White Widow x Big Bud Cannabis Seeds By Female Seeds Review

White Widow x Big Bud Cannabis Seeds By Female Seeds Review | Discount Cannabis Seeds

WHITE WIDOW X BIG BUD CANNABIS SEEDS BY FEMALE SEEDS is one of our best sellers here at Discount Cannabis Seeds, this weed seed is available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds in packet sizes of 4 and 10. 

WHITE WIDOW X BID BUD FEMINISED SEEDS represents a Female collection and are designed for indoor and outdoor growing. Like any other seeds of this group, they are hand selected and thoroughly tested for their qualities. WW X BB feminised cannabis seeds show 100% germination after just 24 hours.

WW X BB CANNABIS SEEDS respond well to any growing methods and show excellent results in soil, pots, hydroponics and SOG. WHITE WIDOW X BID BUD FEMINISED PLANTS are of a medium size (40-60 cm) with typical Indica characteristics. WW X BB CANNABIS SEEDS make ideal strain for beginners as they are very easy to grow. WHITE WIDOW X BIG BUDS PLANTS are usually left to vegetate for 5 weeks and to flower for 8 weeks.

Here at Discount Cannabis Seeds we highly recommend WHITE WIDOW X BIG BUD FEMINISED CANNABIS SEEDS and is available at very competitive prices.