Working in the UK Cannabis Industry

Working in the UK Cannabis Industry - Discount Cannabis Seeds


I’m currently in my second position as a marketing guy in the Cannabis Industry, working for Discount Cannabis Seeds.

It’s a fun, challenging role that lets you be very creative but comes with an added element, and that is you feel a little bit underground for doing so.

My name ‘Gary Eff’ is a bit of a play on my real name as a stigma still exists in the industry, and some future employers might take a dim view on my choice of industry, even though selling Cannabis Seeds is completely legal to do in the UK, assuming they are being sold as souvenirs.

The future, however, is bright, given the changes in the law in large countries like America and Canada, you can only assume the UK will follow suit. On top of that, some of the headline hitting medical cannabis stories hitting the news here are helping to change attitudes too.

Cannabis legalization in the USA - Discount Cannabis Seeds

My personal opinion is that Cannabis should be legalised for both medical and recreational purposes. The medical benefits speak for themselves but it’s the recreational side that is the most contentious. There are two main reasons that I think it should be fully legalised.

1. The harmful effects are considered to be a lot less than that of alcohol. A common stat that does the rounds on the Internet, is that no-one has knowingly died of Cannabis Consumption whereas millions of people have died due to alcohol abuse.

2. From a law and order standpoint, I’m sure the police up and down the country would prefer to deal with stoners than drunks of a Saturday night. Far less trouble for sure.

3. Being stoned just feels nice and can heighten your pleasure of life (so I’m told). What’s not to love?

So, outwith the obvious stigma that still exists and the incognito mode some of us are forced to adopt, it really is a great place to be. At the end of the day, Cannabis, in general, makes people happy and helps people medically. What’s not to like about that?

My role with Discount Cannabis seeds involves blog posting like this and finding new customers to highlight the best-priced seeds on the market. I love to connect and communicate with all passionate ‘Cannabiz’ people out there so please search me out on Social Media under the name @garyeff.

I also encourage you to make Discount Cannabis Seeds your go-to website for seeds. There is a selection of over 3,000 strains from 100 top breeders. We send to most major countries in the world too.


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