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Weed all about it - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis has many names and slang associated with it. Here I look at 5 of the most used and briefly explore their origins. Some are popular and others like ‘marijuana’ are loaded, with some asking for its use to stop for good.

So let’s start there!


According to Leafly (and various other articles on the web), marijuana has racist connotations. Without going into detail it stems from an American Government Offical, Harry Anslinger, who was director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the American Government. He attributed the newly named ‘marijuana’ as being associated with ‘Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers’ as a way to diminish and tar the plant as a bad drug. Now we can see why people don’t like the use of the word too much.


420 isn’t a by-word for Cannabis as such, but more of a code word for the act of smoking it. It’s quite a fun term and there’s now an annual 420 day. There are many conflicting stories about the origin, one of which is that is it was the police code for marijuana smokers for in the 70’s. Another story is that it was the time some American School friends met for a blunt. If you have your own thoughts drop them in comments below.


The word ‘weed’ has been around for a while and is pretty self-explanatory. It’s considered the hip term at the moment and can often be found ‘hashtagged’ on Instagram as ‘#instaweed’.  Whilst the word ‘weed’ has negative terms if you’re a gardener, in this case, it’s an endearing term to the wonderful Cannabis plant. Origins unkown.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, no less, ‘reefer’ is a cigarette containing cannabis or marijuana. The origins of the word are complex and it potentially has a background from Mexico. Who cares I hear you say, it’s a cool word and it’s here to stay for good as part of the Cannabis lexicon.

Canna ‘Beans’

Being in the Cannabis Seed industry, the word ‘beans’ is often used as a alternative term for seeds. Is not overly used, but it’s a word we like. It adds a fun slant to the seeds that we sell. On that note, if you’re interested to shop for new beans, take a browse through our shop.


There are many terms which are associated with Cannabis, such as; pot, ganja, hemp, gear, hashish, green, bush, Mary Jane and so on.

What ever you decide to call this glorious plant, there's plenty of famous (and successful people) that like a little puff of pot.

Michael Phelps - Olympic Swimmer

Michael Phelps has won 23 Gold medals in Swimming, but he’s a self-confessed dope smoker. And why not. It can help you chill when you need it and leave no consequences the next day - unlike booze (which he also admits doing a lot as it happens).

Zayn Malik - One Direction Band Member

I need to put this out there that I am not a fan of their music and it’s hardly ground-breaking news that a pop-star smokes weed, however, I like what Zayn has to say about smoking it. According to the Rolling Stone Magazine, he ‘uses it to help with his anxiety’. Now what’s wrong with that? Nothing, I say.

Barack Obama - Ex President of The United States

If you have to choose someone out of this list who’d be best to use as an example of a former weed smoker, then look no further than Pres. Barack Obama. According to his biography ‘Barack Obama: The Story he was part of ‘The Choom Gang’ in college. Outwith basketball another of their favourite pastimes was smoking some pot. So there you go Cannabis haters, take that one!

Prince Harry - Royalty

Say what, Prince Harry? Yes, Prince Harry! According to this article in High Times it’s alleged via the New York Post that in 2002, Harry had been ‘smoking that grass’. Well Harry, if you did I bet it was Royal Queen Seeds strains you were a-smoking? I guess we’ll never know.

Pat Butcher - Soap Actress in the UK

Let’s finish on a funnier one! For any UK TV fans, you will know the name of Pat Butcher. It’s not often Pat Butcher will be mentioned in the same blog post as Barack Obama and Prince Harry but that’s Cannabis for you. Pat, who’s real name is Pam St Clement, now claims she smokes pot daily, at age 75, after her time on an ITV’s (light-hearted) Cannabis documentary from two years ago. Whilst this is a bit of fun, Pam does a lot to help further break stigma’s so there more people in her sphere do this, the better for all.


So there you go. That’s only 5 and there are hundreds and thousands of them. If you know of any more list them in the comments below.

This post was written by Gary Eff for Discount Cannabis Seeds. Discount Cannabis Seeds have some of the most cost-efficient beans on the web.


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