CBG Force Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion

CBG Force Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion

CBG Force Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion.

  • Sex: Feminised.
  • THC Levels: 0.15%.
  • CBG Levels: 15%.
  • Flowering Time: 7 Weeks.
  • Yield Indoors: 400 gr/m2.
  • Yield Outdoors: 500 gr/plant.

Dutch Passion CBG Force Feminised Cannabis Seeds is their first generation CBG (Cannabigerol) rich strain which grows into a medium sized plant with large harvest potential.

CBG Force Feminised Cannabis Seeds from Dutch Passion. 

  • CBG Force Feminised is Dutch Passion’s first CBG (15%) rich Feminised cannabis variety and is thought to have great medical potential.

  • This Feminised  strain grows into a medium sized cannabis plant with large harvest potential (indoors 400 grams/m2, outdoors 500 grams per plant).
  • CBG Force Feminised grows vigorously (with great Force) needing only around 7 weeks of flowering to finish her solid buds of CBG rich cannabis.
  • With a THC percentage of below 0.15%, CBG Force Feminised could be considered legal globally in the same way as legal hemp.
  •  CBG Force Feminised weed is a great smoke, especially for those looking for a connoisseur light experience.

CBG Force Effects:

  • Relaxing.
  • Down to earth feeling.
  • A hint of body-stoned feeling.

The smoke testers explained that there was no hint of the familiar THC high, only a slightly strange feeling of a body stone. The smoke testers felt very relaxed after the CBG Force Feminised but not stoned.

Mentally they felt like before, but somewhat more relaxed with a ‘down to earth’ feeling of being grounded and well.

CBG Force Aroma:

  • Fresh.
  • Slightly fruity (not sweet).
  • Hints of pepper.
  • Tingles the nose a little bit.
  • Not pungent.

CBG Smoke:

  • Fresh, soft, creamy.
  • Light smoke.
  • Hints of melon.
  • Light sweet tones background.

About CBG

The Dutch Passion breeders noticed two unusual traits during the CBG breeding program:

1. Smells were very weak in the first few batches. This made us think that terpenes and/or flavonoids might be connected to the production of THC, CBD or other cannabinoids.

2. The buds from CBG-Force were, despite being very frosty, not sticky at all. This contrasts with all our other varieties (THC or CBD). Perhaps the presence of other cannabinoids may be connected to the sticky resin that we are all so familiar with.

CBG Force Feminised - Discount Cannabis Seeds

CBG rich cannabis, clear headed and focussed effects

CBG also produces a sense of mental clarity, allowing you to focus on tasks. For some CBD users this will be a familiar feeling. This most dominant feeling to come after vaping/smoking CBD is relaxation. One unexpected effect was that the test smokers also felt that any cravings to smoke weed or tobacco disappear after using CBG rich cannabis.

CBG weed and a sense of well being

We asked the test team asked for more details on the ‘distant hint of a body stone’. How exactly does that feel? The description of the high is that it was a "slight stoned feeling in the body". When pressed for details, the team said it was comparable to the feeling you get after exercise followed by a nice warm bath. You get this nice relaxing sensation throughout your body without it being too harsh or intense - you did not even need to exercise.

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