Is it dangerous to smoke weed?

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In this blog I am going to talk about the question of whether it is dangerous to smoke weed? Everything has a danger to it whether you think there will be a danger is another idea, your brain can be a very powerful thing and everyone’s danger levels are different. If you fear heights, you wouldn’t walk across a rickety bridge as your brain will be telling you all the negative risks involved however if someone thrives on adrenaline their brain will be telling them all the positives.

Some people may argue marijuana is just as safe as than alcohol and others can argue that weed causes a lot more harm. With every drug there is always a danger. Let's expand on this and see what you think.

When smoking weed THC chemicals travel to the brain and THC is what makes you feel “high”. What you will experience in a couple of minutes after smoking weed will be uncontrollable laughter as we know it to be “the giggles”, any little remark or sentence you can eventually spin together will be hysterical.

This feeling can last for hours and uplift your spirits which is great if you are feeling depressed or a bit blue. Then you can get so hungry “the munchies” anything and everything you have will be amazing mixed together especially sweet things, cake, ice cream, puddings you name it you want it! You can forget everything you have even thought about or wanted to say your mind will be so forgetful sometimes you can't string a sentence together before saying the famous words what were we talking about?

These stages are all normal and if it is strong weed like skunk you can get hallucinations which can be strange for some people who haven’t smoked weed before. The side effects will wear off in 2/3 hours if you have smoked weed however if you have eaten it in a “space cake” it can last 24 hours. When the side effects start to wear off you can feel very tired and sleep for literally days or you may choose to spark up another joint and do it all over again. Would you say this harmful to yourself?

I personally think if you smoke weed in moderation and another benefit about weed is that you always know how much is enough for you and not want any more then surely this is a good thing.

Weed is used by medical professionals which is always reassurance to anyone, this can be for back pain or arthritis and can improve symptoms which can affect someone’s life and wellbeing. Whether you are someone who smokes weed for this reason alone will understand the effects weed will have on your body and who are smoking weed not to get high just to relax their body and ease the pain which is causing them to suffer.

There has been no proof that smoking weed causes lung cancer like smoking a cigarette can. Obviously long-term weed users can develop wheezy coughs and a tight chest which you would expect but there has been no evidence to support smoking weed can lead to lung cancer.

If you suffer from Schizophrenia or know someone who does, weed is not recommend especially skunk. Skunk is a very strong type of weed and it can cause many bad buzz side effects such as seeing things which aren’t real and hearing things that are not there.

If you do have Schizophrenia a big part of the illness is it impairs the way you think, act and your behaviour so your normal symptoms can get worse while smoking weed. This can lead to psychosis thoughts which if you don’t know can disrupt your thoughts in a way that makes it hard for you to tell what’s real and what’s not. You might see or hear things that aren’t there, or you might have strange thoughts that won’t go away.

You may find that you have more psychosis thoughts if you smoke weed as your mind becomes more aware of the abnormal thoughts you are having and risk the chance of being hospitalised as you can’t control them on your own without medical help. Using marijuana if you have schizophrenia could have negative outcomes as you may develop paranoia after using weed.  You should contact a doctor if you experience these side effects as this can be harmful to yourself.

A danger which can be associated with smoking weed is getting hold of the drug. Many people do not know a drug dealer and do not want to know a drug dealer so how do they get weed? It can be frightening for anyone to call a dealer and get involved with someone who deals drugs. There can be risks involved getting hold of weed as the possession of weed is illegal in the UK so if you are caught you could be prosecuted, and nobody wants a criminal record especially with drugs.

If you are involved with a dealer then they will be just after your money as that is there job so be mindful of who it is and what weed it is. They can tell you this is the right kind of strain for yourself as they would have told the last person however there are different types which can give you different buzzes so do your research and don’t believe everything you are told.

People have turned to the weed as medicine for years. Researchers have found that weed can help with anxiety, depression, seizures, stiff muscles or muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis. The list is ongoing with what smoking weed can do for someone’s health, so the decision is down to you whether you are arguing the idea that a drug is a drug and illegal in the UK for a reason as it is a danger or whether weed has a positive effect on people’s life and the actual evidence on what weed can do to your mind is treating people rather than harming.

Thank you for reading my blog about whether there is danger with smoking weed, keep checking out our blogs as we have a lot more coming soon!


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