Seed Bank Review - Kannabia Seeds

Seed Bank Review - Kannabia Seeds


About Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia Seeds were one of the first cannabis seed companies in Spain.

They are based in Granada and after years of hard work and great success, they are now one of the leading cannabis seed companies in Spain.

Thanks to massive improvements in their breeding facilities they now offer a vast and exciting array of Feminised Cannabis Seeds, a sizeable collection of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds and two Regular strains.


Strain Guide

  • Feminised - 20 Strains
  • Regular - 2 Strains
  • Autoflowering - 7 Strains
  • High CBD - 2 Strains


Our Top Three Best Selling Strains


Kama Kush CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Species: Indica dominant hybrid
  • CBD: 12 %
  • THC: 6 %
  • CBD/THC Ratio: 2:1
  • Indoor Flowering cycle: 58-62 days
  • Yield: 500 gr/m2
  • Harvest: Mid-September
  • Average height: 200 cm
  • Yield: 800 gr/plant

Kama Kush CBD - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Amnesi K Lemon Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Percentage Indica/Sativa: 20/80
  • Genetic: Amnesia x Lemon Skunk x Jack Herer​
  • High productivity 
  • Resistant to plagues


  • Citrus
  • Sweet
  • Effect
  • Psychoactive


  • Flowering cycle: 65-70 days
  • Production: 550 gr/m2


  • Harvest: October
  • Medium height: 180 cm
  • Production: 600-700 gr/plant

Amnesi K Lemon

Purple Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Genotype: Black Domina x Purple x OG Kush
  • Species: Indica dominant hybrid
  • CBD: <0.5 %
  • THC: 22.9 %
  • Indoor Flowering Cycle: 55-60 days
  • Indoor Yield: 500 gr/m2
  • Harvest: October
  • Average height: 180-200 cm
  • Yield: 800 gr/plant

Purple Kush - Discount Cannabis Seeds


A view from Kannabia Seeds

We asked Kannabia Seeds a number of questions about their company and the cannabis industry, the feedback is featured below:

1. Do you have any new strains planned for this year?

As every year, we try to launch some strains that we have been working on for years.

We have some candidates, but these surprises are released at the end of the year, normally.

2. What do you feel differentiates you from your competitors? 

We are always in contact with our clients and we try to listen to their feedback. Also, the region where we are has quite extreme weather, with very hot summers and cold winters and big temperature changes during the day.

We try that our seeds are adapted to the local weather conditions, this is what makes them suitable for plenty of regions.

3. Do you think we will continue to see Cannabis laws relaxed over the World and if so, how will this affect the seed market? 

Right now, we do not really know how the changes in the regulation will affect the seed market. It may be positive for the seed companies, but also, it can me more restrictive, so that just authorised companies can market cannabis seeds.

4. Can you tell us what you think of the Cannabis Seed industry right now?

It is blooming, and it is very surprising to see these fast changes and the situation, with top companies getting into this business. Now the challenge for the seedbanks is to adapt to these changes.

5. What do you feel the future holds for the industry?

It seems, that cannabis industry will not be stigmatised in the future.

Our thanks to all at Kannabis Seeds for contributing to this review.

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