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In this blog I am very pleased to talk to you about a fantastic seed bank Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia Seeds is dedicated to cannabis seed growers and marijuana. This is why at Discount Cannabis Seeds we offer our customers the chance to buy Kannabia Cannabis Seeds online. Influenced by the concerns and suggestions of cannabis cultivators Kannabia Seeds have spent years developing systems that ensure the best cannabis strains and the optimal development of their strains.

Kannabia Seeds offer a range of strains in Autoflowering, Regular and Feminised so they are versatile for any cannabis grower which I hope after reading this blog you will head over to www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk and start your growing journey with yourselves and Kannabia. 

If you are already a lover of Kannabia Seeds or you are looking for a new seed bank to try which is award winning then look no further than Kannabia seeds from your cheapest weed seed store online Discount Cannabis Seeds.

I have some fantastic strain reviews, an interview with Kannabia themselves, growing reports, photos of Kannabia seeds harvested and some growing tips especially for you so let’s get started.

I spoke to the team at Kannabia Seeds and they have answered a few questions for me to give you exclusive information on their seeds and why to choose Kannabia.

1. What is your bestselling seed at Kannabia Seeds?

Here at Kannabia we have strains of the month every month to promote our cannabis seeds. A lot of customers like our auto flowering ranges and the most popular are high THC strains which has seemed to go wild through 2019 to 2020.

2. Do you have any new strains that your planning on launching for 2020?

Now that would be telling.. But with your cannabis seed store being a top site for customers to buy Kannabia Seeds you will be the first to know!

3. Why should our customers at Discount Cannabis Seeds choose your seed bank?

We offer 4 types of cannabis seeds so it suits every customer. For our Feminised cannabis seeds We obtain our feminizes seeds through just the suppression of one phytohormone and without any genetic modification. This saves you effort, space and cultivation time as you don’t need to classify male and female cannabis plants. 

Our auto flowering cannabis seeds have been achieved by selective crossing with the cannabis strain Ruderalis. They give you the chance to harvest cannabis seeds on the date that you choose. 

In our regular cannabis seeds the conservation of the main genetic lines is due to the traditional fecundation of a female plant by a male one, a technique which guarantees the transfer of hereditary information naturally.

Finally our CBD range, the discovery of the properties of CBD have brought with it a barrage of medical applications for its use, making the levels of this cannabinoid in the resin of the plant highly important. This has led to the emergence of strains with high CBD levels and a wealth of possibilities in the field of medical CBD.

4. What is your favourite cannabis store of all time?

It must be you guys at Discount Cannabis Seeds, you advertise our seeds with giveaways, promotions and freebies to customers when they place an order. We are truly grateful for your support.

Here I have some reviews on different strains by Kannabia by cannabis growers to give you an idea of what their growing experience was like with these amazing weed seeds.

La Blanca: I grew out the La Blanca and it was by far the best strain I have grown. I’m very disappointed I let that one go. it is on my list to get again. and when I do it will go nowhere ever again. lol it is totally covered in trichs. and the stink is out this world. forget about going anywhere with any on you at all because it will be stinking out the place. it was a freebie and I didn’t clone it; I highly recommend this strain.

Mataro Blue: So, I've had the Mataro Blue curing a little over a week and decided to sample. There's no green taste to it, thankfully, but the smoke is harsh for now. The effect was definitely powerful. It's not a put you to sleep but the body stone is amazing, relaxing. Enough to where you might fall asleep and be woken up by ghosts. Highly recommend. 

 Big Band is a 9 out of 10. If you like fruity strains like I do, then I recommend it. I can't recall ever smelling or tasting bud quite like this in my life. Smells like ripe cantaloupe or honeydew with a citrus background. Everyone who tries it loves it. Good yield and easy to grow too. 

There we have some superb reviews from growers which surely will tempt you to buy Kannabia weed seeds from us Discount Cannabis Seeds. Whether you are looking for something purple or green, sweet or kushy, uplifting or relaxing, creative or couchlock, Kannabia has the right choice for everyone so let’s take a look at some grow reports. 

