Music to Get High to

Music to Get High to - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis and music go hand in hand, a bit like sugar in coffee, or butter on bread. In this post, I’ve gone on to Spotify and created our very own Cannabis inspired playlist.

I’m a big lover of music (normally electronic, ambient stuff), but I can easily get my ears around most genre’s.

Bob Marley is an obvious starting point, so let's check what I put together. I have dropped 21 tracks in a Spotify Playlist, but I have made it collaborative so, by all means, add your own.

You can find the playlist here - via Spotify.

The Tracklist is:

Here is a selection of the tracks:

Spotify Playlist - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Drop us your favourite tracks to get high to in the comments. We’d love to hear them! Remember, if you’re on Spotify you can add them to our playlist too.

This playlist was compiled by Gary Eff, the marketing guy for Discount Cannabis Seeds - the cheapest Cannabis Seed company on the market. Enjoy.


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