How to trust a cannabis seed bank you’ve found on Google?

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There are so many cannabis seeds store on our web and it can be daunting the first time you buy cannabis seeds online knowing who to pick and if this site is legit. If you are going to choose a cannabis seed store we would recommend ourselves Discount Cannabis Seeds, we have a lot of reviews on Trustpilot which are verified buyers and we have 5 stars.

Whoever you might buy your cannabis seeds from whether you choose ourselves for the cheapest cannabis seeds or another store, Trustpilot is the best site to use to check the site is not a scam and see how other buyers shopping experience has been with the retailer. Trustpilot gives you a detailed comment from the customer on how they found their shopping experience and what the company could improve on if any. Trustpilot can review that this customer is a verified buyer from the retailer and provide true information on how they feel about using the site and what positives the customer experienced.

Trustpilot makes a very valid statement when visiting their website which reads “behind every review is an experience that matters” this statement makes a customer feel like their opinion whatever it may be about a company feel valued. Trustpilot is very rewarding for our company as well as great feedback we consistently gain from our customers if there is anything we can improve on we also love to hear about that too.

If something doesn’t work for one customer here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we want to get it right every time the first time so we will take different steps ensuring a customer receives their order if something was to go wrong. Trustpilot has helped our company expand and before a customer buys from us and maybe a bit sceptical as our prices are the cheapest online, they can resort to Trustpilot to read comments from our customers that they had a positive experience with us and why this was.

We have a huge social media platform that our offers are put on as well as our website so customers from around the world can see our fantastic deals however if a cannabis store only has a social media site and no website this wouldn’t be an advisable choice. Other cannabis seeds stores may operate in a different way than we do however to know a site is legitimate do check reviews from customers whether it be on Trustpilot or social media networks and do not give any card details over a DM.

When searching for cannabis seeds store into your website search engine just because a cannabis seeds store is not at the very top doesn’t mean this site is not OK to use. The most popular cannabis stores will remain at the top of the search which you will find ourselves Discount Cannabis Seeds this is because we are used daily by hundreds of customers however you may want to use which is fine!

Buying Cannabis Seeds

Buying Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Buying cannabis seeds online can be a safe and fast process with ourselves we have a secure checkout and buying your cannabis seeds couldn’t be easier, We have a search button where you can find the seeds your looking for whether it be Feminised, Regular, Autoflowering, Medical or Bulk cannabis seeds. Discount Cannabis Seeds also have our offers highlighted which you can be redirected to with one click so it’s must easier for you as a customer to make your buying experience effortless.

When going through with your order Discount Cannabis Seeds will provide you with a receipt via email to show your purchase and make sure everything is correct if not, we are just a phone call or email away to rectify any errors.

Any order you place with Discount Cannabis Seeds we send out 1st Class Signed For so we and you both know you have received your order and if you are customer outside the UK we will send you a tracking number so you can trace your order anytime with Royal Mail.

When going through to the payment stage at Discount Cannabis Seeds we offer credit or debit card from customers in the UK or Europe online card payments, Bank transfer which you get 5% off your order, if you’re in the USA, Canada or Australia we offer a we will call you service where we take payment over the phone using a debit or credit card on our card machine.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds our DCS Points system allows you to use your points every time you order to put towards your next purchase.

We do not offer cash payments for your security as if it is lost in the post then its lost and we don’t want your order not reaching yourself. If another seed bank does offer this then I would wrap your cash in paper so no one can see there’s cash inside through the envelope! It’s probably a good idea to start with a relatively small order, so you can test the system and the company before sending a large amount of cash through the post.

PayPal is not offered to our customers as because cannabis seed sales are prohibited by PayPal and a seed company’s account will get shut down instantly if PayPal finds out what they’re selling, so if a cannabis seeds store does offer this be mindful that it might not be genuine.

Using websites you are unsure of be sure to do your homework on the company and check Trustpilot and the reviews which are given. Sometimes if something looks to be good to be true it normally is! Being a trusted cannabis seeds store we want everyone whether buying your cannabis seeds from us or another seed store to know the importance of using a store with a good reputation.

If you are thinking of using any cannabis seeds store we would recommend ourselves Discount Cannabis Seeds, so after this blog why not take a peek around our website and you will be amazed with our prices.

Scammers nowadays are something we are hear more and more frequently about and being a cannabis seeds store where we pride ourselves in the service which we provide to our customers we want anyone who is reading this not to be a victim of a scam and provide true information on any cannabis seed store on the internet.


Thank you for reading Discount Cannabis Seeds blog on buying your cannabis seeds online, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog.


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