Mataro Blue

First up we have Mataro Blue Feminised cannabis seed which is a crown jewel in any collection. This internationally renowned, multi award winning strain is valuable for both medical and recreational use. Large and dense with a deep sweet berry flavour, these buds are glistening with a sugary coat of crystal. Mataro Blue is a relaxing Indica perfect for reflection and meditation.

A dream for a grower, Mataro Blue is incredibly heavy yielding, quick-finishing, and mould and pest resistant. It is a super stable variety with incredibly predictable results.

Here is how the cannabis grower grew this weed seed and some photos especially for you!

They used HID 250 watts lighting, Advanced Nutrients and BioBuzz for the feeding of the cannabis strain and grew this strain indoors. The growing techniques used were 5 different ones which were LST, SCROG, TOPPING, FIMING AND DEFOILIATION. The grow room size was 6.89ft2 with 12-hour lighting schedule. 

The grower said that the smoke is nice and soft with some fruity taste. It was one of my best grows so far. I have come out with 216g dry buds from 7 plants. I would 100% grow this strain again.

Mataro Blue - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Mataro Blue - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Mataro Blue - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Mataro Blue - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Wow Mataro Blue looks incredible! Don’t forget that this amazing cannabis strain is available to buy online with us at www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk in 5,10 or 15 seed packs which you will get at the cheapest prices online!

Cookies Haze

Next up I have Cookies Haze which is a huge hit with cannabis THC lovers. This strain has super high THC levels, up to 25%, which will guarantee you an intense, long lasting full-body high. Its flavour is delicious, sweet and fruity like gummy bears, its hit euphoric without being trippy, a happy buzz that's great for creative day-time use. 

Cookies Haze is an obviously sativa plant, with thin leaves, a slender appearance, and the form of a pine tree. It is very easy to grow, highly pest-resistant and can exceed three metres when sown directly in the earth. The buds are large, very dense and loaded with crystals.

So, if you are looking for an ultimate THC cannabis strain then Cookies Haze is the one for you! Let’s take a look at a grow report and some photos of this beauty. 

During the first 15 days of growth we used a 250w CFL light. This is done because we don’t want them to grow too fast at the start, so that they can use more energy on creating stronger, sturdier roots. After 15 days, we transplanted them from Teku pots to the 3.5L pots in order to begin the growth period, ending this period in 11L anti-stress flowerpots. Our plants began to grow extremely healthily, producing leaves bigger than our hands, and thick, sturdy branches.

  • • Day temperature: 24-27ºC
  • • Night temperature: 20-22ºC
  • • Relative humidity: 70-80%
  • • pH in soil: Growth 6-6.3, Flowering 6.3-6.7
  • • EC for growth: 1000-1200 micro siemens
  • • EC for flowering: 1200-2500 micro siemens
  • • Water temperature: 20-23ºC

After 8 flowering weeks we harvested Cookies Haze and got around 700g from 12 plants. We were very pleased with this cannabis strain and will grow again!

So, let’s take a look at Cookies Haze fully harvested.

Cookies Haze - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cookies Haze - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cookies Haze - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cookies Haze - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cookies Haze looks such a beauty! If you are a THC lover and wanting a new strain to try, then look no further than Discount Cannabis Seeds where you can buy Cookies Haze in 5,10 or 15 seed packs for the cheapest prices online for weed seeds.

Big Bull

Now I have for you one that says it all by the name Big Bull. This award-winning Indica strain is prized for its medicinal and therapeutic effects. Incredibly relaxing, meditative and perfect for getting some rest. The buds have a nice sweet, floral flavour. Almost pure Indica.

Big Bull can be grown well both indoors and out. Indoor plants have a flowering time of 55–60 days and offer a yield of up to 450g/m². A single outdoor plant is capable of pumping out a yield of up to 600g.

The high is subtle and great for beginner smokers, with flowers only producing a THC level of approximately 11-12%.

