The Stigma of Cannabis

The Stigma of Cannabis - Discount Cannabis Seeds


This is a question that will probably be answered differently depending on where you live in the World. Here in the UK, we are slowly making inroads into legalisation but we are a good 5+ years away from that.

If we take a look at places in the world where Cannabis laws have laxed, those are:

  • In Australia, Puerto Rico, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia and Macedonia it is legal for medicinal purposes in some form, and in Turkey you are allowed to cultivate it for personal medical use.
  • In Uruguay, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Jamaica, Columbia and Chile cannabis is legal or decriminalised in some form.
  • The US states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York,  North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington also have relaxed drug laws.
  • Canada has now gone legal for both medical and recreational.

USA map - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Excerpt taken from the Sun (11/18)

The reason we need to look at the laws when discussing stigma, is this is what generally feeds the stigma. We have no problem in society openly talking about alcohol but you could argue that it’s a far more dangerous substance, but its totally legal to buy it (assuming you’re old enough of course).

Personally, I don’t tell some friends that I work in the industry. This could cause me problems with future employment, should they take a dim view on my choice of industry to work with.

On a positive note, I have noticed a change here in the UK over the past 5 years. With multiple medical Cannabis cases hitting the UK headlines, this has helped push Cannabis into the mainstream. It’s also helped launch the very lucrative CBD market. I’ve also noticed UK soap programmes running Cannabis stories but showing it in a favourable light. We even had a programme dedicated to some celebs going to America and trying Cannabis for the first time. You can see the trailer for it here: .

It was beamed into UK homes during prime time so could only have had a good effect on reaching audiences that hadn’t been reached before and showing how fun and harmless Cannabis Consumption could be.

We’d love to get your thoughts on this. Do you feel able to go around your everyday life with people around you knowing you’re a Cannabis consumer?

I’ve started this poll on my Twitter page. If you’re on Twitter please vote and I will share the results in a weeks time.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

This post was written by Gary Eff for Discount Cannabis Seeds.


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