Which are the fastest Auto Flowering Cannabis Genetics?

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In this blog I am going to talk about the fastest Auto Flowering Cannabis seeds you can buy online at our cannabis seeds store Discount Cannabis Seeds. With all the cannabis seeds you can buy online we have over 3,000 different cannabis strains it can be a bit overwhelming when choosing what to buy and what seed bank to choose so I am here to talk to you about why these are the fastest Auto Flowering Cannabis seeds.

Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds make growing cannabis so much easier. The clever genetic mix brings you all the effects, yield, potency, taste and quality as any Regular or Feminised Cannabis Seeds but with the benefit that they are easier to grow.

Auto Flowering cannabis varieties automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with age, as opposed to Regular/Feminised strains which need a ratio of light to dark hours. Fast, powerful, productive and incredibly beginner friendly, it is easy to see why Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds strains have become popular with all growers, here’s why:

  • Built for Speed
  • Fantastic Yields
  • Stealthy – Low Grow and Less Stinky
  • "Set and Forget Seeds" - No Worries
  • No Light Cycle Changes
  • Multiple Harvests Per Year

I am going to give you the top 5 fastest Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds We cover each category of cannabis seed with fast strains although you will see some crossover with auto flowering genetics.


Quick One Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Royal Queen Seed

Quick One - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Quick One is a fast-growing Autoflowering strain and was one of the first Autoflowering strains developed. When it was first released, it was one of the quickest growing strains on the planet. Quick One strain was created from a cross between Williams Wonder, Northern Lights and Ruderalis. The Ruderalis genetics gave the plant its Autoflowering ability, which means it will flower automatically. Quick One is a small, compact plant, it will not grow any taller than 50 to 60 cm. If grown well, it can yield up to 45 g per plant, and some growers have achieved even more. The plants have a fresh, herbal, almost citrus-like aroma. The taste is mild but good, and comes with a pleasant physically stoned effect

  • Yield: 45 grams
  • Harvest month: 8-9 weeks after sprouting
  • Height of the plant: 60 cm
  • Genetic background: Strong Indica x Ruderalis
  • Effect: Physical
  • Cannabinoid content: Medium
  • Type: Sativa: 10%; Indica: 60%; Ruderalis: 30%

Quick One Auto is available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds today so why not try it and see how quick it really is, you will be amazed with the results.

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Blackberry Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Fast Buds

Blackberry Auto - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Fast Buds Blackberry Feminised cannabis seed has been created for "Foodies" who love Cannabis. The mix of flavours offered by Blackberry create a burst of sensations, spicy, sweet, fruity, wild berries and pine, an explosive mixture that's difficult to forget. These alluring qualities result from the combo of Blackberry and purple Kush strains of Pakistani descent.

Minor Sativa and Canadian Ruderalis contributions round out the necessary genetics of the strain. Blackberry feminised cannabis seed achieves a very sweet and berry aroma, with a background of butter tones. Besides its spectacular flavour and aroma, it provides a buzz that you will remember, a blow to the cerebral faculties, followed by the relaxation of every muscle in your body.

Many consumers claim that they make sure their share of Blackberry is prepared and ready to use before they go to bed because its strong muscle relaxant properties help to induce sleep.  On a medicinal level, it is used for patients who have problems with insomnia, anxiety and stress, and it's especially useful for muscle conditions such as spasms and pain.

  • Gender: Feminised
  • Genes: mostly Indica
  • Genetics: Blackberry Kush Autoflowering
  • Flowering: 8 weeks from germination
  • Harvest US: up to 1.3 pounds per light
  • Harvest EU: 500-600gr/m2; 70-300 g/plant
  • Height US: up to 45 inches
  • Height EU: 70-110cm
  • THC: Very high
  • CBD: 0,8%
  • Autoflowering: Yes

Blackberry typically reaches full maturity in eight weeks and is one of Fast Buds most regular strains regarding grow times so why not shop today at Discount Cannabis Seeds and add this to your basket.

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Quick Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Dinafem Seeds

Quick Kush - Discount Cannabis Seeds

A quick-flowering OG Kush? Dinafem have got it! Fast, lemon and oil-scented, and super-potent.

  • Sex: Feminised
  • Genotype: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
  • Cross: OG Kush x OG Kush Auto
  • Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors
  • Indoor flowering: 49-56 days
  • Indoor yield: 500 g/m2
  • Outdoor harvest time: Mid-September
  • Outdoor yield: 1000 g/plant
  • Outdoor height 3 m
  • THC: 18-25%
  • CBD: 0.1%
  • THC/CBD ratio: 250:1

Dinafem's Quick Kush is a Feminised Cannabis Seed that speeds the legendary OG Kush up. While the most notable Indica ever needed some 55-63 days to flower, this Quick version is ready for harvest in just 49-56 days. But don’t be fooled by her flowering time, quicker doesn’t mean of poorer quality.

