Cheese (x Cheese) Feminised | Big Buddha Seeds

Cheese (x Cheese) | Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Cheese x Cheese Reversed - Genetic Perfection 

  • The world's greatest, purest Cheese Seed ever created, probably the best Cheese Cannabis Seeds in the universe.....
  • Seven years of research has enabled Big Buddha to isolate specific traits everyone loves from the cheese. 
  • The Big Buddha Cheese x Cheese Reversed seed retains its mother's old school taste and with the father now being a being an original reversed cheese clone its now the purest cheese cannabis seed.....100% Cheese!
  • The Big Cheese gives a very uplifting high, no ceiling, clear and long lasting.

Cheese (x Cheese Reversed) | Big Buddha Seeds 

  • Parents: Mother - Original UK Exodus Cheese clone x Father - BBC Original Cheese Clone Reversed
  • Flowering time: Indoors 7 - 9 weeks
  • Outdoors: End of October
  • Smell: Unique, pungent, old school aroma
  • Taste: Very appealing, fruity, dank
  • Characteristics: Good yields with pungent cheesy smell
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