How do you take your Cannabis?

4 Most Popular Ways to Enjoy the Effects of Cannabis

So you’ve planted your cannabis seeds, taken time to care and grow your cannabis plants, harvested and dried your cannabis buds and you fancy a getting high. Nowadays there are so many different ways to consume cannabis and enjoy its effects and smoking cannabis is not the only way. The effects of cannabis can be altered depending on the way you decide to take it. The effects of smoking cannabis can be different from ingesting via food.

How you get stoned on cannabis depends on your own preferences, whether you’re looking for a heavy stone, light head or some pain relief. Smoking cannabis is not for everyone so using a Vapouriser that can work with cannabis to get the same effect can be a healthier alternative.

There are also some great recipes for cooking with cannabis too and have you thought about a sensual massage using cannabis infused lotion?

Use our guide to choose which method is best for you to get the best from your weed and enjoy the effects of cannabis to the maximum.

There are four main methods of Cannabis consumption:

Let’s look at each method of consuming cannabis in a bit more detail

Inhalation – Smoking Cannabis

  • Blunt: Thicker than a Joint, holding more Cannabis and therefore delivering more powerful effects (depending on the weed used)
  • Bong: A filtration device for smoking cannabis, they are often referred to as a Sheesha or a Waterpipe. Glass Bongs are popular as they can also be very decorative and enjoyable to watch the cannabis smoke travel through the pipe. They are also considered to be more of a social activity. The effects of smoking cannabis through a bong are stronger because you get more THC. A spliff or joint allows smoke to escape in the air whereas the smoke from the weed burned in the bowl of a bong is sucked straight through the pipe and into the users lungs.
  • Bubbler: Is a “Mini Bong”, smaller and conveniently portable offering similar benefits to the usual bong.
  • Dabbing: Dabs or butane hash oil (BHO) are concentrated doses of Cannabis which are popular due to their high levels of THC. Users burn a small amount of cannabis on a hot surface and inhale it through a dab rig. The effect of cannabis taken through a Dab rig is more intense than other methods.
  • Joint or Spliff: The most common method for most Cannabis users, it is simple and effective, just roll up, light it and smoke away. The effects of smoking cannabis in this way are less intense than bongs or dabs.
  • Pipes: Smoking from a hand pipe gives an instant feeling of relaxation in a similar way to bongs.

The picture above shows Blunts, a Pipe, a Bubbler and butane hash oil (BHO)

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Inhalation of Cannabis – Vapourising or ‘Vaping’

Vapourising or vaping involves heating the Cannabis to a high temperature which releases the THC, the steam (Vapour) generated by the cannabis is then inhaled.

Because you are not inhaling smoke, Vaping is considered to be a healthier way to consume Cannabis although the science is still under scrutiny.

The effects of cannabis consumed through a vaping tool differ from smoking. It is important to understand that vaping hash oil has a stronger effect than vaping weed.

Vaping Machines: Come in all shapes and sizes, they can be an expensive initial purchase but do use the Cannabis more efficiently.

The Volcano: The “Daddy” of all Vaping Machines is a real quality item. See The Volcano here 

Vape Pens: Portable, discreet and battery operated, Vape Pens deliver a smokeless vapour hit.

Oral Cannabis

Ingesting Cannabis Safely – The high can be less predictable and longer lasting than other forms of consumption, so be aware of your individual tolerances. Your weight, height, metabolism and when you last ate will affect your high.

Edibles: A simple way to ingest Cannabis which can be added to almost any food. Cooking with Cannabutter is easy. You may need a little help making the butter:

How to make Cannabutter

Drinks:  You can make Cannabis Tea, brew Cannabis Beer or quench your thirst with a Cannabis infused cocktail, here’s some ideas:

Cannabis Cocktails

Capsules: A wide range of Cannabis Capsules are now available in different doses

Sublingual Cannabis

​Cannabis Tintures: Are medicinal Cannabis extracts in an alcohol solution which are simply dissolved under your tongue. They are an excellent alternative for users wanting pain relief without having to smoke. Whilst the taste isn’t great, the effects of cannabis taken in this way are felt quickly.

If you want to make your own Cannabis Tincture, here’s some help from Patients4MedicalMarijuana

Topical Cannabis
Topical Cannabis refers to a range of applications applied to the body for pain relief and inflammation.

Topical Cannabis Products include:

  • Lotions        
  • Balms
  • Oils
  • Creams

If you are looking for pain relief which leaves your mind unaffected, then Topical Cannabis products are a really effective option.

Other More Unusual Ways to Get the Effects of Cannabis

For the more daring/adventurous Cannabis Suppositories are available, however, you may become the “butt of the joke”. For more information, follow the link to United Patients Group

And finally, for the ultimate way to enjoy Cannabis, reduce stress and get pain relief, have your partner give you a massage with Cannabis Oil - Will you get “high”?

Consumed Too Much Cannabis?
Always know your limits, whichever way you choose to consume Cannabis start off with small doses, especially with Edibles.

If you are inexperienced with the effects of cannabis, please try to consume cannabis with friends so that you are not alone if you feel unwell. The effects of cannabis can differ depending on how you take it so be careful.

It's Your Choice