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Weed Seeds


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Weed Seeds

The known history of weed begins about 12,000 years ago and the drug has been used by peoples from over the World.

Oldest know recorded use - Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 B.C.

Weed only arrived in North America in the 20th Century with Mexicans fleeing the revolution of 1910-1911.

Weed is widely used for medicinal purposes aside from being used as an intoxicant.

Known uses for weed (different strains are used for different purposes) include smoking, pain relief (Indica, Sativa),

Other uses include for rope, clothes, animal feed, oil, food (Sativa L – Hemp)

Basic plant characteristics – males are taller and thinner, and their flower pods contain the fertilising, pollen-generating anthers. Females are darker and shorter.



Weed Seeds

  • 420 – Weed use
  • Blunt – Weed in a cigar
  • Bogart a joint – hang on to a weed cigarette
  • Bong – Pipe to smoke weed with
  • Charas – Weed from India
  • Chillum – Pipe used to smoke Weed
  • Colombian – Weed
  • Dope – Weed and any other drug
  • Ganja – Weed
  • Grass – Weed
  • Hash – Weed
  • Herb – Weed
  • Indica – Tall Weed from a warm climate
  • Joint – Weed cigarette
  • Reefer – Weed cigarette
  • Roach – butt of a Weed cigarette
  • Sativa – Species of Weed from cool, damp climate
  • Skunk – Weed (potent)
  • Smoke a bowl – smoke a Weed pipe
  • Spliff – Weed cigarette
  • Thai sticks – Thai Weed in a bundle and soaked in hash oil
  • Toke – to smoke Weed
  • Twist a joint – make a Weed cigarette
  • Wacky weed/baccy – Weed



Weed Seeds

Autoflowering weed seeds

These seeds do not rely on the ratio of light to dark hours to grow successfully. Autoflowering plants will be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks from seed which makes them popular with weed growers.

Female weed seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that only produce female marijuana plants.

Skunk weed seeds

Skunk is a potent form of weed with high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are many other varieties that are as strong and more so but skunk is the name popularised by the police and media.

Regular weed seeds

Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants. Breeders need regular seeds because they need to produce both male and females for continuation.



Weed Seeds

How to store weed seeds

Weed seeds can be stored in a freezer, refrigerator or at room temperature for shorter periods of less than a few years


Growing with hydroponics is growing plants in highly oxygenated water that has lots of nutrients. Weed growers use hydroponics to grow plants in water rather than soil. The action of getting water, nutrients and air to the roots directly means plants will grow faster.


There are options with LED and high output fluorescent being the most popular.

LED lights are becoming the standard for growing weed due to the ease of set up and the efficiency they offer.



Weed Seeds

Weed vaping

Vaping is seen as the healthy alternative to smoking weed but there is not enough evidence to prove that.

Weed vaporizers

There are hundreds of variations of weed vaporizers on the market. We’ve selected a couple of links that will help you choose but remember, trialling them for yourself is the only way to be sure.

Smoking weed

Most people choose to smoke weed in the traditional way either via a joint (weed cigarette) or a pipe of some form.  


A bong is the name for a pipe used to smoke weed. A bong uses water to cool the smoke as it passes from the bowl through the pipe and into the user’s lungs. Bongs are considered an efficient method of smoking as most of the smoke is inhaled. Bongs are considered a more sociable way to smoke.

Bongs can be made from anything from glass to an old plastic bottle. The more ornate or stylish the bong, the more refined the experience can be – if you care about the social side of the hobby.


Pipes are like bongs except the water is not present. The smoke can be a little harsher but the effect very similar. They can be made from glass, stone, wood, bamboo and many other materials.


Smoking joints is by far the most common method of consuming weed. The art of rolling joint is something long time smokers like to think they have mastered. There are multiple ways to ‘skin up’ and the variations depends on regional style, the amount and type of papers used.



Weed Seeds

Weed for most people offers a way to relax or in some cases ease pain but the effects are not always positive. Different amounts of the drug can cause varying effects. The active ingredient THC can cause feelings of anxiety and paranoia in some people. It has also been said that weed can bring on schizophrenia in younger smokers.

The reality is that for the most part weed is enjoyed by the majority who smoke it and statistics generally tell us that alcohol is related to more deaths and injuries than weed.



Weed Seeds

It is widely believed that weed has medicinal properties. Unfortunately, the mainstream medical community relies on huge studies to be able to endorse and recommend any drug. This leaves weed out in the cold and considered as pseudo medicine by most medical authorities, however, due to the huge amount of anecdotal evidence, especially for pain relief, weed is being taken seriously by some doctors and medicinal use is growing in popularity.

Tests for the efficacy of cannabinoids in treating serious illness such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer are ongoing and it is hoped that enough evidence of positive reactions can be garnered to allow its use in mainstream treatment.

Medical weed seeds

For a wide range of weed seeds which are high in CBD, go to Discount Cannabis Seeds medical seeds selection > Medical Seeds



Weed Seeds

Not everyone can smoke weed so eating is a realistic option. There are upsides and down sides of eating weed.

The main problem eaters have is understanding how much THC (the psychoactive ingredient) is in the weed or hash they must cook with. Getting this aspect wrong can end up with people that don’t like being too stoned suffering from adverse effects such as anxiety and panic.

Also, the effects can last much longer so it’s a good idea to investigate cooking weed properly.



Weed Seeds

Buying weed to get high on is illegal in the UK but there are places on this planet where it isn’t.

Being in possession of weed is not illegal in most countries. This is where the drug is classed as ‘decriminalised’.

There are other forms of weed that are legally available such as weed oil which can be used for medicinal purposes.

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