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Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Seed Stockers are an up and coming seed bank who here at Discount Cannabis Seeds in 2019 we added them to our top seed bank list. Now in 2020 cannabis lovers are taking the world by storm with buying Seed Stockers. Seed Stockers have the most incredible cannabis seeds and we sell them at the cheapest prices you can find online.

Seed Stockers is a breeder from Spain that produces the best of the Spanish and Dutch cannabis seeds. It has the high-quality Dutch Passion inheritance.

The company uses the prize-winning genetics from the famous breeders. The result product is a top-quality cannabis with cheap prices. You can buy these weed seeds directly at with prices starting from £1.59 a seed which is a bargain!

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell Seed Stocker weed seeds in packs of 3,5,25 and now 100 bulk pack at amazingly cheap Prices.

In this blog I am going to let you in to the world of Seed Stockers giving you exclusive information on growing weed seeds, techniques to get the best from your seeds, reviews from growers and incredible photos which will make you want to buy Seed Stockers cannabis seeds straight away.

Here I have some growing reviews on Seed Stockers cannabis strains.

Seed Stockers CBD Silver Lime Haze

This strain has surprised me so much, Definitely my favourite medical strain to date, Buds are dense & frosty with pungent Fruity/Citrus/Funky Haze smells, Tastes amazing too with immediate effects but not overpowering perfect for daytime & also to take away your aches and pains helping you to drift off into a deep peaceful sleep! 10/10 in my book.

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Seed Stockers Northern Lights Auto
NL has a Delicious flavour, very aromatic. Buds were big but airy. A longer drying time needed so they are going to go back into the dry cupboard and I'll give her another few days then back in the curing jar. More of a nighttime but good for more quiet relaxation.

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Seed Stockers AK420
What an amazing strain.... the easy way too growing this... the smell... fantastic smell... full dominated of cinnamon!!! And this baby taste sooooooo...... FRUITY!

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Seed Stockers OG Candy Dawg Kush Auto

Absolute pleasure to grow! The smell and denseness of the bud are to die for. Would give a ten out of ten every time!

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Seed Stockers White Widow

She has a very uplifting feel to the smoke. creative and Talkative. Buds are glistening and stink it’s a good job I live on the top floor that’s for sure very easy to grow hardly any problems at all. no mould or disease no herming nothing great pheno would recommend the yield will be good.

White Widow is one of the strongest autos we have seen. She is easy to grow and the consistent genetics can produce THC levels of 23%+. It’s a great choice for the grower who is looking for maximum potency. Yields are also above average, it’s a simple variety to grow in any grow system indoors or outdoors.

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Now let’s take a look some growing reports and see how you at home can use this for your own cannabis growing.

Seed Stockers BCN Critical XXL

BCN Critical XXL is one of our best sellers at Discount Cannabis Seeds. Our customers give us the best reviews on this weed seed and the yields which BCN Critical XXL produces are just breath taking. This weed seed is available in both Feminised and Auto Flowering so why not try Seed Stockers today at

Let’s see what techniques the grower used and a bit more about BCN XXL Critical.

BCN Critical is another multi award-winning Seed Stockers cannabis classic, most famous for the extremely strong high which has satisfied countless growers. The buds often have a citrus aroma and lemon taste, harvest quantities are impressive and well above average.

This variety is an established and consistent prizewinner, she blooms quickly and always produces great quality harvests. For many growers it’s the only variety they need. Critical is a remarkably strong smoke (23%+ THC) and so pleasing to grow that you will look forward to growing her again and again.

The cannabis grower grew indoors and harvested BCN XXL at Week 12.
The pots used were 11L Pot with lighting of LED: SP250 (245W) for Flow. Stage
Canna COCO. LST and Defoliation techniques were used throughout.

Review from the grower:

She bulked up nicely and she filled up her nodes better than I thought she would, given her insane prolonged stretching coming into F. She carried on complaining though but, bless her, she powered through regardless.

The trim was easy enough, and once dried and jarred she smells very earthy and perhaps a bit berryish. Definitely got a fruity aftertaste in the smoke but I wouldn't say citrus, more berryish but it's a deep and thick flavour. You can definitely taste the Afghan heritage; it feels skunky and heavy. I must say I like it. Absolutely fantastic evening smoke, it complements the Orange Diesel heavy sativa I smoke during the day.

Here is another review from a cannabis grower about BCN XXL Critical.

A decent yield and an overall nice little smoke too. Smell was very strong during the drying process. Dried upside down for 10 days in dark room, before trimming the buds and filling 2 x glass mason jars for the curing phase. I'm very pleased overall with this strain I would definitely grow this again.

I have tested the end result in various ways, 1) With the use of a pipe, 2) Rolled in a joint by itself, 3) Using the dry herb vapouriser. Each time it has been a nice smoke, with nice relaxing head/body high setting your mind into overdrive on your next creative project. but too comfortable and relaxed to get up and move.

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Next up I have another award winning and best seller at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Seed Stockers Amnesia Auto

This is a huge favourite with auto growers and will change your life after you have grown this. At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have these weed seeds priced at just £7.20 for a pack of 3! So head over to our cannabis seeds store and get yours today.

Let’s hear a bit more about Amnesia Auto and a grow report.

Amnesia Auto is one of Seed Stockers best-selling Autos. It’s an easy auto to grow, she grows well indoors or outdoors with heavy harvests and a resinous THC-rich result with a super strong Haze smoke. Indoors this auto does well with 20 hours of daily light and takes around 11 weeks from seed to harvest.

