Shame on the Home Office

The Home Office

“It's horrendous that children are suffering because of Home Office bureaucracy."

Billy Caldwell

Billy Caldwell had earlier been granted a short-term licence by the Home Office to allow him access to cannabis oil which his mother Charlotte says the medication helps to control his seizures.

When is the licence going to be made permanent?

Sophia Gibson

A seven-year-old girl who is waiting to hear if she can be treated with medicinal cannabis oil has been admitted to intensive care. Sophia Gibson, from Newtownards, County Down, suffers from a genetic condition which can lead to frequent fits.

Her parents have applied for a licence to use the oil however, they said that a new review of its benefits has created more red tape and called on the Home Office to grant the licence immediately.

Alfie Dingley

My six year old son Alfie has a very rare genetic epilepsy condition called PCDH19. It causes clusters of seizures which are unresponsive to almost any medications.

He can have up to 30 violent seizures a day. It’s so severe that he had 3000 seizures in one year and ended up in hospital 48 times.

The only legal medication in the UK that helps are steroids. But they are toxic to the body, especially when used regularly.

If we continue giving them to Alfie there is a high likelihood he will develop psychosis or his organs will fail. Last year, in desperation, Alfie and his parents travelled to Holland where doctors treated him with cannabis oil.

Miraculously, with a dose of three drops a day, Alfie didn’t have a seizure for 27 days. He's only had 2 seizures in the last two months.

I don’t want to have to break the law so I am pleading with the Home Office to make an exception for Alfie and grant his doctor license to prescribe medical cannabis so Alfie can live life carefree, without constant seizures and ploughing of steroids.