What are the biggest misconceptions of weed?

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Whether you are a weed smoker, or you enjoy reading blogs about weed, what do you think about the misconceptions people think about either smoking weed, vaping or using weed in food? There are negatives in all drugs which are taken however weed is a drug which is known for its health benefits and outside the UK is being prescribed for treatments such as back pain or arthritis. Weed and improving someone’s wellbeing is widely used across the world and this blog is about the negative views which they may have on weed so let’s see how you feel about the subject.

Everyone has their own conceptions of weed and how they feel about the drug, but I think this is because of the drug being illegal in the UK. This is understandable as it is against the law to be growing, in possession or selling weed however we have forgotten that in some states of the US and Canada this drug is legalised and used for medical help. People can think it’s just for drug users or stoners when the facts are our doctors are using weed on prescription and in some cases, people have had cancers cured.

Medical research has been at its all-time high with weed and the treatment it can provide to people who have no options available to them. Yes you can get high and stoned from weed but it can treat anxiety which in the UK doctors are prescribing medication for this that slows a person’s brain down and have no emotions towards life which I would say I would rather smoke weed than have my personality disappear. It is a drug where you do not become addicted to so if this was to fix me until I learned how to control anxiety and overcome fears unlike anti depression pills which if you are not feeling any different you just get a higher dosage until there is no other alternatives as you are on the maximum prescribed.

NHS England - Cannabis-based products for medicinal use: Frequently Asked Questions

I always hear people saying it can turn a person lazy which I think is a misconception however weed can bring out your creative side, your mind is concentrating on every sound and your mind opens a lot more. If a song came on the radio while smoking weed it can make the sound more intense and your mind focuses on every word that is sung. Your conversation if smoking it with other people can be more in depth as you want to explore everything is said and this can go on for hours. Song writers have been known to smoke weed while writing as it gives your mind more perspective and new ideas which you wouldn’t feel normally.

Weed doesn’t cause deaths like illegal drugs can, yes you can do stupid things while taking weed such as driving under the influence however when smoking weed you know your limits and after one spliff this is usually more than enough for the night and to feel the full effects of weed. Obviously if you take a very large amount you could die but for a weed overdose to be fatal, you would have to consume about 1,000 pounds per minute, which is clearly impossible. People may have a misconception about weed as it is an illegal drug in the UK and can be put off the idea due to dangers behind taking drugs however weed has been used for many years for medical reasons and improving people’s lives.

Weed can be known as a getaway drug which people think if you use one drug you are more likely to be open to using harder drugs such as cocaine. Only 5% of drug users in recent studies have committed a crime while under the influence and that percentage is a lot lower for weed users. Whether you believe weed could fuel crime is another controversy subject as if a person hasn’t got the money for the drug would they commit a crime such as stealing to get money for weed. When smoking weed due to its effects, the possibility of you even be bothering to get up off the sofa is one thing let alone plotting the next biggest heist of all time! 

Another reason maybe that as when you smoke weed you go through a phase called the munchies and you want to eat everything in sight whether it be a sweet craving or savoury. You can eat and eat in this stage however weight gain is not usually a side effect which you may get from smoking weed. Depending on the amount of food you consume and obviously sticking to your recommend calorie intake however weed itself does not cause weight gain.

Depression is a mental illness which is suffered by many people and life can be tough. I am not saying weed can cure mental illness and abusing weed can lead to symptoms such as feeling anxious or paranoid however if weed is taken in small doses for the right reasons in the right environment which is important as if you are in a new place where you do not feel comfortable and you’re a first time user you may experience a bad buzz you can see some symptoms of depression subsidised.

Thank you for reading my blog on weed and where the misconceptions come from, weed isn’t for everyone but if it's for you there’s only one place to visit and that is Discount Cannabis Seeds


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