Under optimum indoor hydroponic conditions Amnesia Autoflower will produce several hundred grams per plant. This variety is easy to grow in any grow medium and even first-time growers will get great results.

Experienced auto growers should note that this is one of our strongest auto varieties with THC levels of 23% and some of the heaviest yields that we have seen on an auto.

The Lighting: 315w LEC/CMH Provided by Grower's House will also be tested. The light Schedule: 20/4-24/0. The Temp/Humidity: 88.7 +/- 3degree's--80% +/- 4%--veg ---35% flower. The Nutrients: GH Flora Series, Micro,Grow,Bloom... Silica blast, Rapid Root, SuperThrive, SM90, Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal, Calimag, Rhizoflora Terpinator ,Black Strap Molasses, Ph up/down & Bud Explosion.
The WATER pH: 5.98-6.01(Very Strict). The Grow Chamber: 4X4X8 Tent (sealed)

When Weighed and jarred both plants today. Official numbers are 46 grams for the Amnesia Auto which was great! Over the moon with the grow and Amnesia Auto! Would grow over and over again! The smoke was incredible, really could feel the super strong haze and it hit me like a ton of bricks with all that THC!
Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Now I have another best seller from Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers Blackberry Gum

If you’re after a real fruity taste with some high THC levels in it then why not shop at Discount Cannabis Seeds for some incredible cannabis grows!

Seed Stockers Blackberry Gum is an unusual phenotype found after crossing a Bubble Gum male plant with a dark female Blueberry clone from a cannabis club in Barcelona. The Blackberry Gum line is an unusual fruity phenotype, often with dark colorings in the buds and leaves.

The aroma is earthy, spicy and with dark fruity aromas of Blueberry and the very dense sweet Bubble Gum taste together with a flash of cotton candy. Yields are well above average, and the parents guarantee highly potent, resin-crusted buds with a very long-lasting effect.

 THC levels are 23%+ on this variety, it’s one of the strongest varieties you will find with a great feel-good high.

Blackberry Gum is my First Strain from them and also my first Grow in pure Coco. I transfer in the Coco Club.

I Grow in "Canna Coco Plus" with Canna Coco A&B, Rhizotonic, Enzyme, Pk 13/14 and Sensi Cal/Mag from Advanced Nutrients. Ph Pen and EC pen are also must have so nothing can't go wrong I hope. Tent are 80x80x160cm. Lights 4 x 55-Watt Cob LED's 3500 and 3000k let's see how big she gets in her 15 Litre Air pot and then I will see how much lights to give her!

Day 70 Last 14 - 21 Days and she is ready for Chop. Really Nice Plant!! I am in love with this cannabis strain! It has been so easy to grow and after smoking it I have found my newfound love! I will always get more cannabis seeds by Seed Stockers!

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds

And finally, my last best seller is Big Bud!

Seed Stockers Bid Bud

These incredible weed seed is available in auto flowering and feminised which is available to buy at our cannabis seeds store for the cheapest prices starting at £7.30 for 3 cannabis seeds.

You will find out some great information on how growing cannabis really works and see the incredible results cannabis growers have produced.

I spoke to the grower and we are going to talk about Big Bud Cannabis Seeds by Seed Stockers. This weed seed is so popular on our cannabis seeds store Discount Cannabis Seeds and you will understand why after reading this blog. I then asked a few questions about their grow so let’s see shall we.

  1. Where do you grow your cannabis seeds?
    I am an indoor cannabis grower and this is how I have always grown my weed seeds, I always use tents for my indoor growing.

  2. What equipment do you use for your grow?
    I use 2x4 grow tent, lighting, plastic cups at the start for the first 15 days before transferring into galloon pots and Fox farms was used as the nutrient when it came to feeding the plants.

  3. What do you grow your cannabis seeds in?
    After being in a small plant pot the Big Bud XXL are transferred into 3 gallon pots and placed in a 2x4 grow tent under the Mars Hydro TS1000
    Big Bud XXL was enormous they grew to be almost 3 feet tall

  4. What lights and temperature do you use in your grow?
    My cannabis seeds are in Veg under the Bestiva LED grow light from amazon 600 watts. I grew Big Bud XXL between 24-29 degrees.

Big Bud Feminised is one of the heaviest yielders in the Seed Stocker collection. This productive and potent variety was bred specifically for the XL blooms with consistently high THC levels. The Big Bud Feminised genetics are an established genetic line, meaning consistent growth from crop to crop.

Due to the size of the buds and risk of mould, Big Bud Feminised variety does best in grow rooms where humidity does not get too high. Lab testing has shown Seed Stockers Big Bud Feminised has 22%+ THC levels and achieving extra-large harvests.

Big Bud Feminised is recommended for the more experienced grower that can push genetics to their limit. So why not buy Big Bud for yourself today!

The review of growing Big Bud.

There’s a great smell from the flowers already. it’s very sweet but spicy like cinnamon or nutmeg. Really nice plant. Beautiful with multiple long and tasty colas. Awesome growing! I bought my seed stockers seeds from you and this has been a brilliant grow for me! I’m coming back to you for my next lot!

Seed Stockers - Discount Cannabis Seeds


After reading my blog on Seed Stockers giving you an insight what it is like to grow their weed seeds, techniques and pictures when flowered that you are now ready to enter the cannabis gardening world and start your journey today with us at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Thank you for reading and stay lifted.


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