Top Tips for Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

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Growing plants can be rewarding, but if you are legally allowed to do so being able to grow a healthy cannabis plant can be even more so. Not only is it exciting to watch your cannabis plant age, but enjoying the fruits of your labour after can make it all the more worthwhile. Part of growing a healthy, successful cannabis plant is knowing how to purchase the right cannabis seeds.

Below, we have outlined 5 must follow tips when purchasing cannabis seeds.

1. Know your Conditions

Before purchasing your cannabis seeds, it is important to know the conditions in which you will be growing your cannabis plant. Cannabis has come a long way over the past 10 years and there are around 3,000 different strains and varieties that are better suited for different environments. If you are planning on growing cannabis outdoors, there are plenty of different cannabis seeds available for different environments, soil types, and temperatures. If you are planning on growing cannabis indoors, there are several varieties of cannabis plants for that also.

Typically, the cannabis plants that are meant to be grown indoors are smaller and thicker in shape and size. It is best to first figure out where the plant will be growing before deciding on a type of cannabis strain to grow.

2. Regular, Feminised or Autoflowering

There are three types of seeds available for purchase. The first type of seed is a traditional Regular Cannabis seed that can be either male or female, producing either male or female flowers.

The second type of seed available is a Feminised Cannabis seed which has been specially bred to only contain female chromosomes and no male chromosomes. Since only the female flowers produce the desirable cannabis buds, it would make sense to only want to use feminised seeds, and there are certainly some great benefits to them. For example, feminised seeds can produce a great harvest and are a perfect choice if you would like to continue growing from cloned plants.

The third type of seed is the Autoflowering Cannabis seed which although the majority are Auto Feminised there are a few specialised Cannabis Seedbanks which produce Auto Regular Seeds.

Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds make growing cannabis so much easier. The clever genetic mix brings you all the effects, yield, potency, taste and quality as any Regular or Feminised Cannabis Seeds but with two great benefits; they are easier and faster to grow.

3. Look at the Appearance of the Seeds

Despite what you may have heard, you actually can judge a book by its cover. At least you can in the cannabis plant world. Being able to take a look at the cannabis seed will tell you a great deal about how the plant will turn out. First, take a good look at the colour of the seed. You want tear-drop shaped seeds in dark browns and tans. The cannabis seed should have stripes of different tan, brown, or black coloration. You should avoid seeds that light coloured or green.

The size of the seed will also be able to give some indication of the type of cannabis plant you are purchasing. Larger seeds are typically used for indoor plants, while smaller seeds that are more uniform in colour are usually outdoor plants. Lastly, cannabis seeds should have a hard exterior to them. Avoid using any seeds that have a soft shell.

4. Check out Online Seed Companies

There are still a lot of grey areas surrounding the legality and availability of cannabis. To complicate things, there is even more grey area surrounding the ability to have seeds or even small cannabis plants in your possession. One way is to use Seedfinder to check the availability, price and reviews of each online seed company.

5. Understand the Process

One of the best tips for purchasing cannabis seeds is to fully understand the process. Education is key and growing a healthy cannabis plant is no different. Understanding the various requirements and stages of growing cannabis will ultimately lead to success. Knowing what to expect and what to look for each step of the way will save some time and frustration and allow you to learn and grow over time also.

There are several online tools to help educate yourself better and a number of forums which give useful advice.

Some of the major Seed Banks also have information and grow guides, try Royal Queen Seeds.