Big Bud is a Winning 2nd Place for Best Indica Seed at the 2012 Treat Yourself Expo in Toronto, Canada, Big Bull (aka Kannabia Special) grows stalky plants with a tantalizing floral aroma.

Big Bull is incredibly easy to grow, heavy yielding, quick finishing, and mould and pest resistant. So, if you go wild for Indica strains then Big Bull is perfect for you. 

Here I have some reviews from different growers of Big Bull and some photos when this weed seed is harvested.

Reviews of Big Bull by Kannabia. 

  • The buds have a nice sweet, floral flavour. Produces a very pleasant state of relaxation unlike other Indica´s also when you are relaxed it produces a great concentration.
  • I really like this strain as I love Indica cannabis strains and when smoked it gives me a very mellow but happy high.
  • I was given the opportunity to test this strain among colleagues that I work with in our group circle and all I have to say is this is a total face melter and one hell of a good strains.
  • Big Bull weed is suitable for with medical conditions, and symptoms. Big Bull is considered most suitable for helping with those who are suffering from lack of appetite, so I thought I'd give it a try and now this is my daily smoke. I’ve never looked back after Big Bud!

Here I have some amazing photos of Big Bull fully harvested and cured. 

Big Bull - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Big Bull - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Big Bull - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Now that is what any cannabis grower would love to see after their grow! So why not head over to www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk and start your very own grow with Big Bud by Kannabia which you can get in 5 and 10 seed packs. 

Baby Boom Auto

Now I have a strain for any auto flowering lovers which is so popular and you will see why!

Here comes the boom! Baby Boom Auto has Intense shades of purple, blue and green define this small but lethal Indica variety. With a tapestry of flavours ranging from pine and earth to sweet and sour plum jam, Baby Boom has a strong combination of both cerebral relaxation and couch lock (especially if you don’t keep moving).

Like most Autoflowering varieties, this strain is easy to grow and prefers light, low release fertilization and is mould, pest and disease resistant.

Baby Boom Auto was crossed with one of the best CBD strains and the result is truly awesome; This versatile plant is a grower´s delight so it’s a must on to add in your cart when buying your cannabis seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds.

  • Baby Boom Auto Yields up to 200 gr/seed Outdoors
  • Pleasant Taste & Aroma - Fruity with a Touch of Spice
  • Short, Tight Nodes with Big, Dense Buds
  • Extremely Easy to Manage - Foolproof!

So, if this ticks all your boxes then check Baby Boom Auto out today!

The cannabis grower used 250 watts lighting by S600 Easy Grow lighting, Bio Buzz nutrients for the feeding of the strain and the soil type was medium. The grower harvested this at week 7 and gave Baby Boom 5 stars for growing as it was such an easy strain to grow. 

Let’s take a look at Baby Boom Auto fully harvested.

Baby Boom Auto - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Baby Boom Auto - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

For weed seeds fit for a true connoisseur, buy genuine Kannabia Seeds you will be glad you bought Baby Boom Auto from the cheapest online cannabis seeds store Discount Cannabis Seeds. You can buy Baby Boom today in 5,10 or 15 seed packs from us today!

Purple Kush 

I have a fantastic strain for you next which is perfect for the Kush lovers.

Purple Kush is a deep, rich purple budded, resin-loaded strain. Rich in a sweet berry flavour, Purple Kush is a high THC strain. Smokers can enjoy an ultra-relaxing but still stimulating high that won’t put you to sleep. Purple Kush is perfect for everyday smokers that want to relax but still get things done.

Purple Kush has a touch of Black Domina to help shorten the grow time, and make more robust, mould and pest resistant buds.

This is a hybrid of 70% Purple with a highly compact and richly resinous bud that draws the eye. The wait to enjoy its sweet herby taste may seem eternal, but with its rich amethyst colour and brilliant shine, it will be the jewel of your garden for sure!

