Purple Dawg Mass Feminsed Cannabis Seeds | Critical Mass Collective Seeds

Purple Dawg Mass Feminsed Cannabis Seeds | Critical Mass Collective Seeds
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Critical Mass Collective Purple Dawg Feminised cannabis seeds are an Indica dominant strain developed from crossing Monster Mass, Lavender and Purple Chemdawg.

  • Genetics: Monster Mass x Lavender x Purple Chemdawg
  • ​Sex: Feminized
  • ​Outdoor yield: Approx 700g/per plant
  • ​Indoor yield: Approx 650g/m2
  • ​Outdoor flowering period: End of September/ Early Oct
  • Indoor flowering period: Approx 65 days
  • ​THC: 25%

Purple Dawg Feminised is the monster yielding, chemy cousin of Critical Mass Collectives Purple Skunk Mass.

Using Monster Mass and the musky, sweet Lavender specimen that made up their original Skunk version of this strain, they swapped out the Afghan line and used the full-on-fuel and Kush flavour profile of a strapping Purple Chemdawg stud.

The most common phenotypes are of Indica dominance with ultra-vigorous growth in both veg and flower- kicking some serious ass outdoors!

Purple Dawg Feminised has multiple branches all as big as the main cola, producing on an XL commercial level just like all the Monster Mass hybrids.

A few complex flavour profiles can be noted...one acrid lemon pledge and marker pens, one sweet, Kushy and exotic wood and spice.

The least common pheno always having fat squat leaves and reeking of a noxious, foul gas/decay odour but tasting like heavy diesel, Cassis, burnt caramel with sweet floral top notes...basically smells like shit but tastes like heaven.

This "Dawg Shit" Purple Dawg Feminised pheno tested highest in THC and has become the sought-after version but all specimens exude undertones of sugary grape and Sour Diesel notes.

The Lavender and Purple Chemdawg lines collide perfectly with the Monster Mass genetics to ensure beautifully saturated, dense neon green/aquamarine buds with subtle purple marbling, tipped with platinum white and deep orange hairs.

Purple Dawg Feminised Smell: chemical dipped grapes, pungent kush, sweet floral notes and rotten fruit with some examples smelling like concentrated ammonia, vomit and fresh dog shit- sounds gross but that’s the good stuff!

Purple Dawg Feminised Taste: Sweet chemy, lemon pledge...astringent with a floral woody balance but can be Musky, Earthy Kush and candied grape, peanut butter, subtle pine and spice with a sour gas edge taking the sweetness away and balancing the overall terp profile.

Purple Dawg Feminised Effects: This one’s a creeper...the onset is apparent but intensifies. Muscle relaxing, self-worth enhancing positive vibes with a high that inspires and relaxes, wearing off quicker than other Indica dominant strains but leaves you feeling hungry and wanting more!

Purple Dawg Feminised Bag Appeal: Deep red and orange hairs on medium density, sticky aquamarine/blue and neon green flowers often veined with purple and pale pinks. The flowers are trich-rich, greasy, mega stinky and ultimately loud as hell!