What are the effects of smoking weed?

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In a society where drugs are so openly talked about and mental health being the main headline of every newspaper we read or broadcast on our television via the news channels we are interested to find out if smoking weed will affect you mentally and the effects of smoking weed.

In this blog I will tell you the effects of smoking weed and what why people such as yourselves smoke cannabis. This can be for medical reasons or just a social weed smoker. We have seen many life changing articles wrote about people who lead a life without pain and symptoms which are reduced dramatically by smoking or taking cannabis.

New revelations such as cannabis oil has cured many cancers this should be something taken very seriously!

There has been a lot of interest in cannabinoids which is illegal in the UK. The research which has been carried out in a laboratory Scientists have found that different cannabinoids can cause a cell to die, stop cells from dividing and stop cells from developing new blood vessels.

We also have CBD Oil which has been released for sale which instead of smoking cannabis to get high or relieve anxiety and depression which CBD does you have an oil where you drop it on your tongue and you feel more relaxed.

The effects of smoking weed can change from person to person and whether you are new to smoking cannabis or a regular joint lover!

When smoking cannabis THC chemicals travel to the brain and THC is what makes you feel “high”. What you will experience in a couple of minutes after smoking weed will be uncontrollable laughter as we know it to be “the giggles”, any little remark or sentence you can eventually spin together will be hysterical.

Be warned this feeling can last for hours and uplift your spirits which is great if you are feeling depressed or a bit blue. Then you can get so hungry “the munchies” anything and everything you have will be amazing mixed together especially sweet things, cake, ice cream, puddings you name it you want it!

You can forget everything you have even thought about or wanted to say your mind will be so forgetful sometimes you can't string a sentence together before saying the famous words what were we talking about?

These stages are all normal and if it is strong weed like skunk you can get hallucinations which can be strange for some people who haven’t smoked weed before. The side effects will wear off in 2/3 hours if you have smoked weed however if you have eaten it in a “space cake” it can last 24 hours.

When the side effects start to wear off you can feel very tired and sleep for literally days or you may choose to spark up another joint and do it all over again. Once smoking weed you can feel very tired and want to sleep the day away and once you have woken up the next day you feel the laziest you have felt in your life!

So don’t make any plans for the following day if your new to smoking bud as you won’t be interested!

If you are smoking cannabis for a medical reason then you could be given CBD Cannabis by your doctor if you are in legalised cannabis countries. This will only be a small amount as Cannabis is rich in CBD is considerably less psychoactive than the THC dominant strain and is therefore appealing for people wanting to utilise the medicinal properties without the “stoned” effect.

CBD is used to help with other various conditions, such as:

So if you are prescribed or growing medical marijuana CBD will have a less of a high but more a euphoric feeling over your body. You may not experience the giggles or the munchies as you are very relaxed.

If you are looking for medical marijuana seeds then Discount Cannabis Seeds can help! We have over 3,000 cannabis strains and you can find what you're looking for whether it be THC or CBD or maybe a mix of both.

Why not take a look at our cannabis seeds store and fill your basket! Thank you for reading my blog on what are the effects of smoking cannabis seeds! Keep following us on social media and reading my blogs I have a lot more to come.


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