Green Crack Fast Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Humboldt Seeds Organisation

Green Crack Fast Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Humboldt Seeds Organisation

Humboldt Seed Organisations Fast Flowering Green Crack by is a Feminised, Indica dominant cannabis strain that stands out for speed, heavy yields and an intense and penetrating sweet aroma, with notes of spices and citrus fruits. Fast Flowering Green Crack is a cross between a male Green Crack Auto and a female Green Crack creating a strain that grows vigorously.

  • Genetics: Green Crack Auto x Green Crack
  • Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • THC Levels: 12-18%
  • Growing: Indoors and Outdoors
  • Flowering Time: 44-50 days
  • Yield Indoors: 600 g/m2
  • Harvest time: Mid-September
  • Yield Outdoors: 1200 g/plant
  • Height Outdoors: 2.5 m

Fast Flowering Green Crack showcases highly valued classic features regarding resistance, yield, flavour, effect and speed.

Fast Flowering Green Crack flowering phase ranges between 44 and 50 days, which makes cultivation easier as more indoor crops can be grown for a given space.

Fast Flowering Green Crack develops into mid-sized plants with Sativa-looking leaves and internodes; Fast Flowering Green Crack branches are long, and her elongated leaves are quite sparse.

This morphology allows for optimum growth as the plant is exposed to plenty of air and light while she's growing.

Fast Flowering Green Crack abundant crops, full of healthy, extremely aromatic, bulky and sticky buds, are always cause for joy.

Fast Flowering Green Crack packs a powerful aroma and a soothing effect that will invade your body, mind and soul, when you taste her, a flavourful tidal wave invades your palate, producing great pleasure.

Fast Flowering Green Crack relaxing and balanced effect due to her high THC levels (of up to 18%) is also worthy of mention due to its effectiveness in alleviating stress and tension.

On top of all the traits regarding her effect and aroma, Fast Flowering Green Crack is easy to grow, doesn't need much attention, and produces good and abundant weed in record time.

It is important to emphasize her 'FAST' nature, which makes Fast Flowering Green Crack a successful crop in any climate or environment.

Fast Flowering Green Crack speed hinders possible fungus or pest attacks and guarantees first-class results.


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