Top 3 High THC Seeds

Top 3 High THC Seeds | Discount Cannabis Seeds


If you love original AK-47, get ready to go certifiably insane over Vision Seeds AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds. AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a super-potent feminized seed reaches all the way to 20% THC for full-bodied Sativa effects that'll permanently unglue your ass from the couch. Never try extra-strong AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds during the day unless you're extremely tolerant.

AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a killer!

AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a rock-solid, Sativa-dominant mix of Columbian, Thai, Mexican & Afghani genetics with outstanding quality & compact, dense nuggs coated in a thick layer of hairs & resin.  AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds smell spicy & taste surprisingly sweet. AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds  take 84 days to finish, but good things definitely come to those who wait!

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THC Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds is Bomb Seeds signature strain . THC Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds is well known worldwide for its huge dense buds and crazy high THC levels. 

Like Big Bomb the harvest is massive coupled with power and strength from its white mother. The weed plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder. Outdoors THC Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds can produce well over 1kg per plant.

At full maturity THC Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seed is completely covered in frosty crystals and by completely covered we really do mean that. THC Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds was developed to be something special delivering on every level: yield, strength, taste and speed!

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Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds has really earned her name and her reputation! Very strong and extra pure, Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a wicked strain that will knock you out!


Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds is one of the purest strains on the market. To reproduce this variety, Dutch Passion only inbreeds Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds without any hybridization. This Sativa-dominant strain is known for its rich 15% THC reserves and extra-high yields. Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds is consistent and extremely reliable, Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds always gives the same strong, uplifting effect and subtle, soft flavour.

Dutch Passion Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds has a reputation for large, resinous trichomes and a glowing, golden presentation. With barely any visible green as this strain ages, its appearance is definitely unique. As exotic as any tropical bloom, Power Plant Feminised Cannabis Seeds could be the next showpiece in your collection.

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