starting out.


One of the most important parts of choosing the right seed is knowing which strain you would like. Choosing the "right" seed can be largely about your personal preference. If it is a strain of cannabis that you like, then it very well may be the right seed for you. One of the most popular UK cannabis seeds is the THC bomb, so starting out with a popular option may be best if you’re unsure. Alternatively, you can always purchase multiple packets of different strains and wait until the end results.


The type of seed you purchase can also greatly depend on the conditions in which you hope to grow your cannabis plant. If you want to grow your plant outdoors, consider your area's climate. Different seeds do better in different temperatures and weather conditions.

Further, the type of soil available that the plant will be growing in can play a huge role in the type of seed that is purchased. If you plan to grow your cannabis plant indoors, there are several strains of that are intended purely for indoor growth. Typically, these plants are shorter and thicker in appearance.  


Much of choosing the right seed for a successful plant is based on appearance. Knowing if you have the right seed can make all the difference with a successful plant. The right cannabis seed for a healthy plant will be:

  • A dark brown colour

  • A tear-drop shape

  • Stripes in a darker brown, black, or tan colour

  • Try to avoid seeds that are green or light in colour

  • The seed should also be hard, the outside of the seed should have a hard shell to it

  • Avoid any seeds that might be soft

Lastly, knowing the appearance of the seed can help to determine the overall best use for it. Seeds that are intended for indoor use tend to be large in size while seeds that are meant for outdoor use are typically smaller.

Knowing which seed you have can make all the difference in being able to successfully grow your cannabis plant.  


7. How to Tell if Cannabis Seeds are Good or Bad

Ultimately, you can use the senses of sight, feel, taste and smell to determine whether cannabis seeds are good or bad. You want to make sure you don’t have seeds that have been hastily processed, or damaged for some other reason. 

To find out if you have duds (seeds with a low germination rate that will never be ready to plant) or winners, whether you have seeds that will actually sprout or remain permanently dormant, apply these senses to your investigation.  

Use a Magnifying Glass to Give the Sight Test

There are a few key things to look out for:

  • The best seeds are big and fat with a rounded shape

  • The rounder and fatter, the better likelihood that they will sprout.

  • The biggest and the chunkiest seeds are the best. They are well fleshed out. The surface should be glossy and hard, with a slight sheen.

  • They are dark in colour (usually brown, black or grey). If they are light, white, or pale green, they were harvested way too early and they are probably immature, not good, and unlikely to sprout.

  • If they are pale and dusty they are probably old. The older they are, the slower they will germinate.

  • The darker the colour, the more likely they are to grow and produce more weed. The dark shell means they came from better quality weed.

  • There is a caveat, however. If they are too dark—deep purplish, that means they’ve been dyed and that’s not good. Also, beware if you see a white dusty powder on the bud—that is fungus—powdered mildew.

One key as to whether you own healthy cannabis seeds is to look at whether they have slightly lighter stripes. Good seeds are dark with lighter stripes or brown or black spots all the way around. Often, the healthy ones have stripes that resemble lightning, or have a tiger stripe appearance, and a distinctive colour pattern. Take your magnifying glass and look at the stem. If it is furry, that means there is mould from too much moisture—probably because it was bagged too early.

However, you cannot always judge a seed by its colour alone. It can look fantastic, but you need to know what is inside. If you crack a seed open and it is oily and has a musty taste, it is going bad. If it is black inside, that means it’s fermenting and won’t germinate. If you crush it in your hands and you smell salt, it’s unflushed. If the bud is flushed, it means the roots are absorbing salt and nutrients.

Once you have separated the good seeds from the bad via the sight test, touch and feel your seeds as you continue your investigation. 

The Touch Test

Lightly squeeze a seed without crushing it. If it crushes easily, it probably will not grow well. As you feel it, there should be no small cracks or holes. If they have small cracks or holes, they probably will not sprout. They should not be crinkled or cracked. If they’re not cracked, you know they are intact. If it holds up under the feel test, it will survive the germinating process.

