Top 10 Songs to Listen While Smoking Up

Top 10 Songs to Listen While Smoking Up | Discount Cannabis Seeds


Gone are the days when the world was a simple and uncomplicated place to live. The prehistoric, stone age, and middle age periods are now just part of our history books and today mankind has leaped to unimaginable heights.

However, with the advancement in technology, health, manufacturing and other sectors, the burden on the human life has also increased significantly. Whether, a student is studying in the competitive world of Computer Science or a financial trader is attempting to minimize losses for a client’s portfolio, everyone needs a break.

In these stressful situations, cannabis is your true ally as it provides significant relief and helps you to re-energize and fight your problems through your valuable beaker bong.

However, the smoking experience requires certain ingredients for optimum affects for example the ultimate playlist of songs.

Check out these stoner song favorites Smokesmith Gear recommend that would certain hit the right spots in your brain.

Ramble On

Artist: Led Zeppelin

Release Year: 1969

Led Zeppelin requires no introduction for the rock n roll lovers. The band has produced several songs that particularly enrich the smoking experience. Amongst their collection, Ramble On holds a special place in smokers’ hearts that captures the true essence of Led Zeppelin — gentle portions and strong riffs (the repeated phrase in a song).


Hey Joe

Artist: Jimi Hendrix

Release Year: 1966

How can a smoking playlist ever be complete without the name of Jimi Hendrix? Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe is popular among smokers for its distinct quality of being hypnotic for the music lovers. The song has been often credited for its special place as a standard for the rock n roll music genre. The song has many versions by different artists but we believe that the Hendrix version is the best one.


White Iverson

Artist: Post Malone

Release Year: 2015

In the sweet state of being high, White Iverson serves as a beautiful piece of music. The track is especially suitable to smoking environments due to its ability to enact an atmosphere of relaxation. The song consists of the trap-style hip hop and an elegant ambience of synth pad that smoothens the entire experience.


Champagne Supernova

Artist: Oasis

Release Year: 1995

The young 90s generation has now transitioned to academic, office, and business life. In these times, the smoking experience can certainly be boosted through an old favourite like Champagne Supernova. The song’s lyrics and details especially hit you hard while smoking with your arcline beaker bong.


Stay High

Artist: G-Eazy

Release Year: 2012

In the times of huge stress, this song particularly helps while smoking. The song captures a fun experience where the alter ego enjoys and lives life in his own way. Due to G-Eazy’s status as a habitual smoker, the lyrics and video of the song can help listeners get the inspiration they are looking for.


Oasis - Post Malone, The Beatles, Bod Dylan - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Artist: Bob Dylan

Release Year: 1966

When Dylan tells you to get high, then you must. In this song, the legendary Bob Dylan advises the whole world to get stoned. At the time of release the song gained positive critical reception for its unique brass band arrangement.


Return to Serenity

Artist: Testament

Release Year: 1992

Powerful drum beats, pleasant riffs, and an engrossed vibe make this song a must-have track in your playlist. The song can especially cater to the metal lovers.



Artist: The Weeknd

Release Year: 2014

There is a reason this song bagged awards like Video of the Year and Best Director at the 2015th Much Music Video Awards. The song provides a track that has the right level  of seductive ambience with a peaceful vibe, while the mellifluous vocals ensure a memorable smoking experience.


Got to Get You into My Life

Artist: The Beatles

Release Year: 1966

When the song was released, people imagined the song’s target to be a lover. However, years later Paul McCartney revealed that it symbolizes their love for weed. According to McCartney, marijuana felt a remarkable improvement over alcohol which greatly enhanced their personal and professional lives.


Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

Artist: Jamey Johnson, Kris Kristofferson, and Snoop Dogg

Release Year: 2012

The thoughts about life and death are a recurrent theme for smoke lovers. Hence, if you are thinking in a similar vein, then try this song which is centred on the singer’s cremation.


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