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About Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers have established links to the best of the Spanish and Dutch cannabis seed industry.

The Seed Stockers team offer high quality seeds from the very best breeders including the latest USA genetics.

Quality is the foundation of Seed Stockers success, the seeds are all sourced and produced using prize winning genetics direct from the breeders. 

Seed Stockers strains are available in packs of 3, 5 and Bulk.

Bulk Seed packs contain 25 seeds and start from £37.95.


Strain Guide

  • Feminised - 24 Strains
  • Regular - 0 Strains
  • Autoflowering - 17 Strains
  • High CBD - 2 Strains


Our Top Three Best Selling Strains


Amnesia Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Growing Conditions: Indoors
  • Yield: XL
  • THC Levels: 23%/24%
  • Seed Type: Sativa
  • Amnesia Auto Feminised is one of Seed Stockers bestselling Autos.
  • It’s an easy auto to grow, Amnesia Auto Feminisedgrows well indoors or outdoors with heavy harvests and a resinous THC-rich result.
  • Indoors Amnesia Auto Feminised does well with 20 hours of daily light and takes around 11 weeks from seed to harvest.
  • Under optimum indoor hydroponic conditions Amnesia Auto Feminised will produce several hundred grams per plant.
  • Amnesia Auto Feminised is easy to grow in any grow medium and even first-time growers will get great results.
  • Experienced Auto growers should note that this is one of Seed Stockers strongest Auto varieties with THC levels of 23% and some of the heaviest yields that we have seen on an Auto.
  • Amnesia Auto Feminised produces a super strong Haze smoke.

Amnesia Auto Feminised - Discount Cannabis Seeds


BCN Critical XXL Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Growing Conditions: Indoors
  • Yield: XXL
  • THC Levels: 23%+
  • Seed Type: Indica/Sativa
  • One of Seed Stockers heaviest yielding Auto varieties, BCN Critical XXL Auto Feminised is also a powerful smoke with THC levels of 22%+.
  • These legendary genetics are reliable and consistently heavy producers of strong cannabis, it’s a proven Auto that you can trust to deliver.
  • Indoors BCN Critical XXL Auto Feminised takes around 75 days from seed to harvest and does well with 20 or 24 hours of daily light.
  • The buds are bigger than usual with a sticky frosty coating and an aromatic smell with hints of citrus.
  • BCN Critical XXL Auto Feminised is a very easy and uncomplicated to grow, with heavy harvests and an unbeatable smoke.

BCN Critical XXL Auto - Discount Cannabis Seeds


BCN Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Growing Conditions: Indoors
  • Yield: XXL
  • THC Levels: 23%+
  • Seed Type: Sativa
  • Power Plant was originally a Dutch Passion classic famed for XL harvests and a fantastically enjoyable high.
  • Seed Stockers BCN Power Plant Feminised is a prized phenotype selected in Barcelona which produces exceptional strength cannabis with an unusual trippy, long-lasting high.
  • BCN Power Plant Feminised is satisfying, relaxing and stimulating at the same time.
  • This carefully selected phenotype has the XXL harvests you would expect from Power Plant and combines it with a very appealing and special high.
  • BCN Power Plant Feminised is easy and fast to grow, this variety suits growers looking for a special variety, with a unique high and good harvest quantities.

BCN Power Plant Feminised - Discount Cannabis Seeds


A view from Seed Stockers

We asked Seed Stockers a number of questions about their company and the cannabis industry, the feedback is featured below:

1. Do you have any new strains planned for this year?

We are preparing several new strains with USA Genetics like Purple Punch, Sherbet and several other hot varieties. Keep checking Seed for the latest news. But yes, we intend to get our hands on lots of seeds using the best of the best from the USA. The reason for so many of the potent USA genetics is simply due to the excellent quality varieties being found/developed in the USA.

In many cases some of these special individuals are found after growing hundreds of seeds and selecting the highest cannabinoid content with the best terpene profile. The elite ones are just too good to ignore. Many of the repeat Seed Stockers customers have specifically asked us to focus on the North American genetics. Over the last few years Seed Stockers have developed an excellent network of US growers and breeders from which we cherry-pick the very best. You can expect THC levels of over 20% with Seed Stockers. We don’t deal with substandard breeders or genetics and work only with proven partners to get our seeds.

2. What do you feel differentiates you from your competitors? 

The main thing our customers like is the ability to order any quantity of seeds, from 1 to 20,000 at budget prices. The customer chooses the specific number of seeds they want. The prices decrease significantly for bulk orders. A lot of our seeds can be bought for around a euro per seed when bought in large quantities and will reliably produce 20%+THC results. Good quality cannabis seeds don’t come much cheaper than that.

Seed Stockers work directly with the breeders, often buying the entire seed harvest to get the best price. Seed Stockers have a small office in Barcelona with a lean, focussed team and minimal overheads. No expensive marketing or advertising costs mean that the low prices are passed on directly to the customer. It’s an approach which is proving popular. A quick look online/social media allows you to see some of the results our customers are getting. Seed Stockers only real expense is the excellent customer service and support, which we refuse to compromise on.

3. Do you think we will continue to see Cannabis laws relaxed over the World and if so, how will this affect the seed market?  

Yes, further relaxation of cannabis laws is inevitable around the world. The more people that grow cannabis means more seeds are needed, it’s a trend we have seen for a while. We see that the seed market is becoming more mature and sophisticated. People expect consistent quality, but they don’t like paying excessive prices. That’s where companies like Seed Stockers come in.

Seeds are bought in bulk quantities directly from the breeder and then sold to the customer without any middlemen.  One interesting comment is that even in places with legal weed, like California, Holland and Spain, many of the cannabis connoisseurs still strongly prefer to grow their own cannabis using organic chemical-free cultivation techniques and the best genetics.

4. Can you tell us what you think of the Cannabis Seed industry right now?

It’s a competitive industry because there is an influx of top-quality genetics coming from places such as the USA and Canada. That means it’s a good time to be a grower, there is a wide selection of genetics. In many ways, the genetics have never been better than they are today. Nor has the choice been as diverse. But there are also plenty of cowboy seed companies out there who get seeds from amateur and unproven breeders. Often these seeds show poor consistency and lower THC levels.

It’s important for growers to do their research and look at online grows so they know what they are getting. We notice that lots of cannabis seed companies appear for a year or two and disappear. You need to be in this business for the long term to succeed and you need the right contacts, knowledge and partners. It’s worth saying that you no longer must pay exorbitant seed prices to guarantee premium quality results. Lots of our customers wonder why they didn’t switch to Seed Stockers earlier.

5. What do you feel the future holds for the industry?

The future will only get better for cannabis growers because great new genetics are arriving. Some of the larger growers and breeders routinely plant hundreds of seeds, each plant is grown, cuttings taken, and the harvest analysed. Usually 90% of the plants with the weaker cannabinoid analysis are instantly discarded. Of the most potent 10% the heavy yielders, and those with the best aroma, ease of growth etc are retained. Usually from hundreds of plants just a single mother plant is retained.

Yes, it’s an expensive and time-consuming business. But in legal environments it is easy to manage and results in some really special genetics. These are the precise genetics which Seed Stockers likes to bulk-source for its customers. Eventually legal weed will be on sale everywhere but that doesn’t mean everyone will queue up in line to buy it from a big chain of dispensaries. Many people will prefer to grow their own, which will reduce their weed costs by 90%. Society has never been more conscious of the safety and ethics used when growing food, or indeed cannabis. Cannabis will become a major part of western society once the legal shackles are released.

Our thanks to all at Seed Stockers for contributing to this review.

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