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Originally from Italy, Franco Loja was part of Green House Seeds, the world renowned Dutch cannabis seed company owned by Arjan Roskam. Franco was an icon in the cannabis industry and helped change so many people’s lives. On his last trip to Africa he contracted Cerebral Malaria and passed away quietly after a short but severe illness.

His work and passion for the cannabis plant helped change the world's view and his legacy will live on for generations to come. Franco’s high risk, fast paced “full gas” career was only just taking off. He had invested all of his time, money and passion into building up a future for himself and his children, while helping other people in places like DR Congo. His children were everything to him, and he was an amazing father.

Unfortunately at the time of his death, he had not yet made significant financial gains that would be sufficient support his children growing up and receiving an education.



About the Franco Loja Foundation

The Franco Loja Foundation is a fund held by Stichting Strain Hunters Foundation with the purpose of securing university tuition fee’s and general cost of living expenses for Franco Loja’s children Dion and Devin Lojacono until they graduate.

Money is collected from donations from friends, fans, partners, businesses and organisations. The Foundation also generates money for the fund by selling products related to Franco Loja, and by collecting royalties from licensees that sell products with or related to the Franco Loja Trade Mark. Stichting Strain Hunters Foundation is responsible for the fund until Devin & Dion are adults.

Until then the Strain Hunters Foundation represents the Franco Loja Foundation and control the fund:

  • Franco Loja Foundation Fund

  • Stichting Strain Hunters Foundation

  • Registered in Amsterdam - Netherlands KvK: 617 603 66

Bank information for donations:

Stichting Strain Hunters Foundation

IBAN: NL19 ABNA 0476 7467 79


ACCOUNT: 476 7467 79

“Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home. I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed. I am a smoker, a grower, a breeder, and a strain hunter. For life.”

Franco Loja

20th May 1974 – 2nd January 2017

About Strain Hunters Seeds

The Strain Hunters Seed Bank was launched in 2013 by the guys from Green House Seeds who travel the world hunting cannabis landraces in order to preserve them and share them with growers and breeders.

For Strain Hunters, the preservation of fine landraces is their goal, breeding award-winning Cannabis Seeds starting from original inbred landrace material.

The Strain Hunters Seed Bank was launched in 2013 and consists of a collection of the worlds finest Feminised Hybrids and Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds.

Strain Hunters Expeditions

SH developed a series of documentaries about landrace varieties and cannabis cultivation all over the world, visiting exciting places like Morocco, Colombia, Congo, the Caribbean…Franco and Arjan filmed hundreds of cannabis plants on their natural environment, meeting farmers and telling us the main aspects of cannabis cultivation in each country.

The Strain Hunters expeditions captures on Video have been watched by millions of people around the world.

  • 2008 - Strain Hunters: Malawi Expedition

  • 2010 - Strain Hunters: India Expedition

  • 2011 - Strain Hunters: Morocco Expedition

  • 2012 - Strain Hunters: Trinidad & St. Vincent Expedition

  • 2013 - Strain Hunters: Swaziland Expedition

  • 2014 - Strain Hunters: Jamaica Expedition