The Float Test

Good quality seeds will sink – so apply the float test. (Note that you should only do this when ready to germinate). Put them in a cup of warm, distilled water for two hours. If they sink, they’re good. If they float, they are premature, and they probably won’t grow and so are unusable. Healthy seeds are heavy enough to sink.

If you think you have good quality cannabis seeds that have fully matured (that would

be seeds with a growth rate of 85%), and are pretty sure you have a great batch of high quality seeds that are not immature or damaged by the environment, but you’re still saying to yourself, “How do I know for sure I’m going to get a good yield?”, try germinating them. 

The last resort test is to just plant it and see if it grows. The ideal temperature is 75 degrees.  Good seeds should push up in three to six days. If you don’t want to plant them, you might want to use the paper towel method. Put them in a damp paper towel between two plates, keep the humidity high, and wait two days. 


8. Tips to Help You Grow Old Cannabis Seeds

Do you have old cannabis seeds that you are uncertain what to do with? Or are you wanting to purchase cannabis seeds but aren’t sure how to grow them if they’re order? There is a simple way to go about this – germinate these seeds to grow new plants. It can seem overwhelming at first, and you may be impatient as you wait to see if they will sprout. Of course, the process is made easier if the seeds were stored properly in a refrigerator.

Getting started with the germination of old seeds may be frustrating for many people. There is a hard shell covering the seed that will not allow water to permeate at first, so it can seem as though nothing is going to happen with the seeds. However, they will swell and break open to begin the process of growing. If you take your time and follow these top 5 tips for germinating old seeds, you are sure to experience great success.

Acid Mixed with Water Is Key

Take about 33 oz. of water and use it to dilute about one teaspoon of Fulvic acid. This is the mixture that you will place your seeds in.

It is recommended that you soak the seeds in a paper towel that has water or some mixture such as the one above, if you have seeds that are at least 3 years old. This is especially the case if you have seeds that are dry and losing their germination power.

Newer seeds have cells that contain adequate water already, so they can bloat and begin to rot before germination can occur. With older seeds, there is less water in the cells so they can handle soaking in water longer without risk of this happening.

If you decide to go the paper towel route, wet 2 of them and place the seeds in between. Spray some water on them daily for 3 or 4 days. At this time, they should be starting to sprout.

Sand Paper Helps

You should take sand paper and scuff the seed’s outer shells. Place the piece of sand paper down, then shake the cannabis seeds over it. They will develop some micro abrasions, which in turn will allow them to let in more water.

An alternate way to help break down the shell is to soak the seeds in a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide for about 10-20 minutes. This should dissolve the shell, making it an excellent solution if you want to get started fast.

Carbonated Water

One option that you can use instead of the regular water, is to put the seeds into some lightly carbonated water. The Co2 in it will make it possible for the water to penetrate the seed easier.

Seed Booster/Enzyme

 A light enzyme or seed booster can be beneficial when dealing with seeds that need some extra help with germinating. It accelerates the germ cycle of the seed for a greater rate of success by restoring the germination capacity of the seeds. Some seed boosters even protect against fungi and bacteria.

How to Use the Seed Booster

Shake the booster well before you use it. Place 7 drops into a litre of water. You may do this in every water supply for the seeds until they are ready for the growth phase.

The booster also can be used at the beginning of the growth phase to ensure that the cannabis seeds grow well.

Slice Them Open

It sounds harsh, but a straightforward way to get the seeds to germinate is to take a knife and slice them down the spine of the seed. Water then will be able to penetrate the shell faster and easier. This should be your last resort method to produce positive results with your old cannabis seeds.

In order to have your aged cannabis seeds start to grow, you will have to put some more work into it than you would otherwise. Before too long, you will have sprouts, and then plants that will be beautiful and in good shape.

You will benefit greatly from careful planning and evaluation of the seeds throughout. It truly is a miraculous process that you are sure to pick up on quickly and enjoy watching as these seeds germinate and grow.