Quick Kush is armed with the oil and lemony scent that has attracted so many devotees throughout the history of cannabis as well as with the mind-blowing effect of the most famous strain in California. Spawned from an OG Kush elite clone of ours and a selected male from our OG Kush Auto elite line, Quick Kush turns into a slender, mid-sized plant with large leaves and evenly distributed elongated branches.

To these amazing qualities, we must add an exquisite beauty that certainly lives up to her predecessor’s. If her scents, flavours and effects weren’t so exceptional, she could well be a perfect ornamental plant noted for her elegance and splendour. Quick Kush is as productive as the original version. Let’s not forget that OG Kush was known, among others, for her incredible yielding capacity, which is kept intact in this fast version capable of producing half a kilo indoors and up to 1 kilo outdoors.

In terms of quality, she’s the best, as is to be expected from the most famous strain of the west coast. Expect many buds all over the multiple branches of this plant; incredibly compact and resin-packed flowers endowed with an extraordinary potency. Quick Kush delivers a pretty potent high. Her being quicker than the ‘normal’ version means that she’s exposed to more hours of sunshine and heat, and so reaches her potential more easily, boasting very high THC levels. The quick rendering of the legendary OG Kush mirrors her mother’s effect, with such high THC rates Quick Kush is more suitable for fearless cannabis heavyweights.

Dinafem team of breeders set out to create strains that would flower 7-14 days faster than the famous photo-dependent feminised genetics which is perfect for you if you are after a very quick auto flowering cannabis strain and this cannabis seeds are available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

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2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised By Heavyweight Seeds

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto - Discount Cannabis Seeds

  • GENETICS: Fast and Vast Auto x Northern Lights Auto
  • TYPE: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
  • CBD: 0.6%
  • THC: 18-20%
  • FLOWERING TYPE: Autoflowering
  • HARVEST TIME: Approximately 8 weeks from germination
  • HEIGHT: 100cm
  • YIELD: 600-800gr/m2

To create 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto, the Heavyweight team had a task of how to improve on probably the best Autoflowering strain available anywhere at the moment - Fast and Vast Auto. Taking great care not to lose any quality at the expense of yield they took a beautiful example of a Northern Lights Auto and crossed it with the mighty Fast and Vast Auto.

Although the huge yield of Fast and Vast Auto has been retained the addition of the heralded Northern Lights genes have produced the mouth-watering 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised Cannabis Seed. The entire plant is covered with resin, even the stem and branches, the smoke is pure with a fruity edge, the effect is a beautiful high and then a deep relaxed stone, giving the effect that is so hard to find, yet so sought after.

Well here it is at last, 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto is the finest Autoflowering Feminised cannabis seed Heavyweight Seeds have ever produced, making even the most dubious critics of Autos think again.

Here we have a customer who has left Discount Cannabis Seeds 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised Heavyweight Seeds Review.

Heavyweight Seeds, I absolutely love your strain 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto, I don't grow anything else now. I get such a good grow off it; plus the last pack I bought every single seed germinated. I found a really good deal on Heavyweight Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds (they sent Free Heavyweight Seeds) so it works out such good value for money. I can’t thank you enough Heavyweight Seeds, I recommend everyone to try 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto.

If this review hasn’t tempted you then I don’t know what will, buy yours today with Discount Cannabis Seeds where you will only find the cheapest cannabis seeds online.

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Auto Speed Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Black Skull Seeds

Auto Speed Haze - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Speed Haze was already a very fast Sativa cannabis strain; however, a Haze was required that could be planted outdoors, and have it in flower and finished long before the Autumn. It took many generations and selections to get the speed haze 100% Auto flowering.

Auto Speed Haze Feminised cannabis plant can easily reach 1M in height. This Feminised cannabis plant demonstrates Haze traits, such as fine leaves and long buds but the final effect is not totally sativa. There is still much Indica and Ruderalis in the genetic makeup so the CBD % is quite high which means Auto Speed Haze cannabis plant still has quite a narcotic effect.

Although 100% Auto flowering, Speed Haze Feminised cannabis plant will take a little longer to begin flowering (21-25 days) and will need around 70-80 days from seed to finish. During the flowering period Auto Speed Haze cannabis plant produces typical hazy aromas of pepper and pine, and towards the end of the flowering stage the buds will be shining with crystals.

This Feminised cannabis plant produces tastes that includes sharp citrus flavours, along with earthy undertones and once the spicy smoke fills your lungs the effect is almost immediate with a soaring cerebral high that is unmatched by any other Auto flowering cannabis strain.

  • Flowering time: 70-80 days from seed to bud.
  • THC levels: Medium. (10% - 15%
  • CBD levels: Low
  •  Yields: 40g-80g per plant
  • Height: 50cm - 100cm
  • Genetics: Ruderalis 25% Indica 25% Sativa 50%
  • Strains: Skull Ryder X Speedhaze

Auto Speed Haze is another fantastic cannabis strain which is available to buy from us at Discount Cannabis Seeds, why not treat yourself today and you will be amazed at the quick results.

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I hope you have enjoyed your read about the fastest Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds and this is will entice you to buy yours today at the cheapest cannabis seeds store online, Discount Cannabis Seeds.



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