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I am going to talk to you about finding the world’s best weed and it all starts at Discount Cannabis Seeds. If you want the best weed then you need the best weed seeds and you can find them at our cannabis seeds store for discounted prices all the time!

Here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have over 3,000 strains for our customers to choose from.

The most important part of buying your cannabis seeds is research the company you are buying them from. Discount Cannabis Seeds have social media platforms, on Googles first page when you type in cannabis seeds and also we are on TrustPilot so our customers know we are genuine and our feedback is outstanding from real buyers.

You must be careful when buying cannabis seeds online if they only have an Instagram page and are direct messaging you with no website and very cheap deals this could be a scam.

If you are going to choose a cannabis seed store we would recommend ourselves Discount Cannabis Seeds, we have a lot of reviews on trust pilot which are verified buyers and we have 5 stars.

Whoever you might buy your cannabis seeds from whether you choose ourselves for the cheapest cannabis seeds or another store trust pilot is the best site to use to check the site is not a scam and see how other buyers shopping experience has been with the retailer.

TrustPilot gives you a detailed comment from the customer on how they found their shopping experience and what the company could improve on if any. Trust pilot can review that this customer is a verified buyer from the retailer and provide true information on how they feel about using the site and what positives the customer experienced.

Buying cannabis seeds online can be a safe and fast process with ourselves we have a secure checkout and buying your cannabis seeds couldn’t be easier, We have a search button where you can find the seeds your looking for whether it be feminised, regular, auto flower or bulk cannabis seeds.

Discount Cannabis Seeds also have our offers highlighted which you can be redirected to with one click so it’s must easier for you as a customer to make your buying experience effortless.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have Feminised, Regular and Auto Flowering cannabis seeds so whatever the type of cannabis grow you are doing we can supply the seeds for the world’s best weed!

If you are looking for Auto Flowering cannabis seeds and want the best weed from growing this amazing weed seed then look no further Discount Cannabis Seeds has the one for you!

Solomatic CBD Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

By harnessing the attributes that make CBD so desirable, Royal Queen Seeds has masterfully blended all the benefits into an Autoflowering seed. With up to 21% CBD and never more than 1% THC, Solomatic CBD Feminised is the pinnacle of medicinal Autoflowering strains.

  • Genetics: Diesel CBD x Asia CBD Auto
  • Type: Sativa 20%, 70% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
  • THC: 1%
  • CBD: 21%
  • Yield Indoor: 425 - 475 gr/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 110 - 150 gr/plant
  • Height Indoor: 90 - 120 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 110-150 cm
  • Flowering time: 7 - 8 weeks
  • Harvest Month: 9-10 weeks after sprouting
  • Effects: Soft, clean and very light

Solomatic CBD Feminised represents the first seed in Royal Queen Seeds extensive catalogue to feature an impressive CBD:THC ratio of around 21:1. With Solomatic CBD Feminised, you can savour the same delicate aroma and alluring taste cannabis connoisseurs love, without hampering your physical or mental performance.

A staggering CBD concentration of up to 21% and never more than 1% THC is more than just respectable; it's industry leading. To deliver the ultimate incentive, all her therapeutic benefits can be enjoyed after a grow cycle that doesn't require you to alter light cycles.

Solomatic CBD Feminised Autoflowering genetics allow even the most inexperienced growers to reap the rewards of top-quality cannabidiol. Reaching medium heights Solomatic CBD Feminised is the perfect candidate indoors regardless of the limitations of your environment.

Anyone who is cautious of an Autoflowering seed needn’t be; Solomatic CBD Feminised superior quality shines through at every stage of development. Thanks to Solomatic CBD Feminised genetic diversity, the result of crossing Diesel CBD Auto and Asia CBD Auto she provides a seductive aroma.

 The initial burst of sweet, fruity flavour is followed by hints of ginger and undertones of pine. With a harvest time of 9–10 weeks after sprouting, experiencing the therapeutic prowess of CBD has never been easier.

 Here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have the best online prices for Solomatic CBD so why not check it out after you have read this blog!

If Feminised Cannabis Seeds are the one for you then I have an amazing weed seed for you!

Feminised Cannabis plants are easy to grow which is great for beginners or any marijuana grower where this is legal as they do not need the maintaining like the male cannabis plants do. If you are looking for cannabis with more THC or CBD then feminised cannabis seeds are the one for you and here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have the greatest selections available for you to buy.

Discount Cannabis Seeds has a top-quality range of all the best Feminised Cannabis Seeds. Through isolated breeding, testing, refinement and stringent monitoring, our Seeds Banks guarantee 100% Feminised Seeds.

Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminised Cannabis Seeds

This bestselling Dr Krippling Cannabis Seed was bred to be a heavy weight performer and Incredible Bulk Feminised will not disappoint. A great choice to unwind at the end of the day - Relaxing High.

Ideally needs to be switched to flower before it is 2 feet tall, or else it can be difficult to maintain indoors. Almost impossible to hurt Incredible Bulk, it can take a huge range of ph / nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours any CO2 enhancement.

Incredible Bulk mutates and adapts to its environment, one perfectly grown, big plant can produce up to the same yield of twenty plants of normal size.
Incredible Bulk boxing glove sized buds are to be expected on perfect large plants grown in Hydroponics, with CO2 enhancement.

Our prices for this amazing feminised cannabis seeds are the cheapest online which you can buy from us directly at Discount Cannabis Seeds.


If you are looking for the world’s best weed from Regular Cannabis Seeds then look no further!

Regular Cannabis Seeds, with all the great benefits of Feminised and Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds, why would anyone want a Regular Seed?

Well actually, Regular means anything but Regular. For growers that want the best features of the parent plant, Regular Seeds really hit the spot.

Regular Cannabis Seeds give you:

  • 50/50 Mix of Male & Female
  • Rewarding for the Grower 
  • Cannabis Seeds Just Like Nature Intended
  • Retains the Natural Features of the Strain
  • Natural Cannabis Seeds at a Cheaper Price


2 Pounder Regular Cannabis Seeds by Kiwi Seeds.

2 Pounder Regular is especially for the guerrilla grower, this cannabis seed was originally stabilised outdoors in New Zealand. This Regular cannabis plant has become something of a legend to the locals in the far north, where an average cannabis plant in a good season could top the scales at more than 1kg of bud.

2 Pounder Regular plant produces more than a satisfying yield, vigorous growth, extreme mould resistance, and a great Sativa taste. With a little bending and stretching will do equally well if not better indoors.

This Regular cannabis plant takes a little longer in the flowering department, but dense T.H.C crystal formation and a fruity smell to die for, make this cannabis plant a winner in all fields. 2 Pounder delivers a smooth Sativa smoke and the classic soaring high that can leave one speechless.

If this incredible Regular Cannabis Seed sounds perfect for you then why not buy it from our shop at Discount Cannabis Seeds.


Thank you for reading my blog on finding the world’s best weed now I hope you shop with us and find yours!


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