 9. Common Beginner Mistakes when Growing Cannabis

Just like with anything that’s worth doing, growing cannabis takes practice. You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s easy to do.  It’s just growing a plant, right?  It is a little more complicated than you might first think, and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration to grow a great cannabis plant. We have created a list of some of the most common mistakes that new growers have made, so hopefully you can avoid them.

Not Managing pH

When you first start growing cannabis, you will come across lots of formulas that you may not have encountered since science class at school. You will hear about so many formulas that the natural decision is just to ignore them and try to just water the plant. It can be a little daunting, and we agree that some of it can be ignored – but pH is incredibly important.  If you don’t manage the pH correctly, the plants can struggle. If you have bad pH levels – this makes for dying cannabis plants.  If you find any nutrient issues with your plant, this is usually a pH problem.

Too Much Nutrients

This is one of the mistakes that is incredibly easy to make, so don’t worry you won’t be alone.  One of the main issues here is that when you purchase nutrients, most of those companies also have a schedule for feeding – but they always tend to be too much. 

Nutrient burn is something that can be a result of over feeding the plants.  This normally wouldn’t kill your plants but will be visible whilst they are growing.  In order to avoid this, use only a quarter of the recommended dosage from your nutrient supplier.

Watering the Plants too Much

It’s a common myth that the more you water plants, the more likely they will grow or that they should be watered every day.  That’s not the case.  This usually means that people who are new to growing cannabis can water them too much.  If you do over water them, they may appear a little bit droopy – and in worst case scenario you could kill the plants.  They can however be restored from this if they haven’t yet got to that level.

Poor Starting Genes

Poor starting genes can be a problem for new growers.  It can be a bit tempting to try and grow plants from free seeds that are found in their marijuana plants.  The unfortunate reality is that the seeds that are found in bag seed are normally duds.  If they are not duds, they will usually be hermaphrodite seeds, runts or males.  There could also be some seeds from sick plants that are used – which means there is a large possibility that they will never reach maturity.  In order to avoid this, make sure that you get your seeds from a reliable source.  It doesn’t need to cost you the world – you can get some high quality discount cannabis seeds online from sites such as

Need More Light

Light is incredibly important when it comes to growing your own cannabis plants.  Too often new growers don’t ensure there is enough.  We aren’t saying that you need to go out straight away and buy 1,000-watt bulbs, but we have seen them sitting them by a window when there is no sun, a very low wattage bulb or sometimes even a reading light.  This means that you need to buy a light that is proportionate to what you expect your plant to grow. 

Not Keeping them Safe and Secure

One of the biggest problems that we have noticed when it comes to new growers is keeping plants safe and secure.  Never do things such as leave your plants on window sills where they can be easily viewed, post pictures of plants featured on social media or elsewhere that has an Indicator as to where they could be, grow them in the back garden where there is little security or low garden fences.  If people see them, then there is a chance that they could be taken.  This might sound simple, but it’s something that people forget.

Harvesting your Plants too Early

Things don’t always happen quickly when it comes to growing marijuana – so there is definitely some patience that’s required.  The most frustrating part of this is simply waiting for the appropriate time to harvest your cannabis plant.  If you do harvest too early – it will reduce the weight of the plant, and the nutrients will have less of an effect.

Hopefully you can learn from some of the mistakes mentioned above – and avoid making them yourself.  Good luck on growing your next cannabis plant.


10. Top Tips for Growing Cannabis Indoors

If you want to make sure that you have a healthy cannabis plant, there are some basic elements that you will definitely want to make sure that you implement before you start growing your plant if you want to give it the best chance of success. Here, we take you through some of the basics that you will need if you are looking to grow cannabis plants indoors.

What Seeds Will I Need?

The most important factor needed when growing cannabis indoors is to ensure that you are using the right type of seeds. There are normally two types of seeds for you to pick and choose from. This is traditional seeds and Autofeminised seeds.

