What are Grass-O-Matic (GOM) Seeds?

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Grass-O-Matic was one of the first seedbanks from Valencia to focus on the development of auto flowering cannabis strains. All the great strains offered are 100% auto flowering and Feminised and are guaranteed to produce a good harvest of high-quality cannabis. All marijuana strains mature in only 65–75 days from seed to harvest and are perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors.

Starting in 2007, Grass-o-Matic seeds started on the production of superior, dependable auto-flowering varieties of cannabis seeds. They offer a small range of cannabis strains using famous genetics from across the globe. For the creation of their auto flowering high CBD strain Med Gom 1 they worked together with the guys from CBD Crew.

There are 5 cannabis strains which Grass-o-Matic have produced and I’m sorry to say that Discount Cannabis Seeds currently do not sell Grass-o-matic however I will tell you about the 5 marijuana strains they do offer.

AutoMass Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Auto Mass is an auto flowering version of Critical Mass, which in turn derives from super old-school Afghani genetics mixed with a Skunk #1 variety. Critical Mass is well-known for its massive yields. Growers usually include this strain in their ganja gardens and hybridization sessions to increase the yields of other cannabis specimens.

It's not uncommon to come across a strain with Critical Mass heritage. The highs experienced after toking Auto Mass are very similar to Critical Mass, however, the THC-levels are slightly lower, making this strain less potent.

The experiences induced can become quite mellow and also quite uplifting. Auto Mass delivers about 35-70g/plant. From seed to harvest, this Autoflower grows in 65 days.

AK Auto Feminised Seeds from Grass-O-Matic Seeds

This vigorous strain develops following a typical Indica pattern with a giant main cola and many strong side branches loaded with solid and compact conical buds. In good conditions the plants can easily grow taller than a meter. Its strong smell combines an intense citric undertone with the sweet and fruity Lowryder scent.

Indoor yields are so high that Auto AK can compete and win against most traditional cuttings. Also, it is very resistant so it can be grown outdoors yielding with high efficiency in every condition. The effect is calming, powerful and long lasting, suitable for relaxing time.


MED GOM 1.0 Auto Feminised Seeds from Grass-O-Matic Seeds

The world first-ever high CBD autoflowering strain created by Grass-O-Matic in partnership with CBD Crew.

All the female plants from this strain will produce a minimum of 4% CBD (cannabidiol) and will be mature in just 60 - 65 days from germination. Levels reaching a maximum of 10% THC and 15% CBD according to conditions and grower skill.

MED GOM 1.0 will grow in any environment and will seldom attain a height of more than 100 cm. tall. It produces compact buds which are sticky with THC-bearing resin exuding a perfume that is a mixture of citrus with notes of spices. Yield is only average at between 25 - 50 gr/plant but this is more than compensated for by the quality.

CBD is known to have anti-psychotomimetic effects helping wit loss of memory or concentration as well as anxiety which can occur with high-THC / low-CBD cannabis.

Also, you can try our CBD Crew Med Gom Auto > Med GOM Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | CBD Crew Seeds

Med GOM Auto - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Maxi Haze Auto Feminised Seeds

Maxi Haze is a vigorous heavy yielding automatic strain with a powerful haze influence resulted by crossing the flavourful Haze GOM with their most productive auto AK. Maxi Haze grows like a sativa with a well branched structure that within only 75-80 days can grow up to 1,5 metres and yield 200 or more grams under optimum growing conditions.

 Its foxtail flowers are pretty dense and fully covered with white trichomes. It gives you clear hear with relaxing body effect. Very suitable for medical purposes.

Sugar GOM Auto Feminised Seeds

This is a new easy growing automatic cannabis hybrid will amaze everyone for its exceptional coat of resin and huge production. White trichomes everywhere also onto the flowers and small leaves of the lowest branches. Sugar GOM Auto is very suitable for resin extraction.

 Fast and high-yielding plant that grows like an Indica and finishes within only 70 days from germination. It develops a long main cola and several strong side branches delivering solid sugar-coated buds.

Sugar GOM has fresh flowers have a dominant fragrance of sandal and citrus but after a good curing they will surprise the grower with a pleasant toasted coffee, hazelnut and musky flavours. Sugar GOM performs very well and gives a guaranteed satisfaction both indoor and outdoor.


And there you have it, a very small cannabis seed bank but now you know what GOM cannabis seeds are. At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell hundreds of Auto flowering cannabis seeds which you may want to take a look at after reading this blog!



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