I have a great review, grow report and some great photos of Purple Kush to show you which will be too tempting not to add to your basket after shopping at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Purple Kush Review: The best thing about it is the fresh sweet peach smell throughout the entire flower. Buds didn't get a tinge of purple despite being in the low 60s most of the time. I expected the stone to be similar to grand daddy purple, but it's more like an Afghani #1 stone. Happy, content, lazy stone. The buds were the densest I've grown so far and the yield surprised me.it takes some time to pack on the mass. If they could get the flower time down a week and get some more purple on it, they'd be doing well. 

The leaves were very dark green with a waxy like luster to them. This is a strain you would want to LST and/or top multiple times no matter the desired yield. Buds were very frosty as well. Tasted like cedar wood with hints of diesel and something else. I'm going to have to try it again to nail it down exactly. Through and through, a connoisseur strain for the curious buyer.

The cannabis grower used HID 400 watts lighting, grown indoors and the technique was topping which was on week 4-5. Once cured the Buds smell like strawberry candy, a lot THC. flowers fast and high yield with beautiful purple colors. I vegged only 25 days and 9week flower.

Let’s take a look at Purple Kush fully harvested.

Purple Kush - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Purple Kush - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

With a great review and some amazing photos of Purple Kush this is a must buy! So visit www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk and you can buy these in 5,10 or 15 seed packs for the cheapest prices online.


Last but no means least I have our final cannabis strain to share with you today which is Afrodite. 

Like most Jack crosses, Afrodite is a sativa dominant variety with a strong psychoactive but also relaxing effect (thanks to the Black Domina, which also helps shorten the longer flowering time of the Jack). This strain has compact buds packed with resin which gives a tremendous bag appeal and makes it great for hash.

Quicker finishing and mould and pest resistant, this strain is a breeze to grow! Afrodite has a spicy, sweet flavor that’s absolutely delicious thanks to its Black Domina genes. Its Jack Herer genes give it its amazingly thick and sticky resin. Its potent effect will absolutely destroy your body – in the most relaxing of ways.

Here I have a great review on Afrodite.

A lush-growing plant, it is advisable to let it have a 12-to-15-day vegetative cycle. The roots struggle to break out of the plant pot, forming a thick root network. Be careful not to allow too long a vegetative cycle, though, or it could get out of hand. It has the typical sativa structure, with a large central tail from which numerous side branches sprout to run parallel with the central one for much of the flowering period. 

The stems are very robust from first growth. No problems with mould or other fungi have been found, nor any problems worthy of note with spiders, thrips or greenfly. Outdoors the plant will grow no taller than 2 m, although this is made up for with its outward growth, which can cover several square metres. 

By topping you can achieve a large number of strong branches and hundreds of cuttings. You can increase the EC gradually, week by week, because the plant withstands high EC levels well, turning them into compact flowers. You will achieve abundant harvests with a high THC concentration and surprisingly hard buds. Make sure you cure Afrodita well to bring out its incense and pine flavours. 

This plant adapts easily to all sorts of different climates in Spain and Portugal, proving itself in different outdoor conditions with vigorous growth and resin development. It produces a rich hash when extracted with ice. Outdoors it will be ready for harvested outdoors by the third week in September or by the first week in October for the more sativa-rich phenotype. Indoors it will be ready in eight weeks, although if you give it nine, the results will be extraordinary.

Taste is really cool, fruity, close to AK, but more subtle with a hint of Kush. The grow was easy, the plant is compact and robust. Stretch was not too big for the 2 plants.

A very nice strain to grow.

Let’s take a look at Afrodite fully harvested.

Afrodite - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Afrodite - Kannabia - Discount Cannabis Seeds

What a beauty Afrodite has turned out! With some great reviews and tips on growing this cannabis strain head over to Discount Cannabis Seeds and buy yours today in 5,10 or 15 seed packs. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog on Kannabia Seeds and if you are looking for a new seed bank then you chose Kannabia! Perfect for any type of grower new or a master of the cannabis gardening world Kannabia is the one for you. 

Kannabia Seeds have more strains available to buy from us directly at www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk so check it out and thank you for reading.



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