The type of seeds that you purchase will have a huge effect on how you must take care of your plant and how it will develop. If you know what type of marijuana seeds to purchase, then the battle is half way there on having a successful plant. The lighting and the potting regimes used needs to change for different seeds and it is important to remember that it is only the female plant that will flower in the way that you want it to.

Buying the best cannabis seeds online has never been easier and you can browse through a huge range of different types of seeds. Sites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds allow you to compare ranges and cannabis seed banks, so you can make an informed choice on what type of plant will be best suited to you.

What Type of Soil Do I Need?

No matter what type of plant you are growing, it is important that you are using the correct type of soil for that specific plant. The same is also true of cannabis plants and you need to pay attention to what type of soil you are using. Most people will choose from between two types of soil. The first type is sterile soil and it will not have any fungus or bacteria. This is great soil to start your plant off with! This allows the plant to thrive and grow without having to worry about battling any diseases. However, it can also be good to throw some good bacteria and fungus in there too. This good bacteria and fungus can then outnumber any bad ones and can prevent your plant from dying off. So, what type of good fungus and bacteria are you looking to incorporate? Well, we would suggest Subtillis, Trichoderma, Mycorrhizae fungus and Bacillus. 

Really, there is no right answer when it comes to what type of soil you should use and it really does come down to personal preference as you can be successful with sterile and non-sterile soil. Given the right conditions, cannabis plants will be able to grow no matter what type of soil you use. The one type of soil that we would recommend you avoid is using soil from a local store that has been subject to the weathers. This can create undesirable fungus and bacteria which won’t be good for your plant. Try and purchase a soil that is finely sifted and doesn’t contain lots of wood chips and bark.

Keeping the Right Temperature

If you are growing cannabis indoors, then you need to make sure that you are keeping a stable temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. If you let the temperature drop too low or rise too high, then you could put your plant in danger. As well as keeping the temperature stable, you will also need to make sure that you are checking the air flow that surrounds the plants. For the most part, you will find that any cannabis plants that are grown indoors are grown in a tent which helps to regulate the temperature. While in this tent, the air must be kept circulated and this must be passed through a carbon filter. Successful cannabis plants need to have a steady supply of fresh air from outside.


Last, but not least, another important factor that you need to take into consideration for a successful cannabis plant is the light. Of course, when you are growing cannabis plants indoors, they will not be getting any natural light, and this must be replaced with light bulbs. The two types of light bulbs that you can use are LED lights and HPS lights. HPS lights are cheaper and provide large amounts of light. You can normally purchase them in 250, 400 and 600 watt types. The second type of lighting is LED lights and these are becoming more and more popular as they produce lots of huge, very healthy plants! With technology ever-changing, the cost of LED lights is also dropping which makes a great choice too when considering the results you will get.


11. How to Plant Weed Seeds Correctly for Fast Growth

Growing cannabis from seeds is a delicate and challenging process wrought with great rewards if done well. Every grower wants bigger yields that take less time, seedlings, money and even effort.

Many cannabis growers undergo a lot of trial and effort. They’ll purchase their weed seeds and follow what they think is best practice, but the end result isn’t always what they pictured. If you’re wanting to better your chances of success when growing cannabis, there are a few steps you need to follow.

Ensure the Seeds are Healthy First

Before you even begin to think about planting seeds, you need to ensure the ones you have bought are healthy enough to grow. Otherwise, you will be wasting your efforts.

Healthy seeds will have a hard shell that is not cracked. The colours tend to be brown or grey and distinct spots or lines may be present.

You can find the best weed seeds by purchasing through a reputable site and known bank who you know have experience in the field. Don’t hesitate to ask the company questions before buying, as you want to ensure that you aren’t purchasing something that’s unusable.

Grow the Plant Indoors

Although growing outdoors has its benefits, if fast growth is what you’re after then indoors is the way to go. You can easily change and monitor the temperature and regulate the amount of light your buds are receiving. 12 hours is the recommended length of time that your plants should be exposed to the light, so if you do it indoors, you can set up an easy schedule.

