My boyfriend smokes a lot of weed, should I be concerned?

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Does this relate to you or someone you know? If it does, then take a read of this and see if can help you. If someone you know is smoking a lot of weed what is the reason behind this? It may be for a medical reason such as chronic back pain where this may be prescribed for them by a medical professional or it may be marijuana abuse disorder. The difference is weed is not usually a drug that you can be addicted the person may just dependent on the drug.

If this is the case where someone cannot function without smoking weed and is affecting their lives for the worse for example losing their job because they are too stoned all the time then there is help you can get for this person, Either by talking to the GP or taking a look at websites such as Talk to Frank there is help which can provided.

Another reason why someone can seem to be smoking more weed then they were before is the human body can build a tolerance to the drug over a long period so to get the effects of smoking weed what you would get from the first time such as the giggles or the munchies this would take more weed than a first time user however Most marijuana users do not lose control of its use they generally use the amount they want and when they want to have it.

The main concern when smoking weed and someone's mental health is if the person suffers from a psychotic illness such as schizophrenia. As some types of weed like skunk is a lot stronger than smoking a CBD strain which is used to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms which you would get if you stopped smoking it. Skunk is powerful and if someone suffers from hallucinations or hearing things that aren’t there smoking weed can make psychotic symptoms much worse.

Smoking weed can also help with issues such as anxiety or depression as the drug gives off a feeling of happiness and relaxation which can calm someone’s mind down and take any worry of what they are feeling away. It has been proven that weed can relieve the symptoms of these types of disorders which for someone suffering this may be a huge relief for them to smoke weed and may continuously do it as it helps them from day to day.

If a person feels that smoking weed is making his life better, you will have a hard time convincing him to stop smoking the drug. You could come together as a family or a couple and remind this person that they were OK before smoking weed and they were able to survive before without weed they can do it again. Before taking away all weed and making someone cold turkey you will have to find a way to slowly decrease the amount they smoke and not to do anything to quickly as this can put someone into withdrawal and you will seem some of these symptoms, Anger,  shaking, sweating, nausea. This is normal side effect which can happen if someone is going cold turkey without weed.

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While having an aspiration in life to achieve greater things which maybe your dream job or your dream house while someone is so dependent on weed the solution would be to encourage this person to work hard towards these goals and going down the right path which this can be achieved. By smoking too much weed isn’t good for anybody and by doing things which can encourage the person to be more motivated in gaining their success a hobby or a goal can take someone’s mind off anything. You can try working together and doing activities which can distract their attention off weed and more into a normal life without or a lower amount of weed.

Another idea would be the circle of friends they are in, are they users of weed or dealers of the drug. If they are then without pretending to be anyone’s mum telling someone who they can and cannot hang about with try and persuade other ideas on how you can socialise. Whether it would be a date night out somewhere or having a short break away from the world around you which could do not only him but yourself some good. By having some time without the social network around him this can improve the chances to lower the amount of weed he takes and not being around certain people who could cloud his judgement you also could benefit as a couple.

The worst thing to do in this situation would be to criticise and cause more need for them to smoke weed as he could do this to prove his point. Working together and being open to all ideas is a way to get this person understanding your point of view and you never know this could be this best thing for both of you. It is a trial and error process with its ups and downs but isn’t most things nowadays.

The best advice which in the day and age we live in and have forgotten to do is talk to someone. If you are worried about someone instead of sending a text or just ignoring the person as you think they have changed their ways do something about it. Communication is the best key and doing it face to face you can see someone’s reaction to the questions asked and sometimes talking is all they need to do but they feel too embarrassed to do so. People always don’t tell you what is going on their mind and how they are feeling and by offering support or just a helping hand can be a huge relief for someone. I hope this has helped and you can take some of this information away from you.

Thank you for reading Discount Cannabis Seeds blog, we have much more to come on all subjects to do with weed so stay posted and we will be back with some more blogs very shortly.


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