Psychotropic Mass Feminsed Canabis Seeds | Critical Mass Collective Seeds

Psychotropic Mass Feminsed Canabis Seeds | Critical Mass Collective Seeds
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Psychotropic Mass Feminised cannabis plant will require a proper supplementation of nutrients for its maximum production and expression of medicinal capabilities when grown indoors.

  • Outdoor, Psychotropic Mass Feminised cannabis plant will require supports for stability and maximum sun exposure for optimal production of CBD
  • Psychotropic Mass cannabis plant is perfectly suited to the SOG (Sea Of Green) method when packed together and as with the Monster Mass responds very well to the FIM super cropping method 
  • Pinching out the new growth at an early stage to onset the growth of multiple colas and then introducing LST to manipulate its growing structure will yield astounding results
  • Psychotropic Mass Feminised cannabis plant maintains its initial vegetative structure like a typical Sativa with thin leaflets and thin stems,when in bloom it exhibits accelerated speed and explosive growth in the production of dense and heavy flower clusters
  • This Feminised cannabis plant demonstrates high and low internodal branching, so large specimens require the pruning of surplus branches to manage space efficiently

Psychotropic Mass Feminised Cannabis Seeds Review

  • Smell: Seriously Skunky background with mix of new and more subtle nuances hinting at fruit and spice
  • Taste: Psychotropic Mass Feminised cannabis plant delivers a tangy citrus bouquet with notes of caramel acid but also a deep rich honey/pine sweetness
  • Effect: Characterised by a high concentration of CBD,the CBD is not psychoactive but psychotropic,acts at physiological levels,potent but relaxing, typically Indica, long lasting and extremely medicinal
  • Bag Appeal: Flower structure is tight and very dense

Psychotropic Mass Feminsed Canabis Seeds | Critical Mass Collective Seeds

  • Genetics: Monster Mass x Cannatonic X
  • Outdoor yield: Approx 650/per plant
  • Indoor yield: Approx 550g/m2
  • Outdoor flowering period: Early October
  • Indoor flowering period: Approx 55 days
  • THC: 6.4%
  • CBD: 6.4%
  • Ratio THC/CBD: 1:1 (optimal medicinal)