Soak the Weed Seeds in water

The seeds should be soaked in 18°C till the roots emerge. Once the seeds achieve the proper moisture content level, they will open up, and the developing root grows out of it. The seeds won’t take in too much water until they have cracked for two weeks. You can use any kind of water (including tap water). The seed won’t need any new nutrients. You must replenish the water every 72 hours.

Get Rid of Dying Leaves

If you notice the leaves of your plant start to turn yellow, prune them immediately. You want to ensure only healthy leaves are growing and receiving large amounts of energy. Dying leaves will only take this away.

Frequently Moisten the Soil

Water is a highly vital component for the growth of all plants and weed is no different. If they don’t receive enough water, the seeds will not grow to their full potential sizes. On the other hand, too much water will drown them and choke them of oxygen. Too little water will wither the leaves, and the stem will stunt.

Being able to provide the best environment is essential for germinating the seeds. Make sure you moisturise the plant with a water sprayer twice a day until the seeds germinate. While at it, make sure you also adequately monitor the distance between the CFL (if that is the light you’re using) and the pots. This is because the bulb may produce too much heat that will evaporate the moisture content.

Carefully monitor and just check the moisture level of your pot’s soil without feeding any nutrients. Avoid adding nutrients until the first leaves make it through the soil. This occurs between 5 to 8 days.

Tending the Seedlings

Once they pop up, examine the distance between the growing seedlings and the CFL light. It’s essential that you keep the soil moist. At this point, the leaves can absorb water so keep up with the water spray routine. Do not use lots of nutrients. Make sure the light stays on throughout the day and night. Do not touch the leaves or buds and don’t remove the seed’s skins from the buds. You can introduce root-stimulating nutrients the moment the first two internodes emerge. Once the roots outgrow the bottom of the pot, transplant them into bigger pots.

Remember that the plants tend to be very delicate and any mistakes made during the seed germination stage might affect the longevity, plant health, and yields over the long haul. If you follow the proper procedure, then strong, healthy plants will develop from those seedlings.

Growing marijuana is not a tough process. It simply needs care and concentration.


12. What is Organic Cannabis – and why should you Grow it?

Cannabis cultivators are always looking for ways to improve the quality of flowers.  There is still lots of ongoing debate whether there is in fact a difference between growing cannabis with chemicals or growing it organically.  Those who are connoisseurs or patients that use it for medical use usually state that they prefer it when naturally produced.  That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to give you info on what the difference is between the two and why you should grow organic cannabis.

What is Organic Cannabis?

The word organic itself means a product that comes from a living organism.  If you are growing cannabis organically, this means that you will be growing from sources that are natural, and not with anything synthetic like salt compounds that you would find produced in some laboratory somewhere.  Particles that are organic decay and are sometimes in fact the result of decay rather than some of the chemical options that are created to create on a budget.  Buying cheap cannabis seeds (these are available through websites such as Discount Cannabis Seeds) doesn’t automatically mean that you will receive a lesser product – it’s just important to know how the plants themselves are grown. 

When plants are in a natural environment – they decay with bugs, bacteria, fungus etc which allows nourishment on the top soil layer that’s integral for plant growth.  It’s how they feed themselves.  We have all used non organic nutrients that are chemically derived such as Miracle-Gro before.  These will create plants that have sizeable flowers, but if there isn’t a long flush implemented the buds will burn with black ash and you will need to relight them. 

Why Choose Organic?

When you are using chemicals and salts when you don’t need to – you are doing damage to the environment.  You are causing pollution to oceans, lakes and rivers which is of course never a good thing.  If you are a cannabis user, then you may feel a sense of responsibility to make sure it is living and healthy soil you are using – particularly if you are looking for a medicinal product.  There are lots of organic options that can be found that don’t cause any damage – so there’s no real reason to have to use chemicals when all of this is at your disposal.

How to Grow Organic Weed Indoors

The easiest way for you to grow organic cannabis indoors is to get large buckets (if you can get 5-gallon ones these can work) with holes at the bottom.  This will give you the chance to grow large plants (should hold no less than a ¼ pound for each plant).  It also means you won’t have the hassle of watering and maintaining smaller plants at the same time.  You should then fill this with your prepared mix and use lighting that of no less than 400 Watts if you can.  For bigger colas, 600 or 100 Watts is better if possible.

The plants should grow in a natural vegetative state for at least one month before they reach the size that will enable them to start flowering. 

The Prepared Mix

The prepared mix we mentioned above can be:

  • 1-part worm castings

  • 3 parts sphangumn peat or Pro-Mix

  • Half a cup of greensand

  • Half a cup of dolomite line

  • A third of a cup of seabird guano

  • A quarter cup of Epsom salts

There are of course other ways you can do it; this is just our suggestion.  Once it’s all mixed together, make sure you soak it for no less than 1-2 days before you use it.  This is to make sure the contents of the mix are oxygenated and blended as they should be.  It should be wet, but not oversaturated.  You should also water the first few times with regular water.  You can let the water sit out for a day to evaporate the chlorine, as this will ruin your microbes which are beneficial to the growth.

You can then use compost teas and diluted liquid seaweed or add high phosphorus bat guano tea when it’s flowering.  You don’t have to flush as you get to the end of the process – you can just use a tea that’s a bit milder in the last 2 weeks of the process.  There will be some yellowing on the fan leaves which is natural, as this is the nitrogen leaching out of the plant cells.  

Now you know the benefits of using organic cannabis as opposed to chemically grown

cannabis this might be your choice moving forward.  Now you also have tips as to how to grow it, you may want to do that too if you want.   


Appendix 1 - The Best Cannabis Accessories

Are you thinking of trying out cannabis? Or maybe this is a pastime that you have been enjoying for a while? Whatever your current situation is, did you know that there are lots of cool accessories that you can purchase for it? There is a huge range of awesome cannabis accessories out there and here, we take you through some of our favourite that can add something a little bit new and different to your cannabis experience.

Rolling Papers

One of the most popular accessories that you can buy for cannabis is rolling papers. If you are new to cannabis, then you may mistakenly think that you can purchase any old rolling papers, however, this can end up being a lot more hassle than it is worth. Rolling cannabis takes some practice and so you want to make sure that you are investing in high-quality ones instead of wasting your money on cheap rolling papers that do not work as well.


Are you already an expert at rolling papers and are looking for something a little bit new and different? Then you should check out wraps! Rolling papers are not always the best option as no matter how much of a pro you are, you can end up smoking bits of raw tobacco. To combat this, you can instead use a wrap. These are fantastic as they will make your smoking experience better, plus they are better for your health!


When you first start taking cannabis, you will probably not go anywhere near a grinder as they can be a little pricier. However, if you do not have a grinder you will be wasting much of the cannabis as it will stick to you, whereas you will not have this problem with a grinder. You can review some of the best grinders here.

Rolling Tray

We’ve all been there where you are rolling cannabis and much of it ends up dropping. This is where the rolling tray comes in! This can save you a lot of cash in the long run as it will stop you from wasting product that falls. It allows you to pick up extra that you may wipe away or toss out.

Storing Jar

If you want to keep your cannabis fresh, you will need to ensure that you are storing it in the right type of container. Really, this is an absolute requirement, otherwise you will be wasting a lot of product! Here, a mason jar really is not going to be able to do the trick as you will want to invest in a smell proof jar that is vacuum sealed.

Some people also collect cannabis seeds which can be purchased through online stores such as who have a range of over 3,000 seeds. If you’re one of those people, then storing jars will help keep them fresh. This is the best way to keep your cannabis seeds from drying out!


Scales don’t just come in handy in the kitchen for whipping up recipes, they are also great for measuring out grams and ounces of your product. Plus, they’ll also come in handy if